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Hare Krishna,

Could anyone guide me what are the processes involved in opening Goshala. In my country currently there is none.

Apart from Go-seva tasks, what are the processes involved in cow urine extraction, distillation, filtration? And also costs for machinery.

Your servant,

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    New Nandagram Cow Protection
    Cows are important members of our community
    • Is there exact instructions on how to castrate young bulls? This is consistent with the principle of Ahimsa? Unless the bull is the personification of religion? Is it true that you can only plow on the outside, not on the bull? How many kasteroids calves in the Movement of hare Krishna? Whether the castration of the young bulls in the Kingdom of Nanda Maharaja?

      • I recently read a transcription of a conversation where Srila Prabhupada recommended castrating bulls at an early age so that they'd be docile.  It is just common sense because uncastrated bulls are very, very dangerous, especially bulls who were raised with a lot of human contact.  My bovine family members seem to be unable to tell the difference between humans and cows, and my cows, when they are fertile, sometimes try to jump on top of humans.  Such a confused, intact bull might challenge a human to a duel, which wouldn't be fair or safe.  Better to get rid of the problem, even if it does give the young bull some temporary pain.

        • You personally castrate bulls for yourself or call the professionals? With a scalpel or bloodless?

  • May 29.

    Today Kirtanananda Maharaja began to massage the foot Prabhupada. Prabhupada also instructed him:

    — Castrate the bulls when they are young, then they will be docile and they can be harness. No cars or tractors, which is not that other, as the personification of death. You don't need electricity or high speed vehicles. The farm is an important project.

    Then Kirtanananda left.

    Tamal Krishna Goswami. "The last days of Prabhupada. Diary"

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    • Sevak

      Hare Krsna 

      Haribol ! Prabhu. This very amazing and inspiring to see.

      This is just the perfect example i was also looking for.

      All glories to you

      YS Bharat

  • Sounds humbling
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