Should I try to make people realize about lord?

Hare Krsna Prabhuji / Mataji,


Sometimes I feel a guilt that I am not making people realize about God near me. And when I try to do so, they don't even properly listen. Am I doing it in a wrong way? Should I keep trying or simply stop it? 

This is very important because this makes me feel that I am being selfish but when I try I get very much disappointed. I consider myself to be useless. 

Please help.

Hare Krsna.

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    •  Hare Krishna prabhu ji,

      How are you? You removed ur radha naam post or it got removed  just wondering.

      Last time we spoke in another question which you asked here, and you told that your parents are good devotees and your other family members who are  staying with you relatives are not so into bhakti. They are materialistic and some pray and go to temples only for getting some temporary benefits. Isn't it? If I am not wrong.

      So, those who worship demigods for instant results for them to make them realize that everything is coming to them from Krishna and Krishna is Supreme Lord and thru His grace only even demigods are directly working and discharing their duties and offering results of the karma done to please demigods. You may show them. this verse from Bhagwad gita

      I am sure everyone believes in Bhagwad gita. The word of Krishna. 

      Chapter 7: Knowledge of the Absolute

      TEXT 23
      antavat tu phalam tesam
      tad bhavaty alpa-medhasam
      devan deva-yajo yanti
      mad-bhakta yanti mam api
      antavat tu—limited and temporary; phalam—fruits; tesam—their; tat—that; bhavati—becomes; alpa-medhasam—of those of small intelligence; devan—demigods' planets; deva-yajah—worshipers of demigods; yanti—achieve; mat—My; bhaktah—devotees; yanti—attain; mam—unto Me; api—surely.
      Men of small intelligence worship the demigods, and their fruits are limited and temporary. Those who worship the demigods go to the planets of the demigods, but My devotees ultimately reach My supreme planet.
      tvam adi-devah purushah puranas
      tvam asya visvasya param nidhanam
      vettasi vedyam cha param cha dhama
      tvaya tatam visvam ananta-rupa
      (Srimad Bhagavad-gita: 11.38)
      “You are the origin of all the demigods, the eternal Personality of Godhead and the sole refuge of this universe. You alone are the knower (of everything) and the knowable (all that is to be known). You are transcendental to the modes of material nature. Oh Lord of infinite forms, the entire universe is pervaded by You.
      yo yo yam yam tanum bhaktah sraddhayarchitum ichchhati
      tasya tasyachalam sraddham tam eva vidadhamy aham

      (Srimad Bhagavad-gita: 7.21)

      “I (as the Supersoul dwelling within their heart) make firm the faith of any devotee who desires to faithfully worship any of the demigods (as all demigods are forms of Myself).
      yanti deva-vrata devan pitrin yanti pitri-vratah
      bhutani yanti bhutejya yanti mad-yajino ’pi mam

      (Srimad Bhagavad-gita: 9.25)
      “The worshipers of the demigods go to (the plane of) the demigods, the worshipers of the ancestors go to (the plane of) the ancestors, the worshipers of ghosts go to (the plane of) the ghosts and those who worship Me come to Me (My supra-mundane abode)”
      Show such verses to explain them

      See first you must be equipped properly to answer all the queries, otherwise they wont trust your knowledge.
      Anyways, they are doing worship to demigods indirectly their worship is going to Krishna only. But  It is better the do directly take the name of Lord which is most beneficial in dark ages of Kali.
      Take the name of Nitaai and Gauranga and proceed to reach out to spread Krishna bhakti.  You may face initial opposition, but slow and steady proceed. While preaching you must be calm and composed, You cannot shout and fight. You are going tolerate all insult done to you also. We can put forth our opinion to take it or not to take it , it is in their fate. try your luck. They are your own blood relatives right? You mama ji or phufa ji. or kaka ji. They will listen to you. 
      As they are relatives they wont take you seriously, that is  how it is. Familiarity breeds contempt. They will think okay choti muhn badi badi baatein. humko sikhane chala aaya. This all will be there.
      Just take it easy. If you preach outside there are instances when people tried to abuse and insult and hurt preachers on roads.  But they did try hard even when people misbehaved. But this is ur own family so you can surely try preaching them  first. If you can convince them., then you can go preaching out.
      =>>There is a saying -- One should try to win in the house first, then they can go out to win the world. 
      You have people you can try on. You have learn preaching skills on them it is a great oppurtinity to learn the skills.  Think in that way.. That you are learning skills of preaching trying to be convincing, rather then 
      trying hard to preach and teach and change. If change happens then you are lucky you can go ahead to start preaching. Srila Prabhupada small books are good gift books and ask people to read it when they are free. Only when they are trying to listen to you. Not just simply handing the books and they throw it in some corner and forget.  First yoru words should be convincing.
      Little Prahalaad also started preaching his own father first. then he went out to preach his friends at school.  You can try convince with ur relatives if they make fun of you also you will not mind na? as they are afterall your own relatives.

