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    Hare Krishna dear Radhika Mataji,

    Please accept my sincere obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    the same problem i had when i joined the Temple life. In the beginning i thought everybody was a pure Devotee. and respected all of them. I listened to all of them. But by the time i started to see the bad sides also.

    It says that if one has bad qualities he will see in everyone those qualities. We should understand that all of us has bad and good sides.

    Weak and strong sides.

    In this way i also decided not to listen some devotees who sometimes watch TV, too much attached to their children, or who do not wake to the Mangala Arati...

    My friend Devotees started to say to me that you became pride, you started to shout to Devotees. very bad.

    Just we should understand that anyone we live with  or have association it is due to our particular karma. It means we put in that situation and we have to react in such a way in order to pass the lesson.

    If we react by getting angry, or hating or criticizing then the exam is failed. But when you accept things as they are with humility, patients then only you will pass the exam. and this bad situation will never repeated again.

     When we get ready to associate with pure Devotees by purifying our heart then only Krishna let's us to be with them. It is some kind of protection. Krishna protects us from committing Vaishnava apparadh.

    May be we are committing offense, even thou in our mind, to less qualified Devotees what will we do when we meet pure Devotees??? If we do the same with them our Spiritual Life will stop for billions lives.    

  • Hare Krishna!!

    yes u r absolutely correct in that way as everyone face this situation and I personally believe the person who is really a devotee need not to show it to others as His/Her face speaks itself and the vibrations the commitment the love towards KC is quite awesome.

    so dont worry just inhale the fragnance of KC in your soul.

    Hare krishna!!


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    Dear Rabhika mataji Hare Krsna,  I hope you are well and finding more and more peace of mind in your bhajan.

    Giving all respect to others and being tollerent of their mistakes does not mean you loose your discrimination.

    You must turn your ability of discrimination in on yourself.

    Ask yourself why am I unwilling to hear from someone about Krsna and service to Krsna?

    Even if they are full of faults they are still trying to serve Krsna and they may say at least one thing correct.

    You have to practice tollerence,  patience, calmness, equinimity and self control.

    And you have to learn slokas and speak authoritatively from shastra presenting it in attractive and easily understood manner.

    Being peaceful and very humble you can preach by your own example and  never appear proud to others.

    When a devotee sees that Krsna is present in the heart of everyone and offers respect and love knowing this then all of his offences cease and he chants the pure name of Krsna.

    For someone who really has no pride or ego this should not be difficult.

    Krsna will be very pleased and give you more and greater power of discrimination.


    To those who are constantly devoted to serving Me with love, I give the understanding by which they can come to Me. BG 10.10


       Hare Krsna.



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    Hare Krsna Radhika mataji,    vaisnava aparadha is to criticize any devotee even if they commit a sin.   

      But if it is seen that they do not give up some particular sinful activity then they should be avoided.  

       If you warn others of there continuos bad behaviour that is not an offence.  

      But if they are now rectified of that behaviour we don't mention it or even think of it.

      If we look for faults and fail to see the good qualities in the devotees we become an offender and will not advance.

      We should rather find fault in our self and work on remooving these faults. 

       Fault findig is a great obsticle on the path of spiritual life and we have to give ths up.

       The guru,  the teacher and the father are to find fault in their student or son. 

       They have the right to chastise me and call me a dumb foolish rascal.     That is their duty as teacher.   

      But the student should not think that he can do this rather he sould be very humble and offer all respect to others and never demand any respect.   Don't imitate the guru and teacher. 
    If you see a devotee do something wrong you should never criticize them publicly its not your position to do so.

    Report it to the senior devotees or the guru and always avoid handling it alone.

    Never take the mood that you are here to fix the faults in others that is against our philosophy.

    you should think I am lower than the straw in the street and tollerate all injustice to your self just like a tree.
    Only if the guru orders you to reprimand the other devotee otherwise don't do it.

      you should try to see only the good in others not their faults.  

    Then you will be protected from vaisnava aparadha.            Hare Ksna



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