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    Hare Krsna  Aashi,    It is very nice to hear you want to do some spiritual activities and get others involved at school..

       I hope you are near an ISKCON temple that can help you with this.

    I was in India for some years and we would go to many schools and colleges doing programs.

       It was a lot of fun and the school kids really like it.

     The programs were for kirtan and class/discussion and questions on spiritual topics .

    We would bring some dry sweet maha prasadam for everyone.

       The teachers liked our programs and we made lots of friends.

    Some schools had regular programs with power point presentations.

      So please contact your nearest ISKCON center and see if they can visit your school too.

    Hare Krsna.

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      My humble obeisances!

      Yes, it is so nice to hear such like desire to share Krishna Consciousness with others!

      All glories to such like Devotees!

      Also kids love to play scenes i mean dramas. What if to choose some of them and play KC dramas and show it to other kids?! And also they like doll dramas. When actors are dolls in the hands of people in black costume. 

      Also there are many games like looking for Mother Sita, ...

      Lord Nityananda played many games when He was a kid. So we can find out those games. 

      Your servant, 

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