What are my responsibilities toward friends

Hare KrishnaHumble Obeisances!AGTSP!In my friend circle most of my friends are non-hindus and non are devotees. Still my friends have been wonderful to me. One of my muslim friend she gifted me Krishna's picture. They know I don't consume non-veg, so they always seperately give me veg treat. They always helped me in need and are just so cooperative. In my efforts of being a true friend I tried to guide my friends towards God. Even though they belong to a different religion, still we always talk about God together. I tried to explain to them as to how God is one even in hinduism and demigods are His representatives. I always tried to explain them concepts with accordance with their religion, so that they can relate to it. I even told them about idt and also gave them Kc lectures to hear and the book journey home by HH Radhanath Swami to read. They even liked it. I tried that at least they all be God conscious if not Krishna conscious since it isn't that easy to change one's faith all at once. And many of them faithfully follow their religion's belief. I really need to know what can I do for them in such a scenario. I can't really all together abandon them by saying you'r a non-devotee. Since I'm a student most of my time revolves around them. I really need guidance from wonderful devotees. Hope to be blessed with inspirational views and advices.Your servant

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  • Hare Krishna Priya Mataji,

                                         Even I had the same doubt about  friends, but you asked first...Thanks for that..Doubt is cleared.. Thanks to Subash Anjuru Prabhu too....

  • Hare Krsna
    To answer your question it is "none".
    Responsibility is like a weight that you don't need to carry.
    Look towards Krsna, only He is responsible and yet He is carefree. If one is not carefree then how can one be happy or at peace?
  • Hare Krishna Mataji

    only and only true friend to one is his own-self and belief that every one is pure and creation of Krishna .every one will be your friend ishwar yat kaorti sobhanam ev karoti faith in one and all .



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    Hare Krsna priya ji

    Please accept my humble obeisances

    It is really wonderful to see that you have such wonderful friends. It is a blessing that you have such favourable people around you.

    As I have heard from senior devotees and HHRNSM, please be grateful to them for whatever they are doing to you. Please render service to them to the best of your capability. Please let them know that you love them. Show them that no matter what, you love them, you care for them. Show your reciprocation. Never be judgmental for a person's faults. Glorify them for their good qualities, they have so many. Make their hearts fertile so that they listen. Never criticize them for any of their faults. Do sincere glorification that they understand you are their well wisher. Give them Radha Krsna cards with their glories written on it. Help them to the best of your capability when they are in need.Even if they have a spark of devotion, air that spark and make it a fire, sooner or later it will grow to be a fire, big enough to burn down an entire forest. As your words say, they have big enough sparks.

    I don't feel only changing of faith will make difference. it will not make much difference without cleaning the heart. Even if anyone is forced to change faith or changes for any reason, without cleaning of heart, what difference is it going to make. The person remains the same, just that he or she wears another brand of faith. What we need is to encourage them to love and serve God. Vedas don't teach us to become hindu . They teach us to love and serve God. Who is that God.KRSNA.....  Ask them to pray to Almighty, Supreme Lord that please guide me to your true representatives. Ask them to pray sincerely. Show them that you love and care for what they are. Please hear the prerna lecture: true friend by HHRNSM.  Also give them prasad. That is the best way to make people Krsna Conscious.

    At the same time, take care that you don't become sentimental or emotional. Please always be careful not to compromise with your own Krsna Consciousness. Do not be fanatic, do not force but with your own Krsna Consciousness, do not compromise. Never be harsh, Always be polite and sensitive , straight forward and humble.

    Hope this helps

    your servant

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      Hare Krishna
      Thank you rakesh prabhu for ur wonderful advices. I'll try to follow them. Really very helpful adivces. Haribol
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    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    It shows Your good and friendly qualities dear Priya Mataji.

    Only if one has good qualities people will love that person and respect her.

    If one cares for others and loves them they also answer with the same.

    So friends are reflections.

    Wow You are doing so nice.

    Even just being kind and respective to You - Vaishnavi they will progress spiritually.

    For Krishna His Devotee's beloved ones are also very dear.

    Please continue helping them.

    And always pray to Krishna to make them true happy.

    As per duty is concerned we always have to try to make other happy.

    And one can be true happy if one lives life in the mode of goodness and above.

    So to give knowledge using various ways will be very nice for You. Because You have abilities of giving knowledge to others.

    Your servant, 

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      Hare Krishna dear mataji
      Thank you but m not worthy of ur praises. Im not even the neophyte forget being devotee. Pls bless me and shower ur mercy I really want to become wonderful devotee like ur servant. I just try to bring kc in my n others life. But such endeavours r nt really successful since I ain't really pure. Thank you again. Haribol
      Your servant
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    Haribol prabhuji
    Thank you for your valuable advice. What you say is very true. There's the hand of the divine in everything. I'll try to keep sharing Kc ideas. Haribol
    • I have 2 friends who are favorable to Krishna Consciousness but are not devotees. I got both of them subscriptions to the Back to Godhead magazine. They both say that they find the magazines very enjoyable.

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