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Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances!

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Can You please share Your experiences of staying in Western countries? How You are there with Your sadhana?

With Devotee association?

With Your food?

With Your japa?

Sense control?


Is it really difficult to practice bhakti in the west?

And what difficulties might be there?


Thank You so much!

Your servant, Maral

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Thank You for Your kindness dear Pandora Mataji!


Yes, nice idea You gave me.

I will look to the option of coming to Florida.

Your servant,

hari bol adam meditate for 3 or 4 hrs......could u tell it is japa or meditation???????and what u fouses on in yr meditation????/I do japa everyday but don't give more than an hr.................but I wanna learn meditation some problems r here

oooh, sorry, i answered your question in this post but on a previous page. Tell me if it helped. If not, feel free to email me at and we can have a long discussion. If our time locations sync up I can meditate along with you to brother. Much love friend. If you have a guru that tells you to do Japa, then do that. In reality, they both aim at the same goal, thats the truth of it. So for me, its Japa. Dont worry about time, just consistency, time will come with time.


Hare krishna Mataji....such  A nice question you have asked....You asked: Is it possible to become krishna consciousness in western countries....?

Yes,It is possible.....As you have listened.....It doesnt matter what is surroundings.....The only think we should have Is pure bhakti to krishna,rama or chaitanya mahaprabhu ji .........As it doesnt matter which  country we are...As we are  all part and parcel of krishna....It doesnt matter you know In every human being there is varities of mentalities(thinking process) so why there would be no varities in western countries,which is another continent to 7 continent's..........Yes we should be like a one in krishna devotee(we should have bhakti) that matter, most.....thanks mataji...for asking a great question....Hare krishna


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