      All the best. Frist try at home preaching winning hearts. they wont surely going to hit you at max. they may say.. choti muhn badi badi baatein. etc.

      Hare Krishna.

      • Hare Krsna Mataji,

        How am I ? 

        Currently I am not well from yesterday. I have body pains and fever from yesterday evening, just on bed chanting the holy name of lord. And I am in great trouble as my mother is not allowing me to fast tomorrow on Radhastami but I want to. Should I obey her or try to convince? Please answer. 

        The Radha naam post was deleted by me because I felt that I was being stupid and emotionally driven and hence I was worried and finally deleted it. But I have the transcendental knowledge noted down in my book which was provided by you. Very much thank you for that. I also got to know many things related to that. 

        I would like to share a incident which happened yesterday afternoon and which made me very much happy. And this is mercy of my lord, he cannot see me being disappointed and depressed. I was able to show the path of krishna conciousness to one of my classmate of 12th who just called me to know how I am ? He said that he was practicing meditation but on breath and then I tried to explain him that what meditation actually means. And then why are we here, what is our goal of human life etc. He just very easily accepted that and was more interested. He even asked me some links from where I recieved this knowledge. He just understood and even started sharing his experiences where he felt lord's mercy. I was very much happy by that. It was easy to convince him. May be because he was trying to be spiritual. 

        In my past, I was able to convince my cousin brother and now he sends me links of lectures of krishna conciousness. He sends me many bhajans, many lectures of devotees, Prabhupada quotes etc. Recently he was asking who is gauranga? And I have send him amogh lila prabhu link about Gauranga mahaprabhu. They make me very happy. I feel blessed to talk to them. Our talk is mostly spiritual. It was like just to show them path. In my home, it is very hard but my grandmother started chanting even though not mahamantra but she started chanting Ram. And when I talk something about Krishna conciousness and benefits of chanting mahamantra, then she even starts to chant mahamantra, but it is for sometime only. I actually don't even talk about spirituality to some of my other family members as I know they won't understand even though how much I try. Instead of that they would scold me in return. But my mother, father, grandmother they are somewhat convinced. I even explain this to my little brother but he scolds me in return. But even though I keep trying when I get hope. I just want every being of this world to become devotee (don't know why).

        In 12th I used to try to convince one of my classmate but till now he doesn't accept it. But even though I keep trying foolishly. It is easier for me to talk about Krishna conciousness to people around my age group rather than the one who are elder to me. 

        I asked this question because I used to think about this from my 1st year in KC to till now. As I used to stop myself from preaching, because I had many negatives than positives but I failed to stop myself. I don't know why but I again start doing it. 

        I have heard from amogh lila prabhu that when someone starts arguing and doesn't even try to understand then we should leave that place in a mood of anger.

        But one time a far relative came to my home and started discussing about my bhakti life. He got to know about me from somebody else. And his words were not at all appropriate. I was getting angry from inside but I had to control myself and stand near him till he went as a matter of respect. I was not angry that he was saying me bad but when he said who is the one making you involve in this things ( He told this in a very bad manner). I got just got extremely angry from inside that how dare he talk about devotees in such a way but I controlled myself. I felt I have committed Vaishnav Apradh by hearing that and staying calm (There was no other option for me even). And thought that I should make KC limited to me. But I failed and again started preaching. Few incidents like this have made me to ask this questions and I would even like to know what shall I do in such a case. 

        Thank you for your answer mataji. I would try to show and make understand about the shlokas you have suggested to my grandmother as she prays demigods. 

        Thank you, 

        Hare Krsna 


        • Hare Krishna prabhu?

          hope you are recovering. You can do it RadhaAshtami celebration with half a day fasting with milk, banana, apple and dry fruits, even dates. They are all healthy foods, and they are more energy giving and just avoid grains only till noon na? its not a big deal. This fruits and milk, dates will keep you full. I know I have seen it. I do Ekadashi vrats usually with these items. I dont feel hunger at all. Tell your mother also to do it. You can tell her that these foods are more nutritous. once in a while for a half a day if you break regular breakfast ( which is usually for north Indians, paratha, puri etc) they are very oily stuff and max. potato is there in them. Educate them on nutirtious foods. and say you are not doing complete upvas.  In fact it cleanses our system and makes Liver function more perfectly. 

