Suffering and depression


I am a 22 year old boy named Gaurav. From the past few months, I feel nothing good is happening in my life. I am a college student. But even after so much hardwork I am not getting the results. On the other hand my friends have achieved so much with less efforts.  Also , i feel lonely and depressed as I feel even after following hare krishna path , I am not able to get peace or happiness.

I  have lost a loved one from family in past few months. I feel I am not able to execute my duties and feel like loser.  I just want this suffering to end or i think i will give up everything. Krishna always helps people but it seems as if he is also not listening. I have done anything bad to anyone but still my life is going this way. I feel slowly, my faith is going down. I just want this darkness to go away and find peace.


Hari bol.


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  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna 

    Please check this, it may be helpful

    Hare Krsna

    Hare Krsna TV Counseling Call Center
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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Pls join an online devotees sanga,. YOu will feel better.

    There is only one person who is winner in material world - the one who learns to leave this material world and go to spiritual world. Rest are all losers. 

    Dont worry and dont take everything so seriously. Learn to accept that everything in life will not go the way we want or even at the pace we want. When something has to happen, then only it will happen. 

    Can you do one thing - take a paper and start jotting down what you consider to be your blessings. It could be the smallest thing - I got up in the morning after a good night's sleep feeling fresh. My health is good. I enoyed the meal I had. Anything.

    YOu will realise so many things are going good for you, for which maybe so many people are struggling. 

    Next thing is to realise that life is not a competition or a race. Do not compare with anyone. If you have to compare, do a positive job of it. What is your criteria for success - job/ degree/ girl friend/ money? All of these are temporary. What matters is inner peace and satisfaction. Do not look for appreciation, peace, satisfaction outside. Look within, you will find. 

    Have faith in Krsna. Trust him and continue to chant. 


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • Hare Krishna Prabhu ji!


    Congratulations! I don't think any one can be more fortunate than you!

    Difficult times come in a devotee's life when Krishna wants to see the devotees faith in him. Even Srila Prabhupada's job and family life started going topsy turvy a little before he went for preaching to the entire world. Krishna shows his special mercy on those devotees who have served him for a very long time by taking away everything from them for a short duration of time to see whether they still love him and serve him. Yes, in the bhagavad gita he has said that whoever comes to him, he protects what they have and gives them what they need but I heard that when a devotee progresses more into devotion Krishna takes away all his material possesions. Lucky You! 

    Thank you so much prabhuji! Even I was facing difficult times in life and many hindrances in my spirituality but answering you, I understood that difficult times do happen in a devotee's life


    Also, to overcome this, the best way is to chant. I heard a really nice quote in hindi which might help (main refers to lord krishna)


    Tum mere naam mein toh main tumhare Kaam mein, tum apne Kaam mein toh main apne Dhaam mein!


    Hope my answer helped! Hare Krishna 

    • Very beautiful line "Tum mere naam mein toh main tumhare Kaam mein, tum apne Kaam mein toh main apne Dhaam mein!"  Pranavi Mataji,

      Thanks for sharing. Keep sharing. 

      Hare Krishna

  • Hare Krishna,


    I want you to watch this inspiring video

    • Patience
    • perseverance.
    • change in the strategy when something is not working for you even if you tried your level best.
    • trusting God and never losing faith in Him.
    • God always has better plan for you, which you may not be able to see right now.
    • Don't compare yourself with anyone which has achieved something.
    • Compare yourself with most unlucky fellas ( covid has shown us how unlucky people have faced death not even able to get last rites also performed by most dear ones, they were just burnt or burried without any one to care also). So we are fortunate atleast whatever we have now we must be grateful to God for whatever He provided us. 
    • Satisfied with whatever you have, and try to improve a bit.
    • Incase things are not at all working, try different options change your career line. maybe this line is not suiting you. Find some career or hobby which you are very good at. which you feel you can handle well.
    • When you love your job or your studies or work whatever you do.. Then you can give ur best in that line. Find some other career. Change the stragery and line. 
    • Don't think only by studies one can become successful. People have shown in the past who was  were not at all good in studies excelled in someother business down the line. 
    • Find what is ur passion and go in that direction. I know you can succeed. 
    • Have faith in yourself. YOU CAN DO IT.
    • A chaiwala became a prime minister of India.

    See so many college drop outs became successful in life. Don't consider a small faliure a big issue. be positive. You can become successful too.. You are not a loser.

    There is always an another chance and if one door closes surely another door will open!!!!

    Krishna always has a better suited plan for you,  think like this always. 

    Watch the Video. Very inspiring.

    Hare Krishna.


  • just keep faith in krishna .....bad times comes in everyone's life ...u have to keep patience and do your karm...just keep taking hari's name ....he will make everything right ...and about your results ...maybe  u r not giving your full efforts ...u r lagging somewhere ...moreover a single peice of paper cant decide your future ...if you're giving ur best sure u will succeed ...just dont get depressed ...keep patience ...Hare krishna 

    • Hare Krishna Sanjana Basu Mata ji.,

      Please keep adding your valuable comments. Very nice to see you. Keep sharing. I want to encourage new comers to join forum.

      Hare Krishna

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