Hare Krishna Prabhuji,By grace of Lord Krishna i am opening a restaurant of mine in mumbai, Kandivili (W),Everything is planned but now it was too late to get a Vastu-Shastra expert, the vastu expert told me that this place is not fit for Vastu its totally opposite, Prabhuji i cant get through my guru maharaj, Please help me, Should i keep faith in Krishna and Take his name go-ahead or what ?What happened was one fine day i prayed to lord that Lord please find me a place soon it had been a very long time i was finding a place, on that fine day i found this place with all the liscenses and equipments, along with that i saw a Radha-Krishna poster already stuck on the wall. At that time i thought and made it final that this is shop where krsna is already there.Please Answer prabhuji, Waiting for your reply,Please mail me .rix_dorwani@yahoo.comHare Krishna

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  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    May Krishna bless his devotee...If good wishes counts in your favor from an aspiring devotee vaishnava..then may Krishna grant you all that you need.




    • I strongly suggest you to make Krishna the owner and you his Ceo.  Give his profit and whats left is yours.


      • But Prabhuji this dint answer my question..Shalli go ahead and avoid the vastu shastra thing. ???

        • Volunteer

          Dear devotee Hare Krsna,  you depend on Krsna.       From the begining you asked for His help and you took the poster as His sign but now you doubt it.    So why do you doubt Him now?    Krsna is not like useing vastu.      Whatever Krsna does it must be for my good.  For my ultimate good .      So   be confident.   If you whant to do everything thinking that Krsna is guiding  from within and without you have to be satiafied with whatever will happen.  The thing you have to do is look at your motives.    Is this solely for guru and Krsna.s pleasure or is it mixed with my own desires to enjoy.   Even if it is mixed,  pray to become pure.    To depend on Him entirely you have to be pure or your dependence will be partial,  conditional or artificial.     You may get or not get what you hope for but Krsna is going to see if you realy do love Him.   He wants to see 'does My devotee beleive in Me'.     Now you must decide what to do.

          • Thankyou Prabhuji,


            Hare Krfishna !!!

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