Turn on the Entire World to Krishna Consciousness

Turn on the Entire World to Krishna ConsciousnessKrishna consciousness is not something foreign or external. It is not imaginative ecstasy or cultism. The most sublime Krishna consciousness is lying there dormant within the hearts of all living beings. Therefore we do not require to impose it on anyone. Simply we must provide that suitable situation in which their natural original consciousness can be revived. Our mission is to turn the entire world onto Krishna consciousness. So we want to create that sublime atmosphere on this planet in which everyone can awaken and fully realize their eternal full-of-knowledge and full-of-bliss Krishna consciousness.Hare Krishna Hare Krishna …For more discussions visithttp://harekrishnaharekrishna.ning.com/forum/

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    Should we all go out and chant in public? Right now the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses are having more success than the Hare Krishnas because they go out to the people every day.
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