Life is not the same, ever since I came back from Vrindavan. Vrindavan is the place where Krishna spent his childhood. You can not enter in Vrindavan without his mercy, I was lucky to be there. I have never heard and sung so many Krishna songs, never heard so many Bhagwath Katha's, never read so many Krishna stories after visiting Vrindavan.

Vrindavan is not a place; It is heaven on the earth. Vrindavan is a culture in itself. If you do not have Vrindavan in life, then there is nothing in your life.

Vrindavan is the place of intense, immense and immaculate love for Krishna. The culture of Vrindavan is to be in Krishna consciousness all the time. You walk on the road, you read "Jay shri Radhe Krishna" written on the walls, you see devotees chanting Maha mantra everywhere, you hear krishna bhajans everywhere you go. Let me call it: Vrindavanism

The banks of Yamuna river, peacocks and beautiful temples make Vrindavan the most wonderful place in the world. You will see devotees sitting in front of Krishna deity chanting and singing krishna bhajans. The devotion of devotees in Vrindavan is ineffable.

My love goes to Lord Shiva who also needed Vrindavan in his life. Lord Shiva turned himself into the form of Gopi to be in Ras lila performed by Krishna the supreme Godhead. How many of us can forget our ego of being man and woman and do what he did?. Similarly we should try harder to be in Vrindavan culture, if we are not in Vrindavan.

The aim of life should be to be in Vrindavan. The permanent goal of life should be to have Vrindavanism in life . After all this if you see Shri Shri Radha sham sundar & "Banke Bihari" you will miss him all the time. This tour is life turning tour of my life.




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  • Hare Krishna my Dear Anirudha

    Hope you have managed to go through the science of the Tatastha and partial transmission loss of indolent jivas, the brunt of the rejection which is borne by Bhagavan Ji Himself,

    How He then sets into motion Himself as Bhagavan Sankarshana to design, deploy and micromanage false enjoyments of the same revolting jivas while giving them a chance to reform in this huge mammoth prison and reformation center called dukhalaya.

    I pray kindly take a moment to read between the lines of the following link:


    As an end result to reformation He offers the Highest level of existence namely walking the fields of Vrndavana and showing you the exit path out of the rat race of this Maithunyagara while He Himself continues to stay back here though based out of below Rasatala personally and also based out of each heinous living body (filled with Kapha, Vata and Pitta - Mukunda Mala Stotra. Prabhupada's favorite) as Paramatma (n mux, n band, n switch). Just check the below too by sparing a little time:



    Such is the simplicity of Bhagavan Ji which we exploit though we are His very own and such is the complicated self centeredness of us which He still humors.

    Instead of understanding the emotions of Bhagavan Ji through His activities and serving Him/desiring to serve Him favorably we still take steps to migrate to Goloka Vrndavana/Vaikuntha and all such similar personally gratifying objectives which also He silently sanctions.

    In this material world we take so much care to ensure that the moods of our boss is kept in favorable directions for which we make all sort of sacrifices, efforts etc. But when it comes to our actual Big Boss we become selfish.

    We want to walk the roads of Vrndavana, Vaikuntha, we want Mukti. Even if it means ditching Bhagavan Sankarshana to rot out of below Patala and in each heinous body repeatedly. (While He continues to bear the brunt of rejection, envy and mischief from indolent jivas at the Tatastha at the same point in His present continuousness).

    Think about it my Friend.

    Warm Regards

    Sankarshana Dasa

    • Thanks prabhuji for ur wonderful knowledge..I am looking forward to see ur blogs and articles 

      • I am just quote unquoting from the transcendental knowledge back. It is not my knowledge.

        It is simply a great miracle that a vilest of the vilest sinner worm like me is even able to access such information by the flick of its body's vile fingers and Bhagavan Sankarshana as the Internet Avatar (I guess I must have mentioned about magnetism which is the basis of all mundane technology is His science right through basic electronics and all) enables brings such wonderful data to my screen and gives me the ability to study, imbibe and assimilate at least a fraction of it into my conviction.

        I have no blogs nor articles currently.

        Hare Krishna.




  • Hare Krishna Anirudha

    Further to my earlier communication, we do find Vrindavan in pockets all over. Small / tiny though but bursts of devotional service though not intensive. Some intensive ones are only heard of though not public.

    The entirety of even mundane existence could be broadly classified into 2 categories:

    1. Vrindavan - Where there is a Rasa exchange between Dear Lord and His Devotees of various degrees of hierarchy.

    2. Non Vrindavan or Silent Tolerance/Agony of Paramatma/Bhagavan Sankarshana - Where Dear Lord sanctions and  facilitates all perverted / mundane desires of the jiva through the body (which is also actually His own as much as the jiva it self).


