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  • hare krishna...all glories to srila prabhupada...

    we all are souls...part and parcel of the supersoul(paramatma or krishna) within our body...the size of the soul is explained in the vedas to be 1/10000 of a tip of a hair...its not conceivable to our blunt material senses...everyone of us,as souls,can get happiness that we are seeking for,life after life,only when we connect ourself to supersoul or krishna...just as every part of the body gets energy by feeding the stomach...soul is eternal,full of bliss and knowledge..


    soul is not a male or a female...male or female are simply bodies,external coverings...just as clothes are outer covering to our body...we dont identify ourselves as green shirt or red shirt....if we do,then we are,in the present condition we identify ourselves to be body..we thnk ourselves to be indian,american,australian and all...but we are soul..when we reach to this perfectional stage of understanding then we can get happiness...

    after reaching krishna lok we get spiritual body which is non different from the soul...because in the spiritual world there is no difference between the spiritual body and the soul...its one and the same...

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      Dear Sanjay,   Hare Krsna.      All the forms in the material world are manifesed by Krsna's external energy.  This inferior energy is called bahiranga shakti.    Likewise all the forms in the spiritual world are manifested by Krsna's internal energy.   That superior energy is called the antaranga shakti.   This internal potency is further divded into sandhini,   lhadhini and samvit potencies.   ie   eternality,    bliss  and    cognizance/knowledge.     These shaktis are Krsna's personal energies and they are called His swarupa shakti.    The living entities who are not directly part of Krsna's swarupa shakti are called jiva shakti  or tathasta shakti the marginal energy,    This tathsta jivas reside in both the material and spiritual worlds.      They are also superior energy but they are very small and have very limited potency.    They cannot manifest a material body what to speak of a spiritual body.  Nor does the soul somehow grow or expand into a spritual form of the spiritual world.    Only Krsna is non different from His body either in the matrial or spiritual world.    It is Krsna who agrees to become the transcendetal body and senses of the devotee so they can see Him and serve Him in an eternal loving relationship.    I  have tried to keep it not too technical so the beginners can understand.    Hare Krsna
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        Hare Krishna Jagadatma Prabhu,

        Please accept my humble obeisances!

        You wrote:

        Only Krsna is non different from His body either in the matrial or spiritual world. It is Krsna who agrees to become the transcendetal body and senses of the devotee so they can see Him and serve Him in an eternal loving relationship.

         where did You get this knowledge, could You please refer to some Shastras! Please, forgive me, just want to know more. i have never heard about this. It says that we are not different from Krishna qualitatively. it means that Krishna has senses, we have senses, Krishna's body and soul are not different, in this way our spiritual body and soul should not be different. the soul never had been created and there is no birth and death in Spiritual World. But taking a body means birth. we can say that taking a spiritual body we take a birth. something suspicious. i heard one senior Devotee told in lecture that our soul is almost is our spiritual swarupa but for the time very small. as like Krishna can enter into that soul in His eternal form, in that way we are also in our own swarupa even now.

         Thank You!


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          Hare Krsna Mataji,  I have been associaed with ISKCon a few year and heard from many of the learned and senior vaisnavas.    This is all from the shastras, I have read these things too. I'll try to give you some quotations.  

            Devotee: Prabhupäda? You said that spirit soul is one ten-thousandth the tip of a hair. In the spiritual sky, is the spirit soul still just that big?
          Prabhupäda: That is his constitutional position. Either in the spiritual sky or material sky, he's the same. But as you develop in the material world a material body, similarly in the spiritual world you can develop a spiritual body. You follow? Your position is that small particle, but spirit can expand. This expansion in the material world is being done in contact with matter. And in the spiritual world, that expansion can be done in spirit. Here in the material world I am spirit soul. I am different from this body because this body is matter and I am living. I am living force, but this material body is not living force. And in the spiritual world there is everything living force. There is no dead matter. Therefore the body is also spiritual. Just like water with water, water, that's all. But water and oil—distinction. Similarly, I am spirit soul, I am the oil. So I am in the water, so there is distinction. But if I am put into the oil, then everything's all right. So the impersonalists, they do not develop body. They simply remain as spirit particle. That is their idea. But we Vaisnava, we want to serve Krsna, therefore we require hands, legs and mouth and tongue, everything. So we are giving such body. As you are getting this body from the womb of the mother, similarly we get body in the spiritual world. Not from the womb of the mother, but there is process to get, you can get.

