To add meat.

Hare Krishna,dear devotees,Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. All glories to Guru-deva.Sometimes karmi's are coming to the temple to collect prasadam to bring it home with the intension to add meat or fish to it. Sometimes they also tell that they will add meat on this foot ,because for them it is not opuland enough. So, knowing that the karmi's will add meat on the prasadam,is it allowed for the devotees still to give them prasadam?Thank you very much.Radha Radha.

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  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    Here's my two cents..

    Prasadama should be distributed liberally to vaishnava and none vaishnavas alike.  Parmatma   is in all of us.  To reawaken the dormant love for Krishna Prasadama is needed.  Be the prasadama  in the form of sound, air, liquid or solid. We who distribute the  Prasadama should make sure that we explain the meaning of Prasadama and how its to be respected.


    What the others may do after that is on their con scions.   Please distribute to all and not just to a select few.  This may be their chance to redeem themselves whilst being in the body which is conducive for liberation.


    • Hare Krishna Manojkumar Bhika prabhu.

      Thank you very much for your kind reply.

      Radha Radha

  • Hare krishan chiatanya mahaprabhu das,

    I can understand your question but i am not agree to take to home that prashadam. Why not that temple managment arrange to eat prashadam in "Prashadam Hall". So that everyone eat prashadam in the temple. So with this way we will save Prashadam to mix non veg. Because we do not refuse to give prashadam to non devotee who comes in the temple. so prabhu this is my own thinking as in our Ludhiana Temple every Sunday we received Dinner-Prashadam at the end the evening Sangkeertan. We eat prashadam at Prashadam Hall. No body take prashadam themselves for home. So duing this we can save also the purity of Vaishanvas Prashadam.

    Becasue in geeta lord says that only Bhakt have the right to read and understand geeta so we have to distribute the geeta to only Vashnavas and who want to know lord and who respects in Sanatan Dharm. So if any one comes in temple and hear the sangkeertan then he has also the right to get "MahaPrashadam". Otherewise as you said the some non devotees coems in temple and they spoiled the Mhaprashadam. This is they spoilation of Mahaprashadam when any one mix with meat or fish. This is the insult of Mahaprashadam. So we have to stop it to distribute for home to non devotees persons.

    • Hare Krishna, Suraj Prakash prabhu.

      I agree totally. Thank you so much for your reply.

      Radha Radha.

  • Hare Krishna, dear Shravan and Shivalkar prabhu.
    I agree totally with you. But, sorry to say this, that was not my question. When a not vegeterian karmi comes to a Hare Krishna temple and after collecting some prasadam,which contains: rice, daal, some subji,sweets,etc, he or she will bring it to his or her home. So, not being happy with a vegeterian meal , he or she cooked some meat, like chicken and add this meat to the prasadam. Is this allowed, that the non-vegetarian karmi's can add meat to the prasadam?
    I hope you will understand my question now and sorry that I was not clear enough.
  • Volunteer

    Prasadam offered to the Lord is pure. In Jagannath Ratha Yatra in Puri, Prasaadam is thrown from the cart and a lot of it falls on the road picked up and eaten by devotees.

    Once bhoga offered to the Lord, belongs to all, and we dont have a choice to think whether we can or cannot give to karmis.

    We must not feel superior to karmis. It is totally unacceptable. We have woken up they have not. We must wake them up by performing Loud congregational chanting of Holy Names of Krishna, Harinama Sankirtana regularly, in the streets.

    Harinama Sankirtan Ki Jai !!!

    • Hare Krishna,Shravan prabhu.

      Thank you very much for your answer.


    • Nice reply. But the question raised by Chaitnaya Mahaprabhu das is very strange to me. Actually i can't even imagine in India that anybody dares to add meat or fish to Prashadam. Here all Hindus who even eat meat know and belive that prasadam is sacred and they never mix non-veg and prasadam .. atleast i have never heard or seen. May be outside India it is possible as they may not be aware of the Vaishnava culture and etiquettes.

      But still Prasadam is NON-DIFFERENT from KRISHNA HIMSELF so it should be distributed with same love and affection as HARI NAAM is distributed freely and liberly.

      Hari Bol.

      • Hare Krishna, dear Amit kapoor prabhu.

        I think you understand my question. But still sometimes this happens in the western world, that non-vegeterians are adding meat or fish to the prasadam. Sorry ,but my question was not if devotees should discriminate with devotees and karmi's or that devotees should feel them much superior than karmi's.I never said any words like this in my question.


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