[Urgent] Abortion

Dear All, PAMHO.

Need your Urgent suggestions.

One devotee friend(male,age 26)of mine got married recently ( before 3 month ).

His wife got pregnant month before and they came to know about it just in last week.

They both are not prepared at all to face this situation.

Acc to him, he are in very struggling phase of life interns of his personal health, profession, household affairs,relatives relationship,and so many. Both are agree that they have made big mistake out of immaturity.

Though They are quite familiar about scriptural injunction on abortion, they are planning for it.

Acc to them let them get reaction for this sin but if they takes some rigid, strong resolution,commitment (like strong vow against enjoying mentality,or some kind of big scarifies ) during this mistake, eventually he will be in better position to face the life.

Acc to him, giving a birth to baby at this time will make the current struggling situation worst and it will be complete mess in everyone life including baby's.

Need your urgent suggestion & guidance to take call further.

pls help.

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  • E-Counselor

    Use of contraceptives is absolutely prohibited. Please refrain rather than using contraceptives in any manner. 

    Bad times are temporary, they can change. Who says the child will be brought up miserably. If the Child is actually brought up in bad conditions, that again would have something to do with the child's karma in some previous birth. Under all circumstances, please allow the child to take birth.

    We are worse than demons. Even devatas captured Kayadu when she was carrying Prahlada, but had no intentions to killing her. They were waiting for the child to be born to kill him, when Narada Muni intervened and ensured the safety of both mother and child. 


    • Thank you mataji for insights.

  • #1. This is no ordinary Age this camunacation age with all of it's learning potentuels would be lost to the child as well. As well as the fact yhat it is tje child that is to offer-up hommage & honoring onto the holy fires of sacrifice if the parrent should die the 1.st Child is especially important for this perpus.#2endly in this (age of Krishna bhakte) is rearer than any in all 4 yugahs as this chanting is present NOW! I WOULD think again & again before going to that extreme As lots of people would relish the oppertunity to raise a child. Lots, myself & my wife included .#3 protection of that spirit soul should be their 1st&only concern if porn inti abject slavory j poverty recieving these holly names of Rama Hare & KRishna their Soul & their/thchildcs's karma will be reconciled.Made ok.
    So please ask your overly- friendly friends to advertise world wide & give their seed a chance to aveal themselves of the Taw-of right now for these are Not ordinary Tumes.
    Karma such as this should be avoided if possable in every way!
    Living they can check on them & contribeut to it's up bringing (maybe) otherwise that is a diminstration of the ultimate in Fear, selfishness & ear-revereare. & Who can know how long or what gravity that, that might introduce into the rest of their lives together? Please plerd with them to exzost every arm of their resourcefuness before *creating an ennamy perhaps* of such a potentially sugniffacant Spirit Soul Son or doughter many hands will always make life's burdens LESS!
    Hare Krishna at least you brought it out in the open, thank you for your trust, at least now' together we can pray & chant for that (humen)- spirit Spirit Soul's safety during life or transcendence Haray Bollah Haray bolah! Baby's are a wanted & needed commodity in our wourld of this I am sure donct be lazy find the child a home please. Avoid discrace & shame & hello to maritorious deeds & fame! Haray Haray.
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  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna 

    Krsna is testing. You know the correct answer. But you want full marks for choosing the wrong answer. 

    There seems to be a self contradiction in the understanding of the person.

    He is currently struggling, this suffering is clearly due to past actions. He is willing to perform more severe bad karma but he thinks he is ready to face reactions of this in the future. It is a foolish thought.

    Abortion gives ghastly reactions for many births. Nobody in knowledge would be willing to face reactions of abortion. It is only in one's ignorance one can do it. 

    If he wants to avoid bad reactions, suffering, inconvenience then best course is to not perform bad karma. Whatever struggle is ongoing, it may be some inconvenience, but eventually the struggle will end, it is a matter of time, by taking shelter of Krsna one will get strength to endure. It has happened to all great devotees - Pandavas, Prahlad, etc. But devotees always follow the path of dharma. 

    On the other hand if one performs bad karma in order to avoid inconvenience, it will boomerang back with full force and they will be blown away. Remember - Krsna ! He is the All powerful GOD, if he is with you nobody can harm you. But if you are not with Krsna, then material energy will pulverize you. 

    Requesting you to somehow assure your friend that taking shelter of Krsna consciousness and following the regulative principle of mercy is the best course of action. Beg Krsna to protect the family. Krsna is merciful he will definitely bless the family. Please have that faith in Krsna. This is Krsna's test. 

    Hare Krsna

    • It was really eye opening, Thank you for comment.
      Both have decided to give birth to baby and took vow of not getting involve in such sinful act in future as well.

      Pls pray for them to get them sufficient strength and intelligence to face the situation ahead.

      Thank you.


  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna,

    What suggestion to give, when the decision is already taken, with full knowledge that scriptures do not permit. Its his life, he is free to do what he wants. If he is looking for endorsement of his act in this forum, atleast mine is not there.

    THis is prohibited, child is gift of God. GO ahead and have the baby, maybe the child will be the bearer of good fortune and turn the tables on all your problems. If not, bear the consequences of your actions.


    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Thank you mataji for your Comment.

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