Surrendering oneself

Hare Krishna


 I recently learned that there are 4 kinds of surrender (in order)

1. out of love

2.out of duty

3. out of want for fruit

4. out of fear


So say, I chant because I want to get rasa in chanting (I unfortunately still don't do it for Radha Rani's and Lord Krishna's pleasure) so will I come in third category or which one?

Hare Krishna

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  • Hare Krishna Pranavi mata ji,

     Chanting for material things like money, car, house, studies, marriage. These are just material wants. and they are actually called " Out of want of fruit".

    You are Chanting for tasting the rasa and this is actually what we all crave for right and it cannot be third caterogy. But yes, We are ofcourse in stage 1 ( kanishta stage) Ruchi for nama develops after Nishta stage.

    There are 9 stages in bhakti yoga:-

    1. Sraddha: Faith
    2. Sadhu-sanga: Association with
    3. Bhajana-Kriya: Performance 
    of devotional practices.
    4. Anartha Nivrtti: Decreasing of
    unwanted attachments.
    5. Nistha: Steadiness.
    6. Ruchi: Taste.
    7. Asakti: Attachment.
    8. Bhava: Love.
    9. Prema: Pure love for God.

    now I don't know which stage you are in but you are seeking to get rasa or taste of the holy name.  Only a guru can know at what stage of bhakti you are in.

    But ya. You are on the path of bhakti trying to reach the level of RUCHI stage. 

    That is not considered as 3rd category. 

    And even if you do with any of the above said  surrenders  with intension of selfish desire also. Lord said in BG--->> All of them—as they surrender unto Me—I reward accordingly. Everyone follows My path in all respects, O son of Prtha.( 4.11).

    Then why have any doubts at all. Isn't it?

    Let us see some examples in our scriptures itself who did get Lord's reciprocation. Even when the did with selfish interest.

    1. Draupadi--called out of help to protect her integrity.  She surrendered at the nick of the moment. Seeking help from Lord. She didn't seek surrender out of love. 

    2. Arjuna and Duryodhana went to Dwarkadeesh and asked for help  in the war. Arjuna sat near the feet and pleaded Lord to be on their side during the war. Duryodhana also got help Narayani sena., as per the intention and karma. Lord reciprocated accordingly to even Duryodhana, whatever you ask you will get that. But over all if you see. Did these people ask for Love of Krishna? Did these panadavas and kauravas seek only prema in return? The pandavas requested Lord to be on their side and help them in the war to get back their lost land and provide justice. ( out of duty to safe gaurd dharma Arjuna seeked Krishna's help and surrendered).

    3. Gajendra Moksha gajendra finally lost all hope from all sides and then offered Lord a flower. Seeking Moksha . His intention was to get mukti. Becuase he was tired fighting the crocodile for 1000 yrs. Is there an intent of Love for Godhead ? ( it is want of fruit that is moksha mukti).

    So, as per ur surrender so also Lord reciprocates.

    4. Kaliyan  Nag begged Lord to save & spare his life. It was due to fear of life he surrendered.

    5. Out of Love only gopi's surrendered, Goswami's surrendered and saints surrenedered. That is why their bhakti is highest and unparalled. 

    Well, our bhakti is now having some selfishness and it is true that we don't Love Krishna. All of us having some abhaas of Prema but that is not real prem. We just have the feeling and emotions that we love Krsna thats all.. Real prem is  very tough and highest. Real prem has complete surrender and sacrifice. But whatever it is Lord recirpocates to everyone accordingly. so be happy. 

    we are seekers of Love/rasa also from God itself. but gopis and manjari's they loved Krsna  spontaneously. Ofcourse many were Sadhana siddhas and Nitya siddhas. We are not even Sadhana siddhas yet just trying to do sadhana to reach the Ruchi or taste for holy name. It will take time but ofcourse, we r not yet surrendered totally. We are in the process of surrender.

    as of now you are doing chanting because some guru's and some devotees told this is the way to get ruchi or prem. do it. so you  doing. isn't it?  This is like some duty ( just like you daily get up brush teeth, like that chanting also you added in our routine habit.) because someone told you to do. To have Ruchi or taste of name it will take time. and to develop Rasa and prema for Lord it is not so easy but it will happen slowly.

    There is a difference between love marriage and arranged marriage isnt it?

    If you love you marry someone. But in arranged marriage, you are told by ur elders this guy is good for you get married to him and you are into the marriage after 20plus years living with the same person, you will develop attachment and love slowly. Like the person now u got used to with him/her so much that if u don't find them u keep missing them. 

    So, to develop love it takes time. Even in vaidhi bhakti one can attain love but it is a long process.  But as we don't have sponteneous love like gopis had for Krishna. So we are taking the Vaidhi path and following aacharyas to understand Love slowly.

    Well, even those who have spontenous love for Krishna also they must have suffered so much in their last births and must have done many sacrifices and many ritual/vaidhi bhakti procedures in the last lives itself to get to that stage of spontaneous love for krsna. ( Raganuga Bhakti marga). It is not so easy as the Sahajiyas' think. It take many past life times of vaidhi bhakti to come that spontenous love stage. Overnight no one can become a gopi. just by putting on lengha choli. Isn't it?

    Prema is totally different and highest qualification. and your seeking to understand prema and trying to ask and beg Krsna and radha only to pour some prem to you is NOT #no. 3 category. Ofcourse, you may be in stage 1 only in bhakti yoga. but ur want is not no. 3.

    Hare Krishna.

    • Thank you for such an elaborate answer mata ji! Hare Krishna!

  • i think its mixed, sometimes 1 , 2, 3 ,4 . 

    • Ok prabhu ji.... How is it out of fear prabhu ji? Hare Krishna

      • Fear that you didnt do your daily japa (if one day you feel lazy:)   )

        • yes... that is true.. I do have that fear! Hare Krishna

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Mataji,


    IN Bhagavad Gita, it is mentioned that 4 types of people worship the lord - Aart; arthathi, jigyasu and gyaani - ie - one in distress; one in need of money; curious and one in search of knowledge. 

    In another way it is described that we all pray to the lord in 3 stages - 1) out of fear; 2) out of duty; 3) out of love.

    Chanting with desire to get taste in chanting is good. This desire is transcendental, not within the 4 categories mentioned above. 

    Apart from chanting, we have balance 22 hours. What we do in that will haev an important bearing on how we chant. 


    YOur servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD



    • Ok Mataji Thank you Hare Krishna!

  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna 

    Yes, worshipping in expectation of something is in third category above

    Hare Krsna

    • Ok Prabhu ji... Thank you Hare Krishna

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