shirdi SAI BABA's existence

hare krishna to one n all.

before starting i would bow to the lotus feet of the ALMIGHTY.

dear devotees,

i am a student  studying at jaipur. its just  7 weeks ago when i started going to the akshya patra organisation to attend the sessions of SOS.

i am learning a lot many good things from there.

before going there i was and still worshiping SHIRDI's SAI BABA. its through His blessings on us by which my family lives peacefully and in a life worth living.

i am not exaggerating Him. i am simply saying truth.


what i actually want to ask and discuss over here is:

1) is it good and correct enough to stop His preachings which i have been doing ? is it correct to forget what all He has done for my family, and  just go only for KRISHNA MAHA MANTRA CHANTING?

                     i am no one to say anything about the LORD KRISHNA. He is the Supreme of all.

But SHIRDI SAI BABA was HIS incarnation as being told to me by my elders.


Don't you people think i will get greedy and will actually betray Sai baba if i stop his prayers.


2) LORD SAI BABA never said that people should worship Him ..... it was by the miracles which He did in all over His life. He knew BHAGVATA GITA, VEDAS, QURAN, BIBLE at a very early age of His life. He spread the message of Humanity and celebrated all the festivles.

He lead a very simple life wearing only a kafni(a white jhoola). 

Isn't He the incarnation of the Supreme LORD KRISHNA HIMSELF.





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      • hare KRISHNA 

        thanks Gaur-gadadhar das  prabhu,

        i have joined this forum yesterday only.

        i did not know about these links. i will surely visit them.

        hare krishna..

        • Society usually follows the Rat race concept. People just starts following someone without any rational basis, understanding or any sastric evidence. There are so many so called man made God in today's society. In today's society there is a big misconception that Sai Baba was one of the God. I am sorry to say but blind faith cannot lead to perfection of this human form of life. Let us follow in the footsteps of our acharyas and understand the philosophy on the basis of Guru, Sadhu & Sastra.


          Not to offend anyone but just trying to represent the message as instructed under Gaudiya Vaishnavism.

          • i agree that there are no written evidences of LORD SAI BABA in the shashtras....

            But i m just focusing on the fact ,what all He did in His ... His teachings..... His message of "faith" and "patience"... His Leelas to be present at many places at one moment....

            i am not saying anything from my own mind,,,,

            these were told  [ and written in SHRI SAI SACCHARITRA(hemand pant),] by the people  who had actually spend their life with BABA Himself , and experienced the infinite  miracles in those years.

            we can neither challenge nor deny His presence as a Godhead itself..

            Hare Krishna.. 

            • It is very categorically clear that performance of miracles does not make a person God. The description of god's features and activities are endowed in the vedic literatures & this Hemand pant he is not authority on the Vedas so how can this SHRI SAI SACCHARITRA be a genuine vedic literature. I dont want to challenge anything but simply trying to establish the truth on the basis of vedic evidences that he is not God. Vedas are not meant by some mundane scholars or some philosopher (It is written by Vyasa deva himself, who is one of the incarnation of Lord Vishnu himself).


              Nothing is dependent on some blind faith or some sentimental approach to vedic philosophy. We are simply supposed to follow in the footsteps of the acharyas who are connected to bonafide parampara of disciplic succession.



              • bravo.I liked that explanation

                hari hari bool

            • Hare krsna prabhuji, dandavat,

              when we chant Hare Krsna Mahamantra sincerely then Lord Krishna Himself reveals everything and unfolds many truths in life. so jst have faith in the holy name


    • Volunteer

      HareKrishna, Aishwarya


      It is always recommended that one must speak on the bases of SADHU, GURU & SHASTRA. One can share his/her realization with others but when time comes for giving judgement than it must come from above three authorities.

      Read more : Spiritual Quest

      hare krishna aishwarya ji..

      thanks for your reply.

      you have not hurted me, infact taken me out of a delusion.

      i totally agree with you..

      but i see LORD SAI BABA's image in all the gods,,, i consider Him personally my everything .

      He is all...

      • hare krishna prabhuji,

        it was my pleasure..when i was introduced to Lord Krishna in iskcon i strted finding everythng related to him(his pastimes, gita )..but when i took a book of Prabhupadji and read increased my vision and i strted respecting him more..and now if m nt making any mistake,, i see prabhupadji present between myself and Lord..he is the one who connects me to i also see prabhupadji in all images of lord Krihsna who is spiritual master of millions and has changed my and many lives..

        other devotees might better comment than me but i jst shared my experience... 


      • Hare Krishna Sapan ji,

        I do not want to hurt your feelings but truth is that miracles does not make someone God.

        Sai Baba was definitely a yogi or peer baba.But saying someone Supreme personality of Godhead is a great offence against the God. There are no proofs of his being God. If some magic can make anyone God then Yogesh Sarkar in UTV is doing better magic. We cannot accept him as God because we know he is professional magician.

        You have been told by elders that Sai Baba was an incarnation of Lord Krishna. What is the proof? Did he claim it? Even our elders have not read any authentic scriptures. They are following what their mind says. Why do people visit Sai baba's temple.. because they feel their diseases will get cured, they will get material wealth.

        Nobody goes there for Krishna Bhakti which is the actual goal of life as per all the authetic Vedic scriptures.

        You are telling that he knew bhagavad gita , Quran etc ... The one who know Bhagavad Gita properly declares boldly and believe fully that Krishna is the supreme personality of Godhead. No one can be equal to Him.

        Quran says if someone is God then ask Him to create a living FLY.. it is not possible for magicians to create LIFE. I am not denying his capability to cure people. These are sidhis. Many people can acquire it(obviously not like us) but it is not a very big quality to possess these siddhis.

        But still it is your free will to worship him or not. When actually Krishna does not stop anyone from doing so then who am I to say anything.

        But Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita "Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear."

        So you won't be greedy actually but will be accepting the truth.

        Also if you believe that Krishna is the supreme personality of Godhead then why not worhip Him only... why to worship His so called incarnations whose proof of being God is still in question...

        Even if he is Krishna(though not possible) then also if you worship Krishna then He will fogive you :).

        Keep attending Secrets of success..for real success...


        Hare Krishna



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