Spiritual Suicide exists

Is there any concept as spiritual suicide where a soul itself ceases to exist?

BG says soul can't be destroyed but if god wants to fulfill soul's desire it is no difficult task for him.

I tried to take decisions in life keeping Krishna in center for last 2-3 years. Tried to live in voice/base so that i can have some connection to spiritual activities. Took advise from my then brahmachari counselors about career. 

And bcoz of this, could not pay attention to career properly. I realized that advise was worst I could get, but that after 2-3 years(from 22 to 25).

Now all who were my equals are way ahead in there career and i am screwed up. 2-3 years in this phase of life is BIG, most important time. 

Same brahmacharis now use personal cars, apple laptops (under tag of yuqt vairagya). Bussiness men/corporate hotshots ready to spend lacs/crores on their word.

I have lost all faith/respect for them. And feel cheated by krishna also. He could have saved me from disaster. I had heard that 1 who tried to take 1 step to krishna, he takes 100 steps towards him. Now it feels like myth to me.

I don't want to go spirtual world by force And here life is screwed up.

I don't want to exist neither materially nor spiritually. I feel best thing that can happened now is that I die.


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  • Samrat Das said…

    You say that spiritual suicide exists - then prove your statement and please show the quotation from a bona-fide Vedic scripture that supports spiritual suicide. As mentioned previously, the only approved spiritual suicide in the Vedas is ordained for a degraded sannyasi who has broken his sacred vow. There is no other reference in the Vedas regarding killing one's own body through suicide. Please refrain from making false statements on such serious matters as you can mislead others into believing your concocted philosophy.

    • You talk on spiritual suicide is misleading because you are quoting His Divine Grace out of context, when he used the terminology 'spiritual suicide' to describe mayavada philosophy. You are not a mayavadi, the mayavadis are paramhamsas who strictly follow the regulative principles and study the Vedanta. The mayavadis were given respect even by Mahaprabhu. You are not on the level of a mayavadi so don't equate yourself with such exalyed paramahamsas. You are simply promoting a sinful act like suicide and trying to find some excuse for your fallen condition. Stop moaning, tand on your own feet and take your life seriously. Immediately take shelter of Shrila Prabhupada's books and chant 16 rounds and you will be given guidance by His Divine Grace from within your heart. Give up this useless mentality about suicide, it is simply cheap escapism and nothing more. regards, Samrat

  • http://www.iskcondesiretree.com/profiles/blogs/finding-shelter-in-t...

    an article by a devotee that may help. Probably one of the best explanations of very deep spiritual concepts. She gives perfect examples what happens when you are not one. When you are fragmented, fragmenting spiritual life and material life. And she is now function as a relative part of the absolute. Absolutely fantastic article.

  • friend. Does your spiritual leaders use the bathroom ever? maybe they leave the toilet seat up? do they eat? drink water? everyone is doing the best they can. You will find they are not so different from you. We idealize, it is what we do when we are seeking a difference in our self. You have to experience, it is trial and error. And there are failures and successes....or when you see it, just lessons. Whatever you went through was a learning experience. 

    Spirituality will in fact, beyond the "life is jail" thought, actually bring you closer to being happy. But being happy and content actually takes practice! whenever you leave an ideal/material item or anything else behind there is a period of withdrawal, characterized mainly by depression and anxiety.

    take advice, surely. But also pay attention to your own experience, because in the end...it is your experience. I had a teacher, a well known monk around here who eventually had to step down due to "falling down". I respect him even more, because it gave me the biggest lesson i needed.

    Many try to transcend the world, but end up with fat egos thinking they have transcended something. Possibly attaining some sort of peace and yet...they are still here. however, wanting to share that happiness is a natural part of attaining it. Where have they gone tho? where have they ascended to?

    The object of the age is not to be solely transcendent or to be solely materialistic. Spirituality has no point if you can not function in the world. Be in the world, but not be swept away by it.

    Judgement on others will only hurt you. And regret will only build self aversion. There is a huge difference between using a laptop and NEEDING to use a laptop.

    Seek God as you are fit and contnue your life. You will end up naturally unfolding and removing what is unnecessary and keeping that which is. You may be of best service with a job and some money to help others rather then sitting in a cave somewhere. Remember to honor your OWN experience.

