Tolerance and Injustice

Hare Krishna! One of my friend asked me one question to which I had no answer that was convincing enough. The question was " How can one be tolerant if an injustice has been done to them that have hurt their mind and soul deeply?" Please help me answer my friend prabhuji and mataji.

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  • hare krishna. pamho

    i have heard one quote of prabhupada where he says that "tolerance means u r tolerating and not getting disturbed"

    as per my understandings, one should try to tolerate as per one's capacity but should not try to extend it beyound our

    limits. i think tolerance comes as a result of spiritual advancement bt it doesn't mean that we should not even try for 

    it. the pain and the suffering of the pain r two different things. we can't avoid pain bt how to react with it depends on

    us. associating with devotees, to express our feelings to someone who is trustworthy , to engage in some service in the temple are some positive alternatives which a depressed person can try to regain it's healthy state of mind{ i personally practice this when i get depressed.}

    and finally one thing i want to say that a devotee should be intelligent enough so that he is not cheated by peoples having exploiting mentality and at the same time should not take someone's advantage.

    chanakya pandit says that "streight trees r the ones which r preferred to cut first" so we should not behave too honestly

    or simply as we behave in association of devotees along with materialistic people.

    one should behave naturally and if we r honest and sincere in terms of our chanting then krishna definately helps us.

    • Thank you prabhuji and mataji for sharing the info about tolerance. I would inform my friend about this and make her understand. I would definitely come back to you if my friend has any other clarifications regarding what should be done with her case.

      Raksehji, I have got one doubt regarding your explanation. Please forgive me if I am wrong. How can one trust a person in this Kali yuga? I hardly find any good natured people in this world. As Sudiptaji has pointed out, everyone are conscious about their self interests and nobody cares for anyone today. In such a scenario, how to find someone trustworthy and how to conclude that the said person will be genuine in his intentions and that the person wouldnt take advantage of one's problems. Please clarify.

      • Volunteer

        Hare Krishna Mataji. Dandavat Pranam. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada


        /* How can one trust a person in this Kali yuga?*/

        we need not to search out for a trustworthy person . I think you used the context of trustworthy person in relation to relationships, please correct me if am wrong . We must know that we are conditioned soul and hence subjected to for defects . 1. we have cheating propensity. 2. we are illusioned .3 we have imperfected senses 4. we make mistakes. So one should accept a person with this defects and not with the notion that the person is superman then we will remain in reality not comes under lamentation , grief.

        So who is trustworthy?

        Krishna, Guru and sastra. Our life aim should not waste to find a trustworthy person rather making ourself trustworthy. Our goal is to serve krishna and devotees and not to get served by others. 

        we are not ours, we are Krishna's..searching for perfect things in an imperfect temporary world is itself an illusion...If we follow this formula we will be happy in all situation.  

        Your aspiring servant

        hari bol.

        • Thanks a lot Sudiptaji! you have made yourself clear and corrected my mistakes. i agree that Krishna tests his devotees by giving him all difficulties and He himself will provide solution and help His devotees.

          As you have clearly pointed out that we should overcome our illusion and then only we can be happy in all situations. If I am right, the only way to be happy in all situations is to chant Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.

        • Hare Krishna Prabhu Sudipta ji

          Wonderful thought!! Makes sense.

          How come your answers are always perfect. :)

          • Sevak

            Because Sudipta Roy Prabhu Ji  is an advanced and intelligent soul.

            Hare Krishna. 

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna Neetu mataji,


    Sri Chaitnya Mahaprabhu said 'Trinaadapi sunichana....'. What is expected from a devotee is to be tolerant than a tree. So  does it mean that if some one is trying to hurt you and you keep quite thinking that  you are learning tolerance. I recently heard a story about a snake disciple of Narada muni. When this Snake became the devotee, he started to follow trinadapi principle. When Narada muni met this snake again after few days, he saw that the snake had cuts all over and was badly hurt. When inquired, the snake explained that all the people who would see it would throw stones at him and thus he got such bad condition. Then Narada muni said its not the way to be tolerant. When some one tries to throw the ston hence forth, show your hoods so that they stay away.

    If some thing done by other person is hurting our ego, then we need to learn to tolerate it. This should not be misunderstood for tolerating everything and anything in the world.

    hari bol!!!

    • Thank you Sudheendraji. But doesnt hurting one's ego starts from hurting you emotionally? then how can one learn tolerance and how can one inculcate or put into practice?

      • Volunteer

        Hare Krishna Mataji. Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada

        Few things we need to be cleared before proceeding in spiritual life.

        we need to know what is EGO. The ego "I"  in contaminated state identify with the body and think oneself as the only doer and become responsible for all the material reactions of its action. Now we sometimes get hurt by somebody and starts blaming them but we never give a second thought what causes our suffering. But in reality no one gets bad deal in life without doing bad karma in present or past life. We get reactions for our own action so blaming someone will not work.


        Now how to become tolerant ?

        The cause of our suffering by others or other way is due to the false ego i.e the lording attitude (I , me and mine attitude) . As long there is the I,me and mine consciousness we are subjected to get reactions in different way but when the ego "I" get situated in its original position i.e "the servant of Krishna" consciousness then all the suffering of material world cease to exist.

        Tolerance comes when in all circumstances of our life we try to keep the words of Krishna (exp. his instructions in gita) where he told to be equipoised in hapiness or distress , when we always try to save krishna's interest and not thinking about our personal comfort or interest then only we can progress in devotional service.

        It is simple , thinking of ones own personal interest makes a person intolerant and seeing Krishna's interest in all circumstances makes a person tolerant. In all situation we have to see whether we are leading our life by Krishna's word then all will be fine.

        your aspiring servant

        Hari bol

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