          Next is if someone is criticising any vaishnavas and doing vaishanava apradh, you should just leave the place.  Just think in mind , may Nitaai save him from this aparadh.

          You know in Jagaai Madaai case who were totally brasth ( completely fallen) brahmins and doing all sorts of sins. Nityananda prabhu took a step ahead to make them devotees by even getting hurt on his head. the cruel people even hit stones at  Nityananda prabhu and blood was flowing, when Chaitanaya Mahaprabhu came to the spot. HE after seeing Nitaai in such a condition He was moved and He started to curse these Jagaai Madaai also. But Nitaai holds the Lotus feet of Chaitanaya Mahaprabhu and begs forgiveness from Lord on the behalf od Jagaai Madaai and Stops Chaitanaya Mahaprabhu from cursing and inturn Nitaai went to Jagaai and Madaai, and a just begged them to take the Holy name of Lord one time. pls. say one time Krishna Say one time Krishna Say one time Krishna. if you don't like to say Krishna just say Nimaai Say Nimaai ( Nimaai is childhood name of Chaitanaya Mahaprabhu (CMP)) so he begged them. They just said it for Nitaai was literally begging them. As soon as the said Nimaai ..they felt bliss. totally surrendered. Ofcourse Jagaai Madaai are none other then Vaikutha Parashads.. ( Jaya Vijaya) but the technique of Preaching is taught here by Nityaannda prabhu.  

          Nityananda Prabhu is very very merciful. Even CMP and Krishna can be harsh but Nitaai will forgive all mistakes. If  someone says bad about Vaishnava.. Don't fear. that you will get sins of vaishnava aparadh. The one who said it  ( the mouth which did a Vaishnava ninda is going to suffer). It is said to leave the place immediately where such things are happening. But Only great Nityananda prabhu is so merciful that HE didn't care for HIS personal loss. You know we as neophytes we fear that oh man., if i sit there here the ninda of vaishnavas, my credits will also go and I will get vaishnava aparadha. But who is so selfless as Nitaai? He simple begged Jagaai, Madaai the demons, to recite one time Krishna naam.. achaa .,even if you are not able to say krishna he pleads one time say nimaai.

          And ofcourse if one says Nimaai/Krishna one time itself. The Lord became merciful and accepted them as devotees and heart changed immediately this is because of the presence of Lord and nitaai at that spot.  We are normal people we cannot preach like that.  That really requires guts and also our Bhakti should be very very STRONG to preach in that way? and who will go out of the world and hold the feet of other and ask pls. say one time krishna thats all and I will leave the place?

          Yah this is not so easy. We have to have zero ego to do this act. If we ourself feel hurt or angered we cannot act as what Nitaai did.  Chaitanaya Mahaprabhu even made.., a muslim say Krishna name. He just said Okay no need to accept our religion or accept any thing. Just say Krishna one time and I shall leave. Because in this dark ages of Kali even if you say one time Krishna name you are saved.  That is the mahima of Kaliyuga. So, Lord said Just say it and that Muslim jokingly said Krishna not one time he said 3 times. HAHHA this is how The Lord brought change in all. We are not so great and merciful. But ofcourse. Neophytes if they go out preaching also, they face such instances where the other person is not at all listening to the words also. They just leave the place and just ask them to say one time Krishna name to save them from Kaliyuga prabhava and from hell. Being merciful But the person if he is not willing to say it them they just leave them to their fate. 

          Preaching is an art. Those who can convince one person also na., they get the credits and progress in bhakti faster. This is more then chanting for many many hours.  You get referal benefit from Lord Sri Krishna. :-) Special referral benefit scheme.

          You know that is why Sri Narad Muni who is a perfect Devotee a Mahajan though a uttama Adhikari still., goes out to preach Lord's holy name to triloka and does this act of charity of spreading Lord's name.  What Sri Narad Muni does? remember how he transformed the sinful Ratnakara to a great sage Valmiki.  How? you must read to tell me. These stories and leelas show us preaching techniques applied by great personalities Like Nitaai and Narad muni., how they changed people. Ofcourse we cannot be them but we can walk on the foot steps of great people. 

