Wanna reply the rascals.

 My friend asked me what is the proof there is  Prabhu Sree Krisna?Have I seen him? I asked him back did you see you grandfather of your grand father? He told me he didn't but he is the reason behind his existence, then I lost my track to argue, I don't wanna fail in arguments regarding lord Krisna. But I fail every time to give logics to my atheist friends.

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  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna

     I don't wanna fail in arguments regarding lord Krisna.

    An easy way to achieve this is by not entering any such arguments. Not just about Sri Krsna, but anything.

    But I fail every time to give logics to my atheist friends.

    Even the Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krsna would probably fail to convince someone about His own existence through logic to close minded hardcore atheists. Lord Sri Krsna was personally present before Hiranyaksha, Hiranyakashipu, Ravana, Kamsa, Duryodhana, etc. But they were still atheistic and rebelled against Sri Krsna.

    If you or anyone thinks that they are convinced about existence of Sri Krsna, because of logic, then that would be incorrect. Faith in existence of Sri Krsna is never an outcome of logic, or study of vedas or austerities or charity or celibacy or birth or wealth or mystic powers or fame or piety or science or philanthropy or sacrifice or anything material. Faith in Sri Krsna can only be obtained by grace or kripa of a devotee of Sri Krsna. All these above material things can at best only help in reviving the faith that is aleady present within a person from previous lives. But for one who has no faith or basic Shraddha, all these things cannot help create faith in Sri Krsna

    If you really want others to have faith in existence of Sri Krsna, if they are willing to accept respectfully please give them Krsna Prasada .

    Hare Krsna

    • Thanks a lot prabhu ji. Hare Krisna

  • Well, this was a good reply. In the same way Krisna is also the reason for our existence.
    Krisna is not proved or refuted by anumana/logic and pratyaksa/perception, they are inconclusive. So arguing is a waste of time here. Just tell your atheist friends about four human fallacies and "let them talk all nonsense", as SP used to say.

    Hari Hari
    ys J.

    • Thank you prabhu, Hare Krisna

  • E-Counselor

     Hare Krsna dear Sagnik prabhu,


    Rule no 1 - stop using the word rascal. Srila Prabhupada could use, not you and me.

    Rule no 2 - avoid getitng into fights with friends over religion. They take pleasure in agitating you and want to prove their point, even without basing it on facts. 

    Now I will tell you how to answer in such a situation - common sense items like

    1) Take an empty glass and hold - say - moisture, please become water and enter this glass, I want to drink. Will it become water? No. Does that mean that moisture is not present in air ? It means that there is a process to take out this moisture from air and make it water. Similarly, though God is everywhere, there is a process to see/ interact with Him. It starts with FAITH. If one has faith, he can move mountains, if not, he will be under the mountain of doubt. The choice is yours.

    2) You would have seen a coconut tree - right? Coconut is right on top of the tree - what is the mechanism by which that coconut gets filled with water, so far away from earth? It would be as high as a 3 storey house. So how does water go up to the top floor of a highrise? By a motor which will pump the water up the building. So where is the motor to pump the water into a coconut? How that is possible without God?

    The beauty is - it is neither hot nor cold. It is soothing to the throat and has many medicinal benefits. This is the beauty of God's soft drink.

    Like this, there are innumerabe examples. I can go on and on. 


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Thank you mataji, Hare Krisna

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