          Bhagavad-gitä 6.1
          —Los Angeles, February 13, 1969       Better you read the whole class and quetions. Was also in BTG

          Krsna's age, His transcendental bodily features, His beauty and His mildness are qualities pertaining to His body. There is no difference between Krsna and His body, and therefore the transcendental features pertaining to His body are the same as Krsna Himself. But because these qualities stimulate the devotee's ecstatic love, they have been analyzed as separate causes of that love. To be attracted by the qualities of Krsna means to be attracted by Kåñëa Himself, because there is no real distinction between Krsnaa and His qualities. Kåñëa's name is also Krsna. Krsna's fame is also Krsnaa. Krsna's entourage is also Krsna. Krsna and everything related with Krsna which gives stimulation to love of Krsna are all Krsna, but for our understanding these items may be considered separately.  NOD   26  

           So the entourage means all His eternal associates      The Gopis and the Gopas and the cows the yamuna and vrndavan are all Krsna's swarupa shakti.   So if you accept service to Krsna your present body becomes Krsnerised.   and with that Krsnerised boby subtle and gross the material ego is completely meted away and even in this world you will be in a spiritual body.   And in The spiritual world the form will be according to your own bhava.    There are so many points in shastra to make this clearer.    Brahma samhita has many.      hare Krsna

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            Hare Krishna Jagadatma Prabhu,

            thank You for Your reply, i understood. just i thought that all living beings almost have their swarupa.

             and again the philosophy of oneness  at the same time separate (how is it in Sanskrit - achintya a beda beda tattva?!) Everything is Krishna and we are separate personalities from Krishna.

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              Hare Krsna Mataji  yes its a little complex .     In the lecture BG 6.1  it is expleined that your present body becomes completely spiritual when fully engaged i Krsna' service.  Just as an iron rod is put into fire it becomes fire.   so your svarupa that you are the eternal servant of Krsna is realised and you can see Him in your spiritualised body.  So 'you almost have' is not incorect.   But when you enter the spiritual world you will attain siddha deha.    And that body you will never change.  That siddha deha is given by the internal potency.     Hare Krsna  it takes some time to understand.

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    Hare Krsna,  Dear devotee.   the soul is the living force that animates the material body.  It is consciousness.   The body is like a machine and the soul is like the driver of that machine.    The temporary material body may be male .female or both like some species of plant but the soul is non of these.   We take birth in some particular type of body here but there is no birth for the soul neither is there any death.  In this world the soul is changing from one body to another body life after life.    Samsara.  

    Attaining Krsna in the spiritual world the soul is given a spiritual body with which to associate with Krsna and all the other residents there.    This body is of the same spiritual nature as the soul.    Eternal, full of knowledge and bliss.  This spiritual body  has no old age , disease or death.

    • Hare Krishna

      Dear Jagadata Das Thanks for Your Reply

      I littlebid understand your message.

      Is the soul after entering into krishnalokha can get spiritual body ( or )our swarpa almost there?

      Is our swarpa almost there means how it will be alive if our soul is in there earth?

      Sorry if i anything asked wrongly

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        Hare Krsna devotee.   The soul is atomic in size.   Very very small. That is its swarup,  constitutional nature.  The soul is now covered by layers of material coverings.    You cannot see the soul with these eyes. It is invisible to us.  But we know its there by its symptoms.           Whem the atomic spirit soul enters the spiritual world He also requires a body to engage in some relationship  with Krsna and His devotees.    As there are so many  forms of life here in this world so there are also so many many forms in the spiritual world.     The devotee accepts  different spiritual forms in that place according to their own special relation ship with Krsna.   The soul always is atomic in size both here and in the spiritual world and you have to have a body either material or spirtual to engage in any kind of activity.  The budhists , impersonalist and yogis who desire to have no body and no activity nirvana are ignorant of the eternal blissful pastimes of Krsna.   They can only reach the impersonal brahman state at the best.  But they cannot remain there because they are not fully satisfied without having an etenal loving relationship with God.

        • Thank You Jagadatma das


          How to find out my relationship with Krishna

          Hare Krishna

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