Sucide Effects, need help please

Hare krishna,


kindly tell what are the effects of Sucide activity for person.


1. in case person is devotee (with bonafide diksha)

2. in case person is New devotee (without bonafide diksha but have spent two years in practising)

3. in case person is Non- devotee

4. Is there are any conditions in scriptures where it is allowed

5. In condition when person is not in position to face society bacause of his bad reputation,previous sinful activities can he commit sucide ?


thanks in advance.



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  • SUICIDE IS A SIN , its against nature and will of Krishna. There is no point discussing what impacts it will have, its better to help that depressed person.and motivate him.
      A very good answer.
    • Hare Krishna ! What we are discussing is aimed towards motivating the depressed person not to commit suicide. The person Shri N.B.Pawar has floated the discussion for general knowledge. It does not mean that he is depressed and going to commit suicide. What Mr. Pawar wants to know is the degree of punishment Krishna gives to a Devotee, a New Devotee, a non-devotee if suicide is committed.
  • Most people who think to suicide are very lonely and no one understands them and no one helps them and they suffer internally. Maybe Hare Krishna groups are not always helpful to them as everyone is blocking themselves from Maya and then they are not able to see the people around them who need guidance. There are not many gurus or devotees or sometimes even the counsellors are not rescuing people to provide shelter and to guide the new devotees to Krishna path.

    Our body nor other peoples body belong to anyone but Krishna and we are to help these people in the name of the Lord Krishna who is the owner. Who ever does not care for Krishna's creation is committing a sin. Even Lord Chaitanya was depressed as he was missing Krishna. So our seva is to help lost Jiva's to find God and support them.

      i agree with ur answer. I think committing suicide is a very wrong step to take because we all are here on this earth for some reasons.We should perform our duties as it is the order of Lord Krishna.Person who commits suicide i dont consider he or she is a weak person sometimes the things become so difficult to tackle and a person struggles for long time may years and years and one he/she thinks thats enough cant take anymore.In these situations a person develop these feelings and try to do this attempt.

      There is always a lack of training but also lack of lots of other things like love,getting disappointed from everyside.I think we should always be by eachothers side to help in these kinds of situations and try to understand the problems and also consider things from that person's point of view.
      I ve recently lost my Sister and she committed suicide but for sure i know she was not a weak person at all.

      My apologies if i ve said something wrong.
    • Hare Krishna Sanvi Devi Dasi ! Most people as you said feel lonely. It is because they do not have faith in Lord Krishna. All they want is happiness. Whether they achieve it from Krishna or this material world, they don't mind. In this world all relations are temporary and false. This society is bound by selfishness. So far one's selfishness is satisfied the relationship plays miracles, but the moment selfishness is damaged, the relationship disappears in thin air.First preferance is our duty towards ourself, then comes the number of others. And that too not as a duty but as a moral obligation.
      • Hare Krishna Mashesh Kumar Gandhi,

        One has to be fully absorbed in Krishna Conscious and void of all material contamination and free from desires. Not affected by happiness or misery of the worldly maya. This devotee once free from all the illusion and fully surrendered to Lord Krishna's lotus feet can be in position to help elevate other jivas from the afflictions of pain and suffering, including their over-welming need to suicide.

        Out of the so many devotees who have reached this level of self duty and having reached this level of Krishna Conscious I still find many people who are not reaching their full potential of KC, they need help so that they do not opt for self harm/ death as a way out.

        What needs to be in place is a board of 'qualified' counsellors who are capable to discuss Krishna Consciousness and save the Jivas, this is the moral duty/Obligation of the devotees who have reached the highest level of Krishna Consciousness.

        However the people of the world can be selfish and in their ignorance want to be the first to reach KC state and have the fruits of their self duty, It is becoming like the Krishna Conscious Olympic Race and disregard to the world.

        Krishna resides in all animate and inanimate objects and all things on the worldly plane has soul and a supersoul. Everything is Maya but Krishna is situated in all things. Eventually all earthly things will perish and will dissolve except the Jiva and Supersoul. Lord Krishna is under the protection of daivi prakriti, the internal energy Radharani this is why devotional service attracts even Krsna Himself. When we work to help others in the Krishna Conscious state, we are under protection of Krishna who is not contaminated by the worldly ways.

        So as you are rightly saying we do need to have a moral obligation to help but the education of KC is going downhill and this is why the suicide rate is on the increase. The sick are unable to help the sick is what is happening in the world of Maya and someone needs to take responsibility.

        This should be a priority over what happens to suicide victim's soul and if he is a devotee or not, we need to look at the cause and not try to lord over what happens to a soul after we have ignored to do our duty. What should be in question here is, "what happens to the souls of the devotees who did not help the suffering jivas?" and not the other way round.

        Hare Krishna.
        • hare krishna...
          i fully agree with you......
          nice explanation.......
  • Your body does not belong to you, it is Krsna's property, devotee or non devotee. By destroying Krsna's property, you are just offending Him!!!
  • Whether a devotee or not, suicide is condemned by Krishna and Brahma also. Cases of a devotee committing suicide are very less because they are trained.
    In case of "Sati" pratha, suicide type act is performed and it is allowed for the benefit of the Lady committing sati. There is no feature in Krishna's world like : "Mercy Killing" as we have in our world.
    Suicide is an act of cowerdice. It creates mismanagement in Brahma's world. Such souls do not find Bodies available for their next life and next serving of the judgement passed according to their deeds of the last life. Brahma has to make variations in his plan because of your suicide, so he penalises you as per his choice and wish.
    So till the time a body is available for you, you are dumped in the open weather Hot, Cold, Wet. No place to hide. So you try to enter into some other body forcibly and evict the rightful soul from that body. This we call "Bhoot Chad Gayaa". After all only a weak person commits suicide. See he has been given punishment as per deeds he has done in previous births and deaths. He is expected to complete these punishments. You cannot kill your body and escape the punishment. Instead you will be severely punished in next birth for your diturbing the Brahma's orderly management of Souls' transportation, supply of bodies for serving the punishment. He get very upset when one commits suicide, and so God has given him the right to give extra punishment as per brahm's choice.
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