Shri Krishna told me " Okay " in Dream

That was on 12th June 2015 Early in the morning around 3-55 I saw in Shri Krishna in Dreams.

i went to one Shri Krishna temple.... after pooja.. all are went away ....and am in front of god shri Krishna,
I asked god please clear my loans, please clear my loans.... please....... than shri Krishna smile and his eyes looks right and left.... move his head up and down with smile  stating Okay......or Yes... 
i got very happy in dream only Shri Krishna lesson my prayer and he spoke with me................he replayed to me........... suddenly i got up  That was on 12th June 2015 Early in the morning around 3-55 I saw in Shri Krishna in Dreams.
but my loans are still.................
Hari Krishna
Aravind .K

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  • hare krishna....

    krishna is withall of us don worry...he will make ur dreams come true......

  • Wow..dats amazing..u know..u r very lucky..dnt think too much . Just believe in kanha...he will clear all your loans definately.. Believe him dats it..
  • Volunteer

    Haribol Prabhu, all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    You were blessed with a dream of Krishna and you woke up remembering it, but being in the material world, it's not at all surprising that we still are afflicted by material anxiety. 

    Don't expect a miracle to happen and have the loan just vanish suddenly, as if it never existed. Be smart in your choices and start putting a little amount of your earned income towards paying of the loans. Krishna works in mysterious ways, and the way I understand Krishna's role in our life is that he only helps us if we are actually putting in the hard work. Using an example of my own - I wanted good grades back when I was in school. I would pray to Krishna on the morning of my exam (and a few days before) to either help me pass an exam or get an A in a course. Now, I didn't really study for the exams as hard as I wish I did, but I still expected Krishna to help me out. That's improper thinking on behalf of a a devotee. Anyhow, long story short - I didn't get the grades I was hoping for but I realized that it was my own laziness that was the issue. 

    Krishna will help us, of course he will. But don't expect your loan to vanish with no trace and don't expect money to come walking to you. Work hard, save money, and continue serving Krishna.

  • E-Counselor

    Hare KRsna Prabhuji,


    You are indeed fortunate. THe lord came in your dream and assured you. But that does not mean that when you wake up, you are free of all loans. It means that you work towards clearing your loans, you will be guided by Paramatma in your heart and the hindrances you were facing until now will quickly disappear. If they still continue to remain, then have full faith that the lord is looking over you and you should not be overwhelmed by your prayer. You should continue your struggle keeping the faith that the lord will guide you out of it.

    I recommend chanting. If you are not chanting as yet, please start with 4 rounds of mahamantra daily, with immediately effect. If you are chanting, then increase to 16. If you are already on 16, then strive to improve the quality.


    Your servant,


  • Hare Krishna Prabhu ji,

    I would like to share my experience with you..... When u see lord talking to u in ur dreams and  in his divine form then it means soon u will face lot of hard ship in ur life but on the other hand u will grow spiritually very well..... Lord Krishna is ready to take ur TEST.... have faith in him... soon u will be out the problem also.....My dear prabhu ji this is my personal experience.... I might be wrong also m just a beginner devotee......But the promise lord made to u is no doubt 100% true..... JUST CHANT AND BE HAPPY..

    ur humble servant 

    Amit Mehra 

    Hari Bol

  • Hare Krishna Aravind Prabhu!

    You  certainly is a blessed person because you dreamt Krishna. That is the most important than your material world loans. His 'yes' means enormous influence in your life. Your devotion and service to Krishna mean a lot to you and it is your turn to understand and realize the real meaning of your dream. 

    With my very small fund of knowledge I would like to tell you that the loan you have is a resutl of expenditure of  many days or months of years. To get rid of the loans, you need to give some time so that you can become debt free. Nothing happens instantly. So, your strong believe and love for Krishna will take care of everything in course of time. Krishan always wants to see you happy and peaceful.  Please be patient as you have been calling Krishna with deep love, faith and patient. 

    Hare Krishna!

  • Fortunate one,

    You saw Krishna! He spoke to your heart.

    Have faith, and start praying for steadiness and clarity for your mind.

    Krishna does not often do "magic".. and then our problems are gone!

    He is already planning your way-out.  Look for the opportunities He will try to give you.

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