Tired of "bad karma"

I was recently promoted at my job to a job site where I  had less back pain and less stress. However, I got a phone call today from my boss and have lost that promotion due to no fault of my own. So now I will be having much more back pain and more stress again. I am trying to understand how being in constant pain and anxiety is going to help me in spiritual life? Perhaps Lord Krishna wants to make sure I stay in bed on my days off instead of visiting the Temple? 

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  • Hari Bol, I think u r too upset with the Lord since you have been taking your job very seriously. Krishna Consciousness is the art of diverting your mind from anything else to Krishna. If you are receiving bad Karma , its only mercy!! You may wonder why I am telling you that. This actually is your chance to use your free will to choose Krishna in tough conditions. It also is an indication that the Lord is happy with your service and He just wants to make sure!! The Lord is a person and He is putting you through litmus test!! You have to ensure just this that you choose Krishna all the time irrespective of your material conditions. When the Lord is satisfied ( He gets satisfied easily unlike popular belief) ; which is again based on your deep sincerity in remembering Him and chanting His names your problems will simply vanish in quick time just as the morning dew vanishes with the first ray of the Sun. Keep Going..thats all I can say..you will soon see results!!


    • Hare Krishna Sairajesh

      I did not have much back pain yesterday and was able to make it to the Temple OK. Yes, I hope I can divert my mind away from my job and focus more on Lord Krishna instead. I need to get tougher and stronger and not let my mind get so disturbed over things. Thanks

  • Hi


    i will only tell you one motto which i follow in my life . 

    "Don't tell Lord how big your problems are , Rather tell your problems how big and powerful your Lord is."

    then you see that your perceptions about this situations will change and when tested always remember Prahlada . how he maintained his faith in lord and how Lord given what is best for him.  so have your faith in place and continue with your journey . everything will fall in place .

    and also remember 

    " you will not get better or more then you deserves or entitle to . and no body can also take that you are truly entitle to."


    Dishant pathak

    Hare Krishna. 

    • Hare Krishna Dishant Pathak

      Thank you for your comments. Yes, I have to have faith that Lord Krishna knows what he is doing. So if I am in pain and am unable to go to the Temple in the mornings oh well-that's my karma. So be it. So instead of resenting it, I will just try to enjoy "sleeping in" I guess.

  • Hare Krishna, I too have suffered from back pain, but by learning this scientific holistic program I have been able to manage very nicely and have more control free from drugs and such.  Please try this routine a few times and you may be surprised: http://intuflowjointmobility.blogspot.ca/

    • Hare Krishna Bhakta Mark

      I will check out this site and will give it a try. Thank you.

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Pandora Mataji,


    Maybe Lord Krsna wants you to leave this job and take up a better job, maybe even move closer to the temple.

    Lord Krsna is not resposible for your pain, please understand. Whether you can remember the lord in all your pain and stress is important. The struggles we face only make us stronger, and makes us more resolute. Maybe there is a lesson there for you to learn, which you are refusing to learn. Thats why the same situation is coming back to you again.


    Your servant,


    • Hare Krishna Rashmi

      Thank you for your kind comments.  I think maybe it is time to go job hunting.

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