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      I remember something that Prabhupad had mentioned.. 

      When one gets attached to something, its Maya.  When I got to work, I am suffering but you do not think its suffering because you may be making lots of money.  You are away from your family, you work hard during the day and sleep at night.  There is lots of anxiety but you think you are enjoying because you are making money.  One day you die and where is money?  You come in this world with open hands and you go from this world with open hands.  You are not enjoying!

      "beautiful world",  this is Maya,  this world is for suffering, suffering because you are away from Krishna.  There is only suffering in this world.  This world is not beautiful, its an illusion that is here and will be gone tomorrow.  There are other worlds, planets, galaxies, "one better then the other" but they all are illusions.  Here today gone tomorrow.  The only constant is Goloka Vrindavana.  Krishna is the Only enjoyer and all else are the enjoyed.Brahma-Vishnu-Maheswar are all his creations. They are from one but are not the same.  Krishna is worship able by all.


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  • A similar question was asked from shiva purana reg.Lord Shiva's superior position to HH Bhanu Maharaj in chennai.

    Bhanu Maharaj said straightforward - "We don't accept it".

    Thats all i know and can tell.

    • Don't accept refers that we don't accept that purana.
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  • Hare Krishna,

    As you might be knowing that there are 18 Puranas. To reclaim all these conditioned souls in different varieties of life, Vedvyasa (literary incarnation of Krishna) has done divison of the Puranas. Six Puranas are meant for those who are in the modes of goodness. And six Puranas are meant for the persons who are in the modes of passion. And six Puranas are for those who are in the modes of ignorance.

    Lord Shiva is the formost Vaishnava. He is in charge of the souls in mode of ignorance. One should never think that He himself is in mode of ignorance due to His vesha or dress. He is only next to Lord Vishnu.


    so Shiva is Guna Avtara of Krishna Himself. The difference between Sri Krishna and Lord Shiva is just like milk and curd. As milk can become curd but curd cannot become milk. so to attract the people in mode of ignorance Shiva Purana sings the glories of Shiva and adress Him as Supreme Lord. But Lord Shiva himself in many other puranas accept that He is always chanting the holy names of Supreme Lord. You can see any picture of Lord Shiva, He is always meditating.


    I hope it helps.

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