hare krishna to all,

if anyone ask me about non veg..thn i have atleast some points to defend that Non veg is bad..but what about eggs??? what are some reasons to knw that eggs are too bad..

 eggs that majority human beings consume are frm poultry and they are produced in such a manner that there is no life in it and if no one use it they simply rot,,so they can be consumed coz it contains no life.(thats wat many sayz).

so i want to know opinions of different devotees regarding such eggs..(what others call it as lifeless eggs)..

PLEASE i vl be priviledged if i got to knw abt it..


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  • Prabhu ji you telling many things about egg but want to ask you simple question why Krishna made cock and hen? hen gives egg after every one or two days its just like women menstural period.but it does not have life until sperm is injected by cock in hen . if we see the egg which contains red blood lines in it .it means we killed hen's chick or baby but the eggs which came from poltuary farm these days are taken only from hen and no cock is used in this process .
  • Similarly, the demands of the body can be divided into three categories—the demands of the tongue, the belly and the genitals. One may observe that these three senses are physically situated in a straight line, as far as the body is concerned, and that the bodily demands begin with the tongue. If one can restrain the demands of the tongue by limiting its activities to the eating of prasāda, the urges of the belly and the genitals can automatically be controlled.


    ...There are six kinds of rasas (tastes), and if one is agitated by any one of them, he becomes controlled by the urges of the tongue. Some persons are attracted to the eating of meat, fish, crabs, eggs and other things produced by semina and blood and eaten in the form of dead bodies. Others are attracted by eating vegetables, creepers, spinach or milk products, but all for the satisfaction of the tongue's demands. Such eating for sense gratification—including the use of extra quantities of spices like chili and tamarind—is to be given up by Kṛṣṇa conscious persons. The use of pan, haritakī, betel nuts, various spices used in pan-making, tobacco, LSD, marijuana, opium, liquor, coffee and tea is indulged in to fulfill illicit demands. If we can practice accepting only remnants of food offered to Kṛṣṇa, it is possible to get free from māyā's victimization.

    [Nectar of Instruction text 1, purport]


    We do not recommend prohibition of eggs because living entity. It is not very good food. It agitates the senses. Therefore we prohibit.

    [Srila Prabhupada, room conversation with Dr. John Mize, June 23, 1975]


    Without sex life one cannot be materially enthusiastic. And if you stop sex life, then you become spiritually advanced. This is the secret. If you stop sex life, then you become spiritually advanced, and if you indulge in sex life, then you will be materially enthusiastic. That is the difference between Western and Eastern culture. The whole Eastern culture is based on how to stop sex life, and here in the Western countries, how to increase sex life. They are eating meat, eggs, drinking wine. These things will enthuse sex life.

    [Srila Prabhupada, morning walk, Oct. 18, 1975]

  • Eggs contain animal hormones including testosterone, which may or may not increase aggressiveness.Unfertilized eggs contain a similar amount of cholesterol as fertilized eggs.
    • Hare Krishna!

      For devotees who follow an Acharya, this shouldnt be a problem, as you just follow what the Acharya teaches how to prepare an offering to the Lord. In offering, we don't look for vegetarian alone, we offer what the Lord likes. And if you go by the way offerings are made in traditional temples in India, like Jagannatha Puri, even vegetables grown under certain conditions are not considered, like cauliflower. So being vegetarian is not the goal, eating Prasadam is. I like the famous saying: Monkeys are also vegetarians! To me an egg is the menstrual fluid of a female and I don't like to taste that! Simple!

      I was fortunate to become a vegetarian when I was 17 and the whole credit goes to the Vaishnavas who served me Prasadam.

      • hare krishna prabhuji,

        i liked ur point that being vege is nt goal bt eating prasadam is...


  • Hare Krishna!

    Eggs are considered as non - vegetarian food item, eating them should be discouraged, it does not matter whether it contains life or no life at the time of consumption. 

    • hare krishna to all,,

      thank u all to clear ma doubt..u all have certainly increased my confidence to answer regarding eggs..



  • as far scientific studies are concerned the eggs are going through the first stage (development of embryo) single cell thus it is considered to be an living entity who is about to take birth...so how can be we consider it an vegeteranian diet we r killing the being before coming to life

  • Hare Krishna!

    The first thing is that eggs are produced from the combination of two lives.. anything living can come only from something living...so eggs are living at least at the conception..that everyone agrees...

    but  what happens after that.. i dont know.. so because it was live at the beginning,,!! u can take it to be non veg...

    Hare Krishna...

  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    Now the less important  matter regarding egg being none vegetarian.  Eggs are liquid flesh, we know this since some animals like birds and reptiles etc.  can give birth to offspring which develop from eggs.  So the yellow part of the eggs which is the yolk is the liquid flesh which is able to develop into a bird and the white part is the food for the developing bird.  Since soul is only able to attach itself to matter which is able to have some degree of consciousness, like a fertilized egg, we know that the unfertilized egg is also flesh but its dead matter and will start decaying/rotting soon.  Flesh devoid of soul is called dead.


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