shirdi SAI BABA's existence

hare krishna to one n all.

before starting i would bow to the lotus feet of the ALMIGHTY.

dear devotees,

i am a student  studying at jaipur. its just  7 weeks ago when i started going to the akshya patra organisation to attend the sessions of SOS.

i am learning a lot many good things from there.

before going there i was and still worshiping SHIRDI's SAI BABA. its through His blessings on us by which my family lives peacefully and in a life worth living.

i am not exaggerating Him. i am simply saying truth.


what i actually want to ask and discuss over here is:

1) is it good and correct enough to stop His preachings which i have been doing ? is it correct to forget what all He has done for my family, and  just go only for KRISHNA MAHA MANTRA CHANTING?

                     i am no one to say anything about the LORD KRISHNA. He is the Supreme of all.

But SHIRDI SAI BABA was HIS incarnation as being told to me by my elders.


Don't you people think i will get greedy and will actually betray Sai baba if i stop his prayers.


2) LORD SAI BABA never said that people should worship Him ..... it was by the miracles which He did in all over His life. He knew BHAGVATA GITA, VEDAS, QURAN, BIBLE at a very early age of His life. He spread the message of Humanity and celebrated all the festivles.

He lead a very simple life wearing only a kafni(a white jhoola). 

Isn't He the incarnation of the Supreme LORD KRISHNA HIMSELF.





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  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji

    you may worship SAI BABA but you must not consider him as supreme personality of godhead.he is not greter than krishna. you must first worship  radha krishna,then you must worship gaur -nitai,sita ram 

    & other incarnation & vishnu tatva,then you may worship srila prabhupad; then you may worship demigod,pure devotee's of krishna... after at last you may worship sai baba as devotee of lord. sai baba is powerless until krishna is not there,krishna is "sarva karan karanam' the supreme cause....

    sai baba is just a a devotee he is not even equivalent to demigod;he is not a tattva

    he is a jiva..... ido not want to hurt your feelings ...

    in bhagvad gita krishna explains  'bhakti yoga is the best' sai baba did not follow the path of bhakti but of ashtanga yoga.....These are sidhis. Many people can acquire it(obviously not like us) but it is not a very big quality to possess

    these siddhis.He had spread the message of brotherhood. In His whole tenure , He regularly says, "SABKA MALIK EK",  that God Is One. &that is true that malik refers to krishna .jesus was his son, Muhammad was his messenger.....

  • Sapan prabhu Hare Krishna,

    I'll tell you a simple doha I use to recite as a kid donno though what script it belong to. It goes this way


    so to conclude worship KRISHNA as taught by your follow your faith......and chant the MAHAMANTRA.......

    JAI HARI!!!

    His servant
  • thanks Prakash ji,


    Problem is not doubled, I just don't understand why people have doubts regarding LORD SAI BABA.

    We did have people among us till early 80s, who had spent their life moments with the SAI BABAji Himself. Please understand, HE was not simply a magician who could cure people's diseases , but was an incarnation of the ALMIGHTY Himself. Also , I am not forgetting my prime duty  to chant hte HARE KRISHNA Mahamantra.


  • Volunteer

    Prakash Prabhu,

    Yes agreed, a yogi type of person, similar to Shirdi Sai, who was also a simple yogi type. Very good analogy, yes someone who can bring back to life has to be greater than someone who can just cure diseases. I got it now.

    One difference though. Shukracharya never claimed to be God. Shirdi Sai said not to follow any guru from a Math, instead that we must follow ONLY God. When followers questioned as to who they must follow, Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva? Then Shirdi Sai Said,"Hey Saitan, Dont you see ME? I am here", referring to himself as God.

    Prabhupada referred to all yogis, claiming to be God, as Rascals. Anyone asking to be worshiped is not only NOT God, seriously, is a Rascal as Prabhupada would call him.

    • Shirdi Sai Baba is a mystic yogi, but its also well known that he himself was inclined on chanting the Holynames of The Lord, be it Allah or Rama.

      So, he is a special yogi who can grant some material boons, but its my belief that he being a devotee of One God brings his followers to a little higher level of spiritual realization (not necessarily unto Krsna).

  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    I see you really covering all your basses prabhuji... lol

  • Volunteer

    Prakash Prabhu very nice comparison and explanation why Sai Baba is not God.

    Why go that far?

    Even take demoness Putana. She could fly like a plane in the sky and could transform herself into a beautiful woman resembling Goddess Parvati when she came to kill Krishna. She had many other powers, far more than Sai Baba, and yet she is not the supreme!



  • Hmm... Interesting post... I am getting enlightened by the mercy of you so many Vaisnavas out here.

    Though I never worshipped nor visited any Sai Baba's Temple either Satya or Shirdi. (And never will). But, I had been too much fed-up with these Sai followers for cheating innocent people and taking them away from true shelter of Lord Madan Mohan (The enchanter of cupid). That's why I found this post interesting.

    One USA newspaper made a very remarkable news (for Indians) in some 1970's that: INDIA HAS BECOME A FACTORY OF GODS. huh!
    • One USA newspaper made a very remarkable news (for Indians) in some 1970's that: INDIA HAS BECOME A FACTORY OF GODS. huh!........... very true.... Thats why , we people are Humans, and not animals.

      People in majority, in USA , eat whatever they  find (eg. crab, snake, snail, etc). One of those Gods is LORD KRISHNA HIMSELF.  How can you being a follower of KRISHNA, make mock of such statement.

      We do have and MUST  believe in the varoius GODS AND India. I am proud of this fact, and do not feel ashamed ... Also , some people have their firm faith in LORD RAMA, some in GODDESS DURGA, some in LORD SHIVA, some in GODDESS KALI some in LORD SHANI etc etc etc,. One can neither stop them and should not try even to do so.

      What is more required in todays world is pure heartedly praying , having firm faith in the ONE you believe. Unfortunately, this is becoming low day by day. People have become inhuman and go around doing all insane activities round the corner of the world.   If one is happy, in praying any GOD or GODDESS , with pure faith and devotion. then he is on the right path , which will take him to the eternal state.

      Please understand, ITs LORD -the ALMIGHTY HIMSELF , Javing Supreme , Supernatural powers, Omnipresent, all where, .He just Has different names by which HE is recognized, and makes His followers, and devotees realize of HIS existence.

      I am just mentioning of LORD SHIRDI SAI BABA, . Nobody is forcing you , and will never tell you to visit any such temple.

      Rather getting fed up and saying us cheaters, do make a research, and read the Biography of the LORD SAI HIMSELF. after that make a decision.By believing LORD SAI BABA , we are not taking anyone to any delusion. We are doing our duty.



      • Hare Krishna Sapan ji,

        Keep attending SOS classes if possible.  It is painful to get involved in arguments and counter arguments over the matter of your belief. You can visit Shirdi Sai Baba temple freely but if possible keep chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra as well. my suggestion is just delete this complete thread otherwise your sentiments will get hurt and instead of loving Lord Krishna you may end up in disliking .. which will be a great great loss for a sincere soul like you. May Lord bless you.

        Hari Bol

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