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      Hare krsna
      It is not said that you are restrained from playing sports. Please read to the reply made by Sarvopama pr ACBSP above over here
    • Restraining from playing sports is because it brings the tendency to overcome others n let always be the winner.... The attitude of fighting, being I am superior, envy against the person with whom we usually play. This is most practical thought that I could come across in it.
  • Can any one please explain the logic of not letting devotees play this sport ?
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    Playing tennis, football and the like were considered by him as frivolous sports.
    • Thanks you Prabhuji...
      • One time Srila Prabhupada saw old men playing Golf. He had not seen that before and asked what they where doing. When the devotees explained how they play the game, tears came from Srila Prabhupada's eyes and he said- (adlibing)- that it was such a waste of time when especially at an elder age one should utilize his free time for self realization.

        In the spiritual world the friends of Radha and Krishna play all kinds of games, but these games are in such a different mood and not to win, but to gain Krishnas favor. They are transcendental sports. Even a type of checkers, hopscotch, tug of war (tug of love:)- Water sports and splashing, Water cdolor guns (not like shooting but like a big suringe) colord powder fun fights, throwing flower petal balls, Wrestling, Immitating animals with sound and action. And so many other games.
        But in this world all games are based on false prestigue, false pride, false ego etc.
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    I've always been told that the two Vaishnava sports are swimming and wrestling but it's easy to see that those can also be done in extremely frivolus ways. Intention, motive and consciousness are the key crucial elements that really determine how this all works.
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