stand still in time


The concept time and not qualified to do this or that in devotional service breaks me up.

So listening to lectures that we are not qualified, I for one feels very distrubing. Reading between the lines yu better go cast off your body if people preach we are not qualified to deity worship etc etc etc. 

I find this quotes very sad and bad, disturbing parrotting of achayra's. Do these people who use this quotes even mean what they say, or just tell what has been told?

The weak mental ones certainly kill themselfs or leave ISKCON in an instant or worse; curse the whole ISKCON concept.Because this phrase or lectures p[ut them in the position WE ARE NOT WORTH IT! 

To be humble like grass or whatever nice, but noe, NONE of you all are that! <e included. we all are on social media posting spam and bla bla to feel ourselfs the king of the world, know it alls! Very disturbing!

False ego brings life to forums like these and puffed up devotees advertise all sorts of comercial things here and there. Selling their kirtans recordings etc etc. That is not love for Krishna! The truth , the words of Krishna are NEVER to be sold. we so called devotees must donate for printing books, in all kind of languages. The price of them must be donations! Sankirtan devotees may earn this way the means of transport and use the donations al alms to keep their body in state to distribute more books! Printing costs MUST be bij donations by devotees, NOT donate laksmi to temples and such YET!! Prabhupada preached ; Print books, than build comunities and than tempels. 

But our false ego is grabing laksmi and horde horde! Books should be for only the fee of transport to the people, even that must be considerd devotess pay for that also.. That is our only qualification. Temple worship is fine to groom the love for Krishna, but that favour Krishna only gives you if you spread His words from the hearth. Otherwise it is fals ego, grooming as a wishfull thinking or a kind of devotional rape/enforcement to demand love, wich is not true love of God.Mot humble at all.

So spend your laksmi wise and print, spread books, and if people have questions try your best to explain it and give more books if needed. DO NOT ASK MONEY for it. A real Krishna intrested person will donate out of Krishna's love by; devotioanl service, more questions&time, spontainsly donations of good&or money. Only thoose will be understanding the real messege of Krishna spte by step! 

If you as money for books, you are not qualified and the person buy from you will not at all be intrested in the long run, just relishoppers is the result and the books end up in the litterbin or 2nd hands shops or markets for shure. Plus the path one have to take to Krishna will only unneccecery be longer and longer. However time is illusion for the soul is no time. It is just more fun to get earlier in contact with Krishna than wander around trillions of lives. Can be fun too, but the material body wich the soul is bound to life ater life will suffer, not the soul. But the temperery bodily condition will feel sad and inprinoned until leave the body. Yes the soul can lear from thoose unlimited rebirths, in material bodies, but than again, is it needed?!


Just give way books and tell them chant Hare Krishna! If they donate, good! if not, indirectly the person will support iskcon or out of love for Krishna in the end will give precious time and hard earned money anyways.Why the hurry?! We are not qualified!


Hare Krishna!

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