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Hare Krsna!  All glories to Srila Prabhupada!  I was curious - I live in a place where there is no temple.  Now Prabhupada said it's nearly impossible to become a pure devotee without the association of devotees.  He also said spiritual life doesn't start till one gets a guru.  Can Prabhupada be my guru even though he doesn't have a body like ours?  Otherwise how can my spiritual life start without having a spiritual master in this  realm?

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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Srila Prabhupada had mentioned that he will continue to live in his books. We can get association of Srila Prabhupada through reading his books scrutinisingly. You will find answers to questions lingering in your mind at that moment. This has been the experience of many people. I wont be surprised if you dont get the same experience.

    Regarding association of devotees, you can associate online. Lockdown has given us this boon - we can associate with devotees anywhere in the world. Join any online group and try to attend their programs to the extent possible. 

    Gradually, Krsna will make your situation conducive to devotion and you will find devotees around you. 

    Have faith and persevere.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • Hare Krsna prabhu, Srila Prabhupada is our param acharya, what you can do is, worship his photograh or small deity , may be you can get it online and start addressing him as your spiritual master. Untill the time krsna or SP arrange association or initiation for you. and when you dont have assoction, books remain only option to get in touch with advanced devotees. When you read Prabhupad's purports you associate with him. Once your chanting turns into a quality chanting automatically you will get association of devotees. Or Krsna will send sincere souls to you. Remember prabhupad went alone to Tompkin's park in America and sang beautiful kirtans there and thus Krsna sent lots of sincere souls to his help. 

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