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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    I understand your situation. You want some thing to cling on to - to believe in Krsna despite all your problems.

    Prabhu, firstly, nowhere it is mentioned that Krsna is our order supplier - He has to fulfill our wishes. He takes care of us, but also ensures we grow with each struggle. We have to undergo our struggle ourselves. He will show us direction, provided we turn to Him. Walking on the path is our job. 

    What you can do to keep your faith is:

    - wake up at 3 am and chant the Hare Krsna mahamantra attentively, all 16 rounds. If 3 am is too much fo ryou, wake up at 4 am.

    my experience is when in trouble, chant more attentively, better, more surrendered rounds. Automatically, you will get peace and direction at the same time. 

    - if you can, join a group - lectures everyday. 

    - listen to lectures on youtube.

    - read Bhagavad Gita As It Is daily. 

    It is only in dire circumstances we have to keep pur faith. When the going is tough, is when we have to keep our faith. 


    YOur servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • Krsna tests us . Sometimes what looks like a struggle , is actually an opportunity.

    Why don't you try becoming a full-time servant at ISKCON temple?

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        Hare Krsna 

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        Hare Krsna

  • Hare Krishna,

    I understand from you post that the reason for  you to come to Krishna is -- you believe Krishna can solve you problem of job or any other frustrating things in your life.

    So for you Krishna is a problem solver. Is it not?

    If he doesn't help you solve your day to day problems you will cry, get frustrated and slowly ur faith in kirshna can come down gradually. Is it so?

    So, Krishna should help you otherwise your faith can reduce at anytime. If he fulfilles you demands then your faith will become strong.

    So Krishna should meet your expectations and fulfill your demands.. 

    I don't find love here sorry to say.. I think you are demanding something from Krishna. In love there is no demands.. only giving love.. not expecting anything in return.

    Love should be unconditional at any point of time even when your trust breaks.. your love for HIM shouldn't reduce or falter.

    You do so many mistakes .. which Krishna doesn't like at all,  but still  He  is supplying you air, water, energy, sunlight every resource even when you do everything against HIM. Can' t you see the unconditional love which He is showering on you.,  

    You are unable to utilize the resources properly which Krishna has provided already to you to make your life better. Is it His fault??

    Krishna doesn't feel bad if you lose faith In Him also.  Many lives WE have never cared to remember HIM  HE didn't feel bad that time itself. Now you came to consciousness and remembering few times a day.. 

    what about the past lives?

    I may sound harsh but that is the fact.

    Prabhu I have profound sympathy for you suffering.. I am not like discourging you but trying to make the fact clear that.. Your faith should not dwindle at any point of life even when all things go bad. That is true surrender.

    Okay coming to Job .. If you have tried all means to get a job and you failed.

    -Then change the route

    -Improve ur skillset,

    -Keep upto date with the new technologies.

    -You mayeven turn a hobby into a  career. If you have any hobby just try it you may click very well in business ..who knows.. What is in store in your destiny?

    You have to find what is the talent that you have and how to improve on it and make money out of it. It is no big deal even a chaiwala became a prime minister .. some day you may also become a great man. 

    See.. some seeds require few days to grow. up into shoot out from the soil. But some seeds take very long periods of time.. sometimes months to years to shoot up from the ground. So, doesn't mean they are spoiled seeds or losers.... It just they take some extra long time.  But in the meantime those seeds were preparing themselves well, increase their root system deep into the soil to get a foot hold.

    Bamboo tree take some many years to shoot up. . but once it shoots up it grows very faster reaches heights.. so what was the seeds of the bamboo doing all the while inside the earth? It was preparing itself nicely and extending its roots deep to get a firm hold in the ground so that it can shoot up very high and withstand all pressures of wind and rain. So also we must be prepared to face all the circumstances in life it good or bad.. for that you need to do our homework. We should utilize this free time not for whiling off but to see how best it can be utilized . . either improving your skill set, or by finding out what field best suits you to change you direction to find another career.

    sometimes even a simple hobby can become a great business breakthrough. It can be life changing idea. 

    Hare krishna.

  • Hare Krishna Prabhu.

    I am adding you as a friend & then will text you personally about your problem. 

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