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Hare Krsna

When Tulasi grows outside of her own choice, does she grow in places that receive snow or where temperatures go below freezing?

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Hari Krsna!

Tulsi jee cannot stand below 5 Deg Cel or 41 Deg F. It is roughly the coldest temparature in Indian winter. Bring her indoor.

Hare Krsna

Thank you

I have been told by devotees living in India that she lives wild of her own choice in areas in India that have snow. When I have asked for more information, I don't receive more information on this. So I decided to ask here. I have not been to India yet.

So, is it true that she grows in places outdoors where it will snow?

Mata jee,

Tulsi jee will die if you leave her out. The temparature that a human body can take is what she can take. And she is happiest when you allow a little breeze.

Growing up, I have seen her in my maternal and paternal grandparent's house, where temparature runs over 110 deg Far. We have shade for her. (made of earthen clay). However in my parent's house, temparature goes 80-90 deg Far and once it is past noon, she is shaded by mango tree and the house itself, so we do not need shade.

In cold weather: she does not grow in snow and sub zero.

Thumb rule is - if you can stand the weather with normal clothes, she can stand it. If you cannot stand it, then she cannot.

Hari Bol!

I've noticed the helpfulness of your comment.

In the past years I have brought Tulasi in to warmth based on outside temperature shown on a thermometer. I was remembering to look for the thermometer, or find the temperature shown on the computer. So now, without worrying so much about thermometer, when I notice a chill I am bringing her inside. I check also thermometer as in past, but now act first on my feeling of how cold.

Thank you


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