Thank You to IDT

Hare Krishna dear devotees/moderators/administrators.

All glories to Lord Krishna, Lord Chaitanya, Srila Prabhupada and all other great acharayas.

Just felt like thanking the ISKCON DESIRE TREE Network , the moderators, the administrators and all the devotees who are actively answering/sharing and providing knowledge to new devotees.

This is a great platform to come closer to Bhagvan Shree Krishna and know him well.

I have learned a lot of things from this website. So again..

Thank you, I appreciate you, and I wish you well on your journey to KC and wish me same.

I have no other words, but, thanks, and thanks to Krishna and all devotees here.


Jai shree Krishna

Jai shree Gokulesh

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  • We are your servants. Our satisfaction is that you all use the website to increase your Kishna consciousness & increase your commitment to the missionary activities of Srila Prabhupada. 

    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. 

    Yes we need donations. We have 19 devotees full time working for various sections related to ISKCON desire tree group of websites. 

    Continue to engage us in the best welfare activities in this age of Kali.

    Please pray for us.

  • Volunteer

    and thanks for all other Devotees who paste their questions! By doing so they engage us in remembering Krishna. 

    It says that only to get mercy is not enough but by sharing it we will achieve love for Krishna only. And we are just parrots.  

    Your unqualified servant,  

  • hare krsna .Its really worth far more than appreciating..its the best website ever we have got many qualified devotees to guide me such neophytes..i find it beneficial than temple sometimes..

    hari bol..

    • Volunteer

      Hare Krsna,

      humble obeisances

      We can also help this website by clicking on the advertisements that are shown here. Every time we click on an advertisement, that company pays to IDT for the click. So it will be a wonderful service that we can do to help IDT by clicking at least some times every time we log into IDT.


  • Volunteer

    Its good to see some one appreciating the efforts put behind getting this website running. Thank you very much mataji for such kind words. I would like to appeal to all devotees regarding one thing. There is a crunch on the budget of this website and devotees need some donation in order to get it going. Please contribute to what ever extent you can really do. There are over a dozen devotees who work full time to keep this site up and running round the clock. I hope you all understand the concern.

    Hare Krishna.

    • Not sure Prabhu jee. If I donate in temple, won't that be used for this website too?

      Your servant,


      • Volunteer

        I don't think so Prabhuji.

        • Prabhu jee, please guide on the donation page. I use old browser, so Javascript/CSS messes the look and feel making it hard to see beyond one single line.

          • Volunteer

            Prabhuji, change ur browser :)

            Well I am putting you the details on here as well. Go to and click on the appropriate link there based on how much you want to donate. There are different options like $51/month, $25/month, $11/month, $ 5/month or one time donation. Click on appropriate link and you will be guided to paypal site for making the payment. If none of these work then contact below devotees on mail/phone

            For US and other countries (except INDIA), write to

            For INDIA, write to 

            Hope it helps now.

            hari bol!!!

            • Thank you prabhu jee. Much appreciated.

              Your servant,


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