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  • See krsna already feeding every living entity of every species . There is no question that krsna is not feeding you . He is supreme father , he has that responsibility to provide everything that require in our life . But what you say  unemployment , it's a material problem. it'll go ,  you'll find aother job . No one is die wth empty stomach . Krsna give us everthing , it's depend on us how we utilise it . We are all his sons & krsna is our supeme father . Hare Krsna

  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna

    Unemployment is such an obstacle that one can't just take care of himself/herself.How could he/she serve Krshna in that state?

    By chanting the Hare Krsna Mahamantra. 

    Will krshna feed them if they lose there career? 

    Sri Krsna is already feeding every living entity of every species. There are millions of human beings unemployed in the world currently. Sri Krsna is already feeding them not directly but throught his energy of material  nature. But if someone is a pure devotee of Sri Krsna, about them Sri Krsna has said the following


    अनन्याश्चिन्तयन्तो मां ये जना: पर्युपासते ।
    तेषां नित्याभियुक्तानां योगक्षेमं वहाम्यहम् ॥ २२ ॥

    ananyāś cintayanto māṁ
    ye janāḥ paryupāsate
    teṣāṁ nityābhiyuktānāṁ
    yoga-kṣemaṁ vahāmy aham

    But those who always worship Me with exclusive devotion, meditating on My transcendental form – to them I carry what they lack, and I preserve what they have.( BG 9.21)

    Lord Sri Krsna demonstrated this by providing to His friend Sudama. 

    Hare Krsna

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  • Krishna can provide you with all the natural resources. Trust in Krishna but do keep your eyes and senses open to receive all the intimations from Krishna.
    Nothing comes to your mouth directly. U see in the nature also you find plants trees and resources available but is the food directly available to us ? No... We have to harness the resources to make food , tap the energy .......
    Even the plants have to do work capture sunlight make food for themselves and make food for us ( fruits roots)....?? isnt it
    You see each organism is working.. without work there is nothing you can get.
    Krishna provides all the necessary natural resources to us for survival. But how you utilize them for your survival is completely dependent on you.
    People Using Sunlight tapping them making solar panels..
    Tapping rain water and making electricity to light up houses
    Tapping the wind energy thermal energy
    All the natural resources Lord is providing without stopping for one second also.
    He is doing His work ... Think of a day where He stops sunlight water or air?????? Can you live?
    When God is also always constantly working for things to keep going on and on
    Why do you expect Him to provide freely?
    Work and earn your living!!!! Do your Karma .. Becoz without Karma no one can get anything free in this world.
    Hare Krishna.
  • Maybe ask Krishna to give you another job, then food will come. Seems simple enough. If cannot find job lie on your CV (a little), everybody lies on CV. Like they ask for experience when you need the job to get experience. Internet is great for looking for a job. So many search engines! Use time apply for positions. Check CV is up to date. And when going for interview make sure have a shower, shave, wear suitable shirt, tie, shoes. Don't go looking like you don't care is very important. I think what you feel is Krishna will come and feed you pav-bhaji or pizza (hey I hope He does lol). But in reality! Go buy a pizza and thank God for it). Just get another job then your mood will change. . In the mean time others will say 'when you gonna find a job etc' which can dishearten you. But live in the real world man, everybody needs to work. That what Krishna says in Gita. So....
  • That's up to Krsna. Krsna is infinite. His mercy is causeless and boundless but in the words of B.R. Swami-- "God is by Himself and for Himself" Krsna might come to your aid. He might not. It's always possible to move into a local temple and give Seva in, "exchange" for the faculties of living in the renounced order of life. Krsna will help us in our careers and with those aspirations that we possess in the spirit of service; He isn't going to manage our careers for us in lieu of us making necessary sacrifices and giving necessary effort to further our careers.

    Short answer-- Maybe. Long, practical answer-- Krsna might not but the devotees under the direction of Swami Bhaktivedanta Prabhupadad have very nicely created ISKCON in part for the welfare of the seeking and surrendered soul.
  • SB 11.17.57“O my poor elderly parents, and my wife with a mere infant in her arms, and my other young children! Without me they have absolutely no one to protect them and will suffer unbearably. How can my poor relatives possibly live without me?”
    SB 11.17.58Thus, because of his foolish mentality, a householder whose heart is overwhelmed by family attachment is never satisfied. Constantly meditating on his relatives, he dies and enters into the darkness of ignorance.
  • SB 3.25.20Every learned man knows very well that attachment for the material is the greatest entanglement of the spirit soul. But that same attachment, when applied to the self-realized devotees, opens the door of liberation.
    SB 3.25.21The symptoms of a sādhu are that he is tolerant, merciful and friendly to all living entities. He has no enemies, he is peaceful, he abides by the scriptures, and all his characteristics are sublime.
    SB 3.25.22Such a sādhu engages in staunch devotional service to the Lord without deviation. For the sake of the Lord he renounces all other connections, such as family relationships and friendly acquaintances within the world.
    SB 3.25.23Engaged constantly in chanting and hearing about Me, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the sādhus do not suffer from material miseries because they are always filled with thoughts of My pastimes and activities.
    ( thats why real devotees dont suffers from desease ,hunger,thurst and all others material meseries like others)
    SB 3.25.24O My mother, O virtuous lady, these are the qualities of great devotees who are free from all attachment. You must seek attachment to such holy men, for this counteracts the pernicious effects of material attachment.
    SB 3.25.25In the association of pure devotees, discussion of the pastimes and activities of the Supreme Personality of Godhead is very pleasing and satisfying to the ear and the heart. By cultivating such knowledge one gradually becomes advanced on the path of liberation, and thereafter he is freed, and his attraction becomes fixed. Then real devotion and devotional service begin.
    SB 3.25.26Thus consciously engaged in devotional service in the association of devotees, a person gains distaste for sense gratification, both in this world and in the next, by constantly thinking about the activities of the Lord. This process of Kṛṣṇa consciousness is the easiest process of mystic power; when one is actually situated on that path of devotional service, he is able to control the mind.
    SB 3.25.27Thus by not engaging in the service of the modes of material nature but by developing Kṛṣṇa consciousness, knowledge in renunciation, and by practicing yoga, in which the mind is always fixed in devotional service unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead, one achieves My association in this very life, for I am the Supreme Personality, the Absolute Truth.
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