I want to know about shaligram. Can I use any shaligram shila for drinking holy water. Do all shaligram shila can be used or only few varieties can be used if few then please tell which varieties

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  • hare krishna .... all glories to srila prabupad.

    mataji what u have asked is serious. saligrama is found only on the river bed of gandaki is a holy stone wher

    Krishna himself has told he resides in there. saligrama is not to be SOLD OR BOUGHT for must either be passed down successively in the case if u planning to have one at or home please remember u have to be double care full not to offend Krishna present there.u have to conduct puja everyday.u cannot eveen miss a single day without pooja or else u will have dosha. and yes u can have abhisheka water of the saligrama everyday...... but PLEASE DONT BUY OR SELL SALIGRAMA.

    • Hare Krishna

      What I know about from my parents is that Shaligrama Shila (especially) should not be even touched by woman.

      Not sure how true it is or if there's any logical reasoning behind it.

      But I kind of believe in few things that has been passed on from generations and so I never personally touch the shaligrama shila.

      All other deity forms of Lord can be touched by woman.

      (Some women even don't touch Hanumanji murti as he is Brahmachari)

      Please forgive me if my statements above offends devotees in the forum. I have no intention of offending female devotees here.

      Just trying to know more about something that I have partial knowledge about.

      Jai shree Krishna

  • Volunteer

    oh no Mataji, Shaligram Shila is God Himself we should not use Him for our own service what to speak of drinking water.

    How is it possible? 

    I am sure by mistake You told shaligram shila it might some other thing You are talking about no?!

    Your servant, 

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