• I agree to this point.

    Hare Krishna
  • Hare Krishna !
    "why are you continuously abused by people around you even when you do good to them?" your question
    Definition of "Good" differs from person to person. For a thief good means getting more money in the loot, or escaping from the police. But for a devotee getting darshan of Krishna means good. Hearing a saint's pravachana is good for him.
    "abused by people around you" : Here probabely you have chosen a wrong word " Abuse". I don't know the context under which you are being abused.
    The question itself shows the framework of your mind. People abusing.......even when you do good....
    Analyse it properly and you will see that While doing good to them you had expectations of some words of praise in return, and when you did not receive them, you felt hurt.
    In aadhyatma Krishna has aid in Gita you go on doing your Karma without expecting or worrying about the fruits, then only you will get happiness, peace of mind.
    Since you expected fruits, you are feeling hurt. In case you had not expected "thank you" "how nice of you" then you would not have felt the pinch of abuse. You would have waived the abuse just like that without any reaction in your mind.
  • life is mysterious so enjoj all bit of life don't panic ,hard time and soft time is always come in life.
  • hi due to which reasons..
    • Hare Krishna. The reason could either be nothing or can be something like reading Gita, chanting the name of the Lord or visiting devotees/ temple.
  • Krsna is testing you. Just keep doing good. You will be rewarded accordingly.
    You are not suffering as much as Pandavas did!!!
  • thankyou prabhuji
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