          Out of causeless mercy Nitaai anad Narada muni go out  to preach in Gaura leela also Nitaai always was accompanied by Haridas thakura and Srivaas ( who is Narad muni) and they used to sing glories of Lord and they just chanted Haribol Haribol and just kept on saying haribol haribol.. even those who listened to Haribol Haribol ...without their knowledge started to say Haribol our of curiosity, flukely without intention. That is how they all spread Lord's name.

          Nargara sankirtan which they did just going about in the city as group doing bhajans and shouting HARIBOL HARIBOL transformed many. See if someone is saying Krishna Hari haribol. so many times we ourself will also say it without intention also. isn't it just as a catchy rhytm. That is how we spread name of Lord.   That is more then enough 

          If someone is not at all listening to your words. Just ask them to say Hare Krishna one time or Haribol when they say it they are done. Lord will take care of them. One time bol diya na hogaya ab usne Krishna ke Bhakti account mein khata khol diya samaj jana chahiye. And go away. Never lose ur patience , never get angry, never lose shout or show any resentment. Simply smile off and leave. Thinking apna kaam toh hogaya. Naam uske mukh se aagaya ek baar. chalo.

          Hare Krishna. 

          • Hare Krsna, 

            Thank you mataji. I am really pleased to know that account of bhakti just starts by chanting haribol or Hare Krishna once, wow that's great. I can make everybody in my family to do this very easily. Even if I think about past it is done with everybody. 

            And yes I know how Narad Muni transformed Ratnakar to valmiki ji. He asked a question to Ratnakar whether his family is going to share his sins? And he thought they will do it as he is ultimately doing the sinful activities in order to feed them. But even though in order to confirm he asks this question to his family members and even his wife with other members rejects it. And hence he returns with dissapointment back to Narad Ji and asks him how he can be freed. Narad Ji suggests to chant the name of Lord Ram but as he was so sinful he was not able to chant it. Hence Narad Ji suggests him to chant mara mara ... And as he started chanting, it started to sound like Rama Rama and hence he chanted the name of lord for many many years and got enlightened. He transformed from Ratnakar to Sage Valmiki ji.

            Hare Krsna 


            check this too. Some good points being told. how to preach and whom to preach.

            Hare krishna,   The ninth offense is to preach the glories of the holy name of God to a faithless person who is not interested in hearing them.” Does…
            • Hare Krsna mataji, 

              I understood by reading this that I was trying to preach to some envious persons hence it was even making me depressed and those who just listened me properly were innocent ones. But now I have understood that where should I preach and where should I make people to just collect agyat sukriti by some or the other way.

              Hare Krsna

  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna 

    This is very important because this makes me feel that I am being selfish

    This is very natural for any sincere practising devotee. 

    when I try to do so, they don't even properly listen. Am I doing it in a wrong way? Should I keep trying or simply stop it? 

    Preaching or sharing of Krsna consciousness is not like news reading or sharing some post on facebook/whatsapp. It is a very divine service or infact the most divine service. Lord Nityananda Prabhu's mercy is required for any success in preaching. Ideally it is to be done under the guidance of a senior devotee. When we do under the instruction of a senior devotee then we get empowerment from parampara and mercy of Lord Chaitanya transforms the hearts of people. It requires purity and blessings of devotees. This is not to discourage you but just to answer why it may not work even though we want it to work. Krsna is the supreme lord, spreading of Krsna consciousness happens the way Lord Chaitanya desires, we can only be his servants.

    It would be better in intial stages to do Srila Prabhupada's book distribution which contains the highest gift. Let people read it for themselves. Whoever is fortunate will definitely appreciate it and begin practice of Krsna consciousnes eventually if not immediately. When doing book distribution, you need not give them voluminous books which they may not read or understand. You could give them a small book of Srila Prabhupada in which SP focuses on most essential aspects of Krsna consciousness and gradually describes the philosophy. Elevation to Krsna consciousness and On the way to Krsna are excellent starting points among Srila Prabhupads books. 

    Please keep up the enthusiasm, when the right time comes, Lord will surely engage you in this special service thoroughly. 

    Hare Krsna

    • Hare Krsna Prabhuji,

      Thank you for your advice. I generally don't have association of devotees offline ( corona is a big reason) but even though I try to get it online. Surely their mercy will help me so much. I would try to get their association after my last exam on 3rd October. And distributing Srila Prabhupada books is a great idea and would try when I become capable.

      Hare Krsna 

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