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According to socialist & material activists service to the mankind is the service to the God.By doing something to the society they derive immense pleasure & satisfaction.So my question is what special feeling they find in social service that they don't find in serving the lord ?Service to the lord is the ultimate goal & gives satisfaction to our soul ,then why the socialists don't serve the lord ?

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  • Mahnotheism is what ISKCON is about! I'm just say-N
  • Impersonalism is worship & service to general public alsi voidism are shund* by iskcon's train-of thought. Personalisum is the whole point of Monotheism!? God is love & the highest intellect & much/imesherably more!
  • "Re-conditioned minds" to the concept/confadence that we can should & will be heard. We can and should try to serve God directly. What can serving the general masses offer in return for your support?
  • Only souls who haven't tasted the nectar of Chaitanyas Mahaprabhu movement fall down to render mundane service. We all want to serve anyway so why not serve Vaishnavas? Why not serve Srila Prabhupada,why not serve the Deity of Krishna,why not serve the Holy Name?
    Here is real nectar,and we can get it in due course of time if we really want it. Just like we get muscles by regular exercise.

    So to sum it up, one  servers mundane stuff because of lack of taste,or no experience of higher taste because of our own disinterest in such matters

  • Hare Krsna
    Mostly any person who is not a devotee is just concerned about himself.
    He has no idea how to satisfy the transcendental senses of Krsna which is the best social service.
  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna 

    What special feeling they find in social service that they don't find in serving the lord ?

    We have to make distinction within social service - Social service for body & social service for soul. 

    Social service for body is doing welfare for others' body and for one's mental satisfaction. 

    Social service for soul is doing connecting the lost souls to their eternal parents for Krsna's satisfaction. 

    Social service for body is material satisfaction but considered slightly higher than material pleasure derived by serving one's own mind/body. 

    To ans the question nobody finds any special satisfaction in the entire creation other than by serving Krsna. All other satisfaction are temporary and puny. 

    Why the socialists don't serve the lord ?

    Because of mistaken identity. Most people consider I themselves as body/ mind and see everyone else on bodily platform. Being situated in bodily platform people don;t care about soul or god. It is like I consider someone else's bank account as my account and deposit all my wealth in it. So my bank balance doesn't increase. Social service is also not bad but one should understand that it is not the highest. 

    Hare Krsna 

    YS Bharat

  • Hare Krishna,

    The results of social service are at once seen and very obvious. Bodily pains soon disappear and it seems suffering have gone, because of social service. Like giving medical assistance and patients getting cured at once. Poor children given education scoring high marks and getting job.

    But people will never realize that although temporary bodily suffering has gone , permanent soul suffering like anxiety, remains even though social service is done. I am working is an government organisation where everybody gets enough amount of salary but they are in anxiety what will happen to my promotion interview. Although everybody in my organisation is well settled they are still suffering heavily without even understanding they are suffering like worrying about promotion interview etc. Such a suffering is hidden and can never be realized easily. These type of suffering never go by social service.

    The results of KC is very slow and is not that obvious. The inner misery as detailed above completely disappears and will not be seen outside and will take time for the KC process to work out.

    While the results of social service is quick and obvious the results of KC is slow and hidden inside.

    But the main difference is, the cure for misery given by social service is temporary and after sometime the person suffers once again like old age , decease etc. On the other hand the cure for misery given by KC is permanent and ever lasting solution and is preferred.

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Mataji,


    Generally, people who do social service consider it the highest service, thinking service to mankind is service to God. They do not have knowledge of the soul (theoritically they may know, but no realised knowledge). I have met some such people and I found that they all are puffed up about their service, very very proud and forever talking about how much they have done for others. Contrast this with a devotee, he never flaunts anything - whether it is his devotion, or his service to mankind or to temple. He considers himself to be the lowest, most insignificant and therefore, he is never puffed up. 

    That is the difference between rendering social service and rendering devotional service.

    While doing social service, the results are immediate in terms of the number of people who show gratitude or the accolades one gets from society, whereas serving God means the results are much slower, there is no scope for hiding one's feelings or consciosness while doing the service and society is not fetting one. Thats why it is unattractive. Poeple may think - who knows whether anyone is noticing my hard work at all, after all there are no medals on the way.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

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