Significance of the Shikha

Hare krishna devotees....PAMHO.All glories to Srila Prabhupada.Dear devotees i have a small doubt about the SHIKHAS which u all devotees keep.Can you please explain me the reason why we need to keep Shikha because many of my friends tend to remain away from taking up K.C. or associating with the devotees in the fear that they will also have to keep it if they continue up there.

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  • Volunteer

    tel them that they need not keep one unless they want to keep it. One of the scientific reason that I heard is that the small portion of hair that hangs from behind our head applies little pressure on our brains that helps one to improve concentration and mind control and improve our memory.

    hari bol!!

  • Sevak

    Hare Krishna Prabhu

    Significance of Shaving head - It is a symbol of renunciation. If you see materialists, they are extremely fond of hair. Decorating hair etc pulls us into bodily consciousness. This is not good for practicing spiritualists. So as an indication of renunciation from material consciousness devotees shave head. In fact in tirupati hundreds and thousands of pilgrims shave their heads everyday, including matajis.

    Significance of shikha - It is a symbol of duality of souls and supreme god. Impersonalists believe that there is no duality between the supreme and the living entity and they are expected to shave their heads completely. Vaishnavites believe in the philosophy that there is clear and eternal distinction between supreme god Krishna and living entities. The shikha is symbol of Krishna which is large  and the remaining very little hair is the symbol of insignificant and innumerable conditioned living entity

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