    Much love,

    I hope i helped a little :*D

  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna

    Thank you for expressing your feelings honestly. This is a great step.

    I can fully understand what you have been going through. There comes a phase where one will be tested. I am not saying this just for the sake of saying. I am a voice passout and I know the in and out of it. 

    What went wrong ? - Balance 

    It happens that when we take up anything newly with enthusiasm, in the exuberance of emotions we tend to over weigh certain aspects disproportionately over others. Depending on our limitations, abilities, faith and interest we need to weigh everything according to its requirement.

    It is of paramount importance to maintain the balance of various aspects of life like - academic, physical, spiritual, social, financial etc. Even for brahmacaris. It is likely that you had taken up spiritual activities and neglected other aspects which resulted in set backs.

    But this does not mean spiritual aspect is wrong. What  was wrong was the disproportionate negligence of other aspects. This is happening again. At this point you are willing to neglect all spiritual aspects so that u can catch up with other aspects. 

    Career counselling from brahmacari --> Incorrect

    I can fully agree that this was a BIG  BIG mistake. Not only on your part. Spiritualists can guide us on spiritual aspects and not on career aspects. They may advise on career aspects when sought, but that advise can be accepted or rejected by the individual without displeasing anyone. If I have problems on medical, legal, financial aspects I need to seek the right people and do the right thing. I wouldn't go to a spiritualist for that problem. 

    Negative feelings - Curb them

    Harboring negative feelings about devotees and Krsna will not bring back lost time or give new heights in career. It is mind's trick of bringing us down. Devotees may not have been right, but now is not time to judge. Time to consolidate and get back in the path of life. 

    How to set things right ?

    Use intelligence to see all the aspects that make a complete whole of life. Making useless comparison with others means u r only seeing the materialistic aspect and u'll feel miserable bcoz ur share of pie in that aspect is too small. Stop comparison. save urself from it.

    Focus on career and be willing to work hard. Out of disappointment one can easily glide down to tamoguna and stop all endeavor. Now is the time u have to gear up to work hard. I am sure you have worked very hard for Krsna now u will need to put similar endeavors. Enthusiasm and determination are imp. There are many opportunities and they can click.Be patient till they click. Continue to endeavor. Don't be discouraged by small set backs.

    We can;t expect to be great millionares, but if we are able to have a decent life and able to take care of our responsibilities we can contend and be grateful. 

    Krsna will definitely help. U may not like Krsna, u may feel cheated by him, but because u have served Him, He will help u emerge form this. It wont be easy, but by Krsna's grace His devotees always emerge strongly on the other side of it. 

    This phase will pass. When it does we need to be back in Krsna consciousness with the right balance. 

    All the best !

    Hare Krsna

    • Nice... to the point reply.. Dandvat Pranaam Prabhu !!

  • stop telling your problems to community tell to radha rani she is so graceful and merciful that you cany imagine I believe she must be very sad for you and she said to me she wants to help you but all she is waiting for is you to come to her and cry out your pains to her from heart like you sre saying to community tell her what krishna did for yoj vhant her name in pain from heart cry for her if you do this the moment you this your problems will be hers I promise you
  • Jaya Girish prabhu,

    Thank you for your service to the Temple community and to the Lotus feet of Sri-Sri Radha-Krsna.

    Spiritual progress is never lost.  What you have gained is eternal.

    You are still very young, my friend.  I am 52, and I also was led away from a very big career for the sake of learning spiritual life.

    There will be so many other successes and failures in your life.

    Please do not blame devotees, or yourself, for this situation.  Others will succeed and fail around you regularly, just wait and see... The only eternal success is what advancement you can make while holding this very short-lived, and rare, human form of birth.

    Now that you have walked away from one situation, you are ready to face another.  There are no "do-overs" in this ever moving stream of Time.  Stand-up, dust yourself off, and see what you can do to progress materially.

    Always keep in mind the spiritual life your have lived thus far, and then slowly dovetail that mood into your new material endevours. 

    ys, BHR

  • Again I advise you tav katha amritam tapt jeevanam your katha is life of those facing difficulties in material world go listen to his katha he will listen to your pronlems I can promise this he is waiting for you to do this that's why I am answering you again with same answer and yes hold the lotus feet of shri radha rani she is oceam of mercy she will hel0 you tell her your problems pls do what I say if you want any result
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