    Even if you go back to the Srimad Bhagavatas 1st canto chapter 11.19 where Bhagavan Sri Krishna Re enters Dwaraka after a long time many hundreds of well known prostitutes in all their vehicles went to greet Him (what else can one expect in maithunyagara - http://vedabase.net/bg/3/39/en). Even Dwaraka was a heterogeneous combination of Vrindavan and Silent Agony for our Dear Lord at the same time. Now it is 99.9999 % of silent tolerance /agony and .00001% of Vrindavan for Him in the totality of Material existence right from Swarga to Rasatala to Patala.

    My question is how do we reposition His Param Bhogta constitution of Sat Chit Ananda Vigraha while not bothering for our own personal emotional or spiritual quotient?

    Think about it and I need your answer since you have visited Vrindavan while I have not.

    This has to happen quickly. The repositioning part.

    With Warm Regards

    Sankarshana Dasa

    • Hare Krishna...That is a million dollar question...Though being a fallen soul I might not be able to satisfy you with my answer but I will try...

      1. In the 8th Canto of Shrimat Bhagwatam...Bali Maharaj said to shri Vaman dev Bhagwan" I have conquered the world..I am the King of heaven..I can give you whatever you want...This statement of him was good enough to bring the wrath of shri Vaman dev Bhagwan...He captured Balimaharaj in his pash and said " Everything is mine,how can you gift me the things which are mine?  Therefore nothing is " our own personal". We can see coz of him, we can hear coz of him, we feel the taste and touch coz of him, we can not do anything on our own. We are dependent on him though we get carried away by Rajo guna but rajo guna is also his creation.


      2. Bhramyan sarva Bhutani yantra rudhani mayaya..hes deciding our journey, hes showing us the direction. We are controlled by him. In the 11th Chapter of BG Krishna declared about our existence in the statement " Oh mighty Armed Arjuna I have already Killed them, dont think you are the doer.."Nimmitta matra Bhav savyasachin". 10.10 dadami Buddhi yogam tam" I give you the wisdom that can take you to my abode..Can we have personal emotional or spiritual quotient if hes giving us the wisdom ?

      3. About Param Bhokta..if we understand whats the meaning of Param Bhokta it changes our life..Param hansa santa worship their own body as krishna is situated inside.  They say I am eating this food but krishna is enjoying it through me..he enjoys the success we get...that is why we cant claim our "karma phal".


      Your servant





      • Sir,


        I forgot to mail you this link:


        This is in depth about" The Jivas originate from the Tatastha".

        Basically our origin/point of emanation, state of indolence and erroneous decision and total details.

        Extremely informative. 

        Hare Krishna.


      • Hare Krishna Anirudha

        Yes. And it is not just a million mundane dollars but all that exists in terms of any asset since it pertains to the subject matter of the heights of comfort levels of Dear Lord, His direct plenary expansions and all His entourage in the Spiritual planes and the corresponding miseries in the mundane plane.

        Kindly do take a while to study my explanation which is a resultant of cognitive blessings coupled with more than sufficient staunch evidence and contour from the very same Worship able scriptures who are nothing but His literary incarnations in their Divine forms of Srimad Bhagavatas and the Bhagavad Gita.

        I pray to clarify as follows:

        1. 99.999 % of the jivas we come across in all the 8.4 million yonis all around us are fallen souls like you and me and the non human body based jivas are just in the queue to experience what we are going through in terms of false enjoyments. Many are instructive Gurus and it may not be surprising that some of Bhagavan Ji’s plenary avatars are on His task of reclaiming fallen souls not only from this world but all material worlds where fallen souls are strewn all over.
        2. Bali Maharaja did not in the true sence attract any wrath since we know Bhagavan Ji guards the doors of his planet. Yes it took that shape initially since there was that element of ego or rather megalomania in Bali Maharaja which vanished in a nana second. We all know very clearly that Bhagavan Ji is the supreme proprietor and He owns not only our bodies, the spiritual and material senses but more importantly us though we are in a fallen condition. In simple words all operating systems, application softwares and respective hardware along with the deemed user (us) and all the heterogeneous spirituo material entities who micromanage all the bodies are also verily His own. Any offering to Dear Lord from the point of view of megalomania does attract a wrath to nullify the ego but any unique loving service offered by an inconspicuous will require empowerment in terms of His blessings.
        3. The journey is no doubt decided by His plenary expansions who micromanage these material worlds but the direction of journey is decided by the jiva itself at the point of emanation which is the Tatastha or the marginal domain. The Tatastha is the Brahma Jyothi and is not a resting place for the jivas. It has to decide between dedication (to Him) or abuse (against Him by way of forgetfulness, offence unto Him through envy and jealousy whom He discards into lower and lower species)  This decision is based on “Free Will” which is a gift from Him to all His emanations including Lakshmi Ji Mate. Though it is His gift, He values it thoroughly and takes all pains to honor the Free Will based decision of the jiva by having His plenary expansions micromanage the false enjoyments. As a gifted aspect/property, this is the only thing the Supreme Proprietor does not own. That’s how He did not immediately come to exercise His rights of courting even with Lakshmi Ji Mate. We have seen this in the Bhagavatas. That desire for spiritual quotient has to come from our Free Will. He will not enforce it upon us even if it means that He has to suffer in company of zillions of countless jivas who have rejected Him while He bears the undesirable brunt of rejection as Bhagavan Ji and then as Bhagavan Sankarshana micromanages the perverted desires of the same jivas through material bodies that too under contaminated domains though he does not like it.

