i ask this question because i have developed a habit of taking tea or coffee(eventhough i knew caffein products increase ignorance) to get rid of whole day tiredness and sit in the evening with went well for some days but now the inner voice is troubling me and i cannot bear it nor can i sit with scrpritures after 9-10hrs of work (how can u?)...

PROBLEM IS-  my body becomes tired but not my not tell me to change the reading schedule...i've tried and failed plus it increases mental agony if it skip any day...

tell me, feasible and practical ideas...

if you are an engineer reading this...YOU MUST COMMENT!!! 

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  • Hare krsna I too need something hot at end of day. So I make a drink know as ukala.its milk water sugar n lots of taste like tea.m very happy with this drink don't miss tea or coffee.try.haribol
  • Hare Krishna,

    This link looks as if it was just made for your question. "Am I really free?” We may get this situation when we try to change ourselves for the better and realize how difficult it is, realize how easily we tend to relapse to old habits and attitudes......

    P.S.: Do subscribe to gitadaily, it has all of hrday-durlabya questions in detail.

    your servant,
  • It happens often busy with tight working schedule..........I was also addicted with smoking ;took much will to abandon it........just AVOID IT INITIALLY WITH HERBAL TEA AND JUICES.....SLOWLY U WILL FORGET

  • Volunteer

    1. Devotee association and please them with our services

    2. Attentive chanting of the Holy Names

    Few years back when i started to chant 16 rounds in Tulasi beads i felt that attentive chanting really takes away material desires. 

    Your servant, 

  • Prabhu ji, it is the kick of caffeine that you have become addicted.To simulate that effect some natural alternatives are apple,vitamin b12 and some herb called ginseng.

    May be you'll get addicted to apple now!!

    • I am facing the same problem.

  • Hare Krsna
    Whatever you do don't do it abruptly.
    If you are abrupt about it then after sometime you will feel a void which can make you swing back in the habit anytime.
    So taper down slowly till you realize the worthlessness of intoxicants.
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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    First of all, I ask for forgiveness. I am not an engineer, still trying to answer your question. Tea coffee is what most Indians struggle the most to give up.

    The best way to wean out of tea is to have herbal tea. ISKCON Juhu is selling a concoction as tea. It can be made at home by roasting coriander seeds and grinding in a mixie, adding sugar liberally. This powder can be kept like tea powder and made into 'tea' the normal way.

    For coffee, I really dont know - just give it up. If you need some warm energy drink when you return from work, then maybe you could try soup or milk shake (if you are ok with cold) or herbal tea mentioned above. Then sit down to read without any guilt.

    I hope I have been able to help somewhat.


    Your servant,


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