Russian Ban on Geeta: A blessing in disguise?

Duryoudhana may have thrown Vidur out, he may have brought about the battle of kurukshetra; the truth is; it was all the idea of Krishna to get rid of an unwanted population through the battle. The Russian court case is just another Lila of krishna.  

Krishna is the reason behind reasons. There could not have been a better way to spread Krishna consciousness movement than this Russian court case. Every news paper and every news channel is blowing the news of Russian ban on Bhagwat Geeta. It is so very pleasing to see Srila Prabhupada and Krishna on every news channel these days.

Every person now wants to know what is there in Bhagwat Geeta, people are curious to know about what is there in it which can be called extremist literature?. They are reading it and getting the mercy of krishna.  This has spurred the sale of Bhagwat Geeta all over the world. Devotees are on the roads chanting and praying for the cause,  non devotees are getting blessed by hearing the holy name of krishna .

Srila Prabhupad would always say "whatever be the controversy the good thing is  Krishna is at the centre of it" . Credit  should also be given to Russian devotees for spreading krishna consciousness movement so much so that people are getting involved in it day by day. The flow of krishna consciousness is hitting Russia like a rampant ravaging river. There are so many countries who have temples, people don't even know about it. By the Russian court case so many Russians are visiting the temple and reading Srila Prabhupada books to know what is in it that has brought two countries at some tension. The storm has hit the Indian parliament and the ministers are talking about Bhagwat Geeta being made a national book. 


Krishna is kind to Russian devotees. We were doing Govardhan Parikrama in the year 2010 and suddenly a troop of over hundread devotees came from no where and when I asked who are they?  the voice came: Russians. Every time I went for Vrindavan parikrama I saw Russian devotees around me, even when I went to a shop, I saw the couple and I asked "where are you from? They said "Russia".

May krishna bless all the people involved in the court case and about the result the truth is: " Yatra yogeshwar krishna yatra parth dhanurdhar ..........Victory is ours

Hare krishna

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  • Hare Krishan Prabhu


    Wonderful post. I second your thought. Also, on the same lines, I felt this Russia issue has brought all the ISKCONS (Especially the ones at Bangalore) togather. As most of you might know that in Bangalore we are fighting a court battle between Mumbai and the Madhu Pandit 's ISKCON. When non-devotees hear this issue in Bangalore, they hear the same message from both the ISKCON groups. I was just trying to see the positive side of this.

    However, I am also stunned and felt bad to hear that in the entire history of mankind no other religon or group was discriminated like this. You cannot call a particular religon's book with such comments. On one hand, if the same thing was called to a Muslim community's books, do you think the Russian Government would have lived to see the light of the next day.? I doubt it. This goes out to tell that we are extremely tolerant.

    Just expressing some thoughts.


    Hare Krishna


  • Jai Ho ! 
  • Waiting for the day Krishna consciousness spreds to every house and streed one day

  • really amazing !!!srimad bhagwad geeta marathon ki jay !!!

  • hari bol.... i was also thinking in the similar manner y'day.

    thank you very much for enlightening.

    Hare Krishna

  • Dear Aniruddha Prabhu.....u have written in very one would have thought of it in such a positive manner....Hare Krishna.....

  • awesome anu prabhu nice work pamho..

  • Thanks all...for more KC articles pls read

  • HK


    Completely agree with you Prabhu.

  • Hare krishna prji

    amