Hare Krishna,

To be very honest, in our daily routine of prayers / chanting, we are just lighting a ghee lamp ( morning and evening, which again is missed sometimes ), incense sticks before Lord. We are not offering any food to Lord. We keep water for Lord in a small cup which is not changed daily. Recently got a Tulsi ji to whom till now we are putting water daily morning, and lighting ghee lamp in evening.

The food which is cooked is not offered to Lord to make if Prasadam before eating.

Me being a beginner in KC, I feel guilt that we are not offering anything to Lord, but to be honest not doing anything also in this regards might be because I dont know what to do. 

So I take this opportunity to ask you great devotees to guide me what to start with in terms of offering daily to Lord in terms of ghee lamps, incense sticks, water, food, pushpam, patram, phalam, toyam....

Only request here is when I say "to start with", please guide me with beginners steps and not full fledged, as I want to gradually start doing this with full conviction.

Please note:

  • I am a very beginner in KC, trying to practice since last one year
  • currently doing 8 rounds / day
  • fortunate to have association of a few devotees
  • We still use onion in our food sometimes ( pls let me know if this should be abandoned immediately or this can be avoided gradually )

Thanks in advance, yas,


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  • Hare Krishna Anurag Prabhu,

        You sound like your coming along very well.  Your concern for devotional practice is a banner of commitment for your love of Sri Bhaghavan.

        If you can, find a  Bhakta-vriksha  home group near you.  This program provides good counseling for all of us who are striving to be more Krishna Conscious.  The  Shiksha-program,  which is ISKCON's enrolled congregation, is a step by step advancement through our devotional practices.

    It seems that you would be a Shraddhavan devotee (full-of-faith) with some growth already to the Sevaka level (service).

    You are obviously making good progress.  Try to reach for a realistic goal in your devotional life and don't worry over some of the details too much.


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  • Hare Krishna, Prabhuji, Dandavat Pranam,

    Whatever you have wrote about yourself honestly, itself prooves that you are a good vaishnav. Having the feeling of guilt itself shows that the process of purification is started. I request you for whatever may comes, please don't leave the association, please hear ISKCON lectures everyday (may be during travelling to office) and keep chanting regularly.

    Further to this, please try to follow the advice given by Bhaktin Maral Mataji.



    • Many many thanks Milind Prabhu for your time, comments and advice. I will try to follow that. Thanks again. Hari Bol!!

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna Anurag Prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    You can buy some fruits and keep them in the fridge. Then offer one or two everyday and then share Maha Prasadam to all the members and guest when they come.

    Which fruits? Just seasonal fruits: banana, grapes, mango, papaya...


    On the place of onion and garlic You can slowly slowly use hing. Or Asafetida - it is a spice which plays role of an onion and garlic protecting from viruses etc.

    And smell is also similar with garlic...


    You started to worship Tulasi Maharani then it is very very nice. When You offer fruits You can put Tulasi leaf on them. And also when You offer water You can put one leaf.


    And the best thing among all offerings is CHANTING OF THE HOLY NAMES. When we chant attentively Krishna will be happy.

    Your servant, 

    • Hare Krishna and Dandavat Pranaam to Bhaktin Maral Mataji...Your advise is perfectly what I was looking for. I will try to follow this with full conviction. Can't thank you enough mataji. Hari Bol!!

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