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    adiyen would like to put forward the essence of chanting in focus again. As Srila Prabhupad mentions about chanting the Hare Krishna mantra and its efficacies, similarly chanting the verses in sanskrit has its own potency. Reciting the same verses which Sri Krishna himself has uttered from his lotus lips is essence of joyful experience. Our purvacharyas have always focused on reciting the verses initially ( like one word 3 times , 2 word 3 times , 1 sentence 3 times , 2 sentence 3 times , 1 verse 3 times , 11 verses 3 times etc .. 700 + verses in one stretch )  .. Just as one puts focus on reciting / chanting the mantra ( sound vibration ) , similarly one has to put immense faith and be careful in reciting the verses in sanskrit keeping mind what panini mentions about improper pronunciation of shabdhas and finally praying for offenses committed in recitation.

    • Thank you for your reply prabhu ji, yes I struggle with pronounciation sometimes, so is there a particular prayer for asking forgiveness, or just simply speaking to the lord and apologising?

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  • The verses are potent with the original Speaker's potency (Lord Krishna). the translations are potent with the Spiritual Master's potency(Srila Prabhupada). As simple as that

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  • why is it better to hear gita from krishna than from rishi valmiki

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    Gita was originally spoken in sanskrit. Bhagavatam was written in sanskrit. It is supposed to be the king of languages. Reading the original is purifying for the soul, even if the body does not understand the language.

    Besides, its easy to pick up. Once one starts getting the hang of the subject, then one realises that the meaning of the shloka is clearer. We did one exercise once - we memorised the sanskrit shloka and the word to word translation both, and realised that we remember the sanskrit shloka word by word, but do not remember the translation word by word.


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    • Thank you for your reply mata ji :) 

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