        Kindly retrospect on the following link from S.B after studying it and even preferably the entire chapter that goes by the name – Glories of Lord Ananta:


        When it is clear that He does not like it and it even angers Him, it becomes the responsibility of even low/medium intelligences like that of mine to offer Him a solution that devoid’s Him of the very thought of Maithunyagara. Let alone design, deploy and micromanage them endlessly. Anyone begging for Mukti while being unconcerned and letting Him to rot here is a sin if a jiva has understood this.  Kindly take a minute to study the following link from the B.G:


        1. Dear Bhagavan Ji our Worship able Param Bhogta and Creator would not have coined this place as Dukhalaya if He was enjoying through our bodies:


        Check it out. Retrospect. If he were to enjoy through the heinous bodies we are in now, He would not have used these beautiful adjectives to describe it/them. He would have made these maithunyagaras and dukhalayas His main stay domains and would have been motivating jivas to migrate here by leaving Goloka Vrndavana and Vaikuntha. He would have been taking a piece of Dukhalaya/Maithunyagara when He goes to Goloka Vrndavana and Vaikuntha on a visit to reclaim jivas from there. He would have glorified Dukhalaya/Maithunyagara. The understanding that He enjoys because He is in our bodies is by itself a great illusion. Moreover it is not He (Bhagavan Sri Sri Radhe Sri Krishna Chandra) who is micromanaging our bodies directly but Paramatma Bhagavan Ji is His 10th level plenary expansion Ksirodadasayi Vishnu. Even that is bad enough since the thought of Maithunyagara is there though as a pin prick in the thinking process of even Bhagavan Sri Sri Radhe Sri Krishna Chandra while the last 4 levels (from Bhagavan Sankarshana) actually directly micromanage non sense.


        1. I pray that you spend a moment studying and on retrospection of this highly informative prayer from Bhagavan Brahma Ji and Divine purports by Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Sarasvati from the Divine Brahma Samhita:


        It is very clear that Maha Maya was dormant / inactive at some point in His Present Continuousness.  What constrained Him to activate it? On studying the properties of the Tatastha it will be very clear that it is a simple demand versus supply where the supplies had to be buffered due to the transmission loss (we) that was shortening the demand for true “n” Sat Chit Ananda or in other words, actual enjoyments and peaceful expansion.

        To put it in lay mans terms – “No more nonsense for my Dear Lord Hrishikesha, Dear Master of Senses”.

        The Karma should be to incept a solution to reverse back things to the dormancy of Maha Maya or a redefined role as per His Divine Prerogative in the dissolved condition of the maithunyagaras and retention of things that way.

        And obviously the Phala of that Karma is “n”% His alone.

        Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya Sankarshanaya Pradhyumnaya Anirudhaya ca.

        Warm Regards


  • WOW

    Hare Krishna true WOW.

    Agreed. Done. Understood.

    Very Very Well Done (going there), Said (What and how you have said the above) and Thought (Your thoughts that have seamlessly flown as words)

    Let us convert the entire dukhalaya to Vrindavan.

    Let there be no more dukhalaya for His colossal tolerance.

    Let there be no defaulters envying Him.

    Let there be no transmission loss from the Tatastha.

    Let our Dear "Banke Bihari" completely forget 9like a bad dream) that He had to sometime during His present continousness create something called dukhalaya which my Guru Maharaja has called Maithunyagara. (BG 3.39, page 207).

    May He actually enjoy true "n" Sat Chit Ananda and may He expand peacefully again to the point of true "n"

    Your humble servant


    • Thanks prabhuji for your wonderful words...Hare krishna

  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji!


    You have given such a wonderful, heart wrenching description og Vrindavan..beautiful..very touching...I can go on and on...

    Jay Radhe Radhe!

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