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We like to wear JEANS. Is it so cool?

Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

What might be the reason that many of us shy to wear Vaishnava cloth every where? to the job, at home? 

What might be the reason? Mental, physical, spiritual, cultural???

If it was uncomfortable that what to speak of Arjuna? He went to the battle field in dhoti. He ride on horse in dhoti so what is the difficulty?

It is not to criticize any of You just it would be very interesting to know the reasons.

Can please each Devotee explain their problems why they do not do that!

Thank You so much!

Your servant, bhaktin maral

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  • I have a question here. How do you know that Arjuna rode into battle on a horse wearing a dhoti?

    • Volunteer

      I don't know about it. 

      By the way after so much time I realized that we shouldn't judge people on their external looks but by their state of mind. In USA it is not possible especially for men to wear dhoti but still there are lots of great Devotees in jeans pants distributing books of Srila Prabhupada.

      I was little fanatic when I wrote this question. 

      But I will continue wearing saree because I don't go out and do job as my husband does. 

      Your servant, 

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    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, 

    please accept my humble obeisances to Your lotus feet!
    All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    Krishna does not care of if we are in Indian body, or in American, in Shudra body or in Brahmana body. In human or in animal. In female or in male....

    And like this He does not care if we are in saree or in dhoti...what He wants is 

    LOVE & Devotion.

    I am sure that the elephant Gajendra was not in dhoti and wifes of a Kaliya serpent in saree.

    You are correct, external things are secondary the main thing is consciousness.

    For example in our country and in previous Soviet Union there was no even though of wearing Vaishnava cloth or even having Tilak. But there were and there are so many nice Devotees who are giving their whole energy in the service of Guru and Krishna and swimming in the nectar of the Holy Names.

    I beg forgiveness for disturbing Your mind!

    But in India these things are not forbidden so voluntarily some of us accept these clothings as symbol of extra service to the lotus Feet of Krishna. As an austerity. Because it says that voluntarily to accept some difficulties to the body means austerity. So some of us for the sake of example of Vedic culture we can accept it. Or even some of us may not accept it still Krishna will take us to His abode if we awoke His mercy somehow, isn't it?!

    Your servant, 

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    Here is a question from anonymous Devotee who was shy to give her question openly:

    Another one,after reading your question related to wearing jeans,i would like to share my fear with you.To say frankly,I love to wear traditional Vedic dress personally, but when I go out for job or at cousin's place,I have fear that people will laugh at me because the recent trend is to wear modern clothes.

    I know that these outfits create lust in mind & Vedic dress is the true symbol of modesty & decency but I am unable to manage wearing it outside while meeting friends or cousins for fear of being laughed & ridiculed by people

    Many have advised me that you should wear what you like & not care about what people think about me, but in a place like work,where i need to spend my whole day with certain people,there there is a fear of not being accepted by them or include me.

    The reason is ,nowadays nobody loves to wear Sarees or is fashion to wear Western attire.

    Please guide how should I dress up...

     Concerning cloth.

    If for it is comfortable to wear modern cloth and chant the Holy Names and think of Krishna then go for it for sure. But if no then we can do some changes in our clothes also.

    But i do it for the sake of service. I do it because people when they see they start to chant "Oh Hare Rama Hare Krishna".

    If suppose i wear jeans or something like that they would become lusty but when i wear saree they call out for Krishna's Names. So why not to please Krishna even in this?

    I do not have fear because i try to see Krishna in everyone's heart. Well i can not say that i see Him always but theoretically we know that Krishna is there so try to see Him like that.

    And if i please Krishna He will change people's hearts. When Krishna is pleased people won't laugh or something like that. Even if they laugh i will pray for them. I will pray so that Krishna help them. i will pray so that they also take the Holy Names and perfect their lives.

    They are doing all such like nonsenses because of ignorance so why should become angry or shy? I will just pray so that Krishna remove that ignorance in their hearts.

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  • If Krishna has given you a occupation where wearing a dhoti is ok then be happy. But please dont impose insignificant knowledge that those who wear jeans are wearing to grab attention and not in KC. 

    Sometimes little knowledge too dangerous.

    Hare Krishna.

    • Volunteer


      Dear Pratap, I don't think that there is any industry where it is required to wear jeans? when there is common cotton trousers available which is less glossy, what is the use of wearing jeans. Regarding George His profession was different and He is not comparable to us, we are not a pop singer.Common people are not in that transcendental level. If it is required to attract the youth then it is completely ok. But in day to day life for most of people where is the need to wear jeans ? sometimes we go on establishing some fact due to our false ego. we should check that.

      Clothes are not a pre-requisite thats true but that doesn't mean we should generalize this. Sometimes we think that I am doing this therefore I am only the right person or my opinion is only right opinion. who are wearing Dhoti not all are false guru MIND IT. And also who are wearing Jeans and saying I am practicing KC they are all not pure devotees. We should follow our tradition as far as possible. If can't due to circumstances that is different thing but that dosen't mean to throw out the whole culture all together.

      See my previous post clearly without any preassumtion to counter argu it. I never said who wear jeans they are there to grab attention but I meant most of the time we influenced by what we use and wears. Because modes of material nature affects us. Like drinking wine dosen't mean people want to be drunkard and do nonsense but sometime alcohol takes the control and make a man drunkard. Try to understand this from spiritual perspective.


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    Modern dress may be relevant from perspective of current social situation but from Krishna consciousness perspective dress whether it may sharee, jeans whatever if we wear in a way to attract people's attention then we immediately come into the bodily consciousness and thus our intelligence get bewildered and we shift in enjoying mood. All the things that we use has an effect to our consciousness , It is not that one can say I can wear very exposing dress still I can be Krishna conscious. It is utter non-sense. We are not liberated souls. Though saree may seems not defendable clothes but if weared in a sattvik way people see her as a mother or chaste lady. Thats why the emphasis is given on wearing sattviki dress like dhoti and Saree. It is scientific and can be experienced when in that particular clothes only. Its not a matter of giving opinion. We are subordinate to modes, modes drives us not otherwise.



    Hari Bol

    • Hari Bola. AGTSP.

      Its a wrong consciousness(forget KC) whoever thinks that we wear jeans to grab attention. Hope we dont foget the Beatle's whose mahamantra album broke all barriers and helped to some extent Srila Prabhupada promoting KC. I dont think the Beatle's team ever wore dhoti to promote KC.

      Even Srila Prabhupada mentioned manytimes in his lecture....promote KC in whatever social status you are given. This so called nonsense attitude of showing clothes to prove that he is KC is utter stupid. (admin's request: please, be careful with Your words Pratap Prabhuji! It is social web site and millions of people will read Your reply.) 

      Hari Bola.

  • Wearing a saree to me is like wearing a strait jacket. I always found sarees to be very uncomfortable. It was also very time consuming to iron sarees. It's much quicker to just iron a T-shirt and pants. I also feel I would have a better chance to defend myself against a violent person if I were wearing long pants instead of a saree.

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