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I just heard a nice point that one big difference between the two..


Village Education v/s Town Upbringing..


The former lets you experience life which is taught.. and here what is taught can be imagined, but not experienced easily.

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Jai Shri Krishna..


My point of view.. Its easier to live a clean Krishna conscious life in the village where it would be difficult and may not be tolerable to neighbors in the city.  In this regard to Vaishnavas.. City life would be tough. Personally, I love the villages and just imagine spending time with Krishna and his dear Devotees there. Imagine cows and other animals in the villages where they are respected etc.. I miss.. ;-(


Oh Yes! Totally! Srila Prabhupada said city life is like pigeon life. And flats like the Pigeon holes.


I so understand your point of view and totally agree with it! I even spent one whole month in my village sometime back and it was blissful.


I am looking forward to going to the Wada farm in the outskirts of Bombay soon!


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