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Hare Krisna.
Joy Srila Probhupada.
Dondobot pronam to all devotees.

I have read in Srila Probhupada's book that "This world is a dream." But due to my ignorance I coula not realize it properly.
Could you please throw some light about it?

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Hare Krishna Prabhu ji

This world is not dream but temporary...

Srila Prabhupad never speak this world to be dream. dream means illusion.

But the fact is that this world is temporary.

Hare Krsna!

Please take a look at this link and read it.

Prabhupada makes it very clear what he means by "This World Is a Dream"

(as Prabhupada said - a dream has no value ... it is gone -- in other words, we perceive this world to be real, where we "belong", but actually it's not where we belong.. like a dream. When we dream we believe that whatever is happening in the dream is actually happening to us, whereas the reality is we are sleeping.)

If you have some questions, feel free to ask.

Hore Krisna.
Dondobot pronam.
In the book,namely, "The Hare Krisna challenge", Srila Probhupada has said that : this world is a dream. night dream and day dream.
So i have put this question.
hori bol...

Rupa Gosvami states,

prapancikataya buddhya
mumuksubhih parityago
vairagyam phalgu kathyate.

Prapancikataya buddhya. Just like there are some philosophers. They say that this material world is false and Brahman is real. Of course, that is all right, but according to Vaisnava philosophy, as we are, we say that material world is not false, but it is temporary. That's all. If you say temporary thing as false, that is not the right nomenclature. Temporary, one thing may be temporary, but that is not false. Just like we have come here, I have come from India. I am staying in this room for the last two months, or I may stay here for some days more. So my visit, I am a visitor. My visit is temporary. But this temporary visit is not false. Is it false? Oh, I am sitting here, I am talking with you, I am eating, and so many things. They are all false? No. They are not false. They are not false, but temporary. Therefore hari-sambandhi-vastunah. Everything has got connection with Krsna. That realization is required. Everything. Whatever we see here, they are only perverted reflection of the reality. That's all.

Hari Bola,

His interpretation is not similar to the mayavada;s interpretation,

Hare Krsna devotees.  in the day time we spend most of our time in our heads dreaming,

imagining we are something else and consciously we rationalize it.

Dreaming I am a this and a that but factually I am non of the false identities I imagine. 

And at night I again dream so many imaginary things.  

So this world of maya is just a dream.

Therefore Lord Chaitanya is calling "Wake up sleeping soul. how long will you sleep in the lap of the witch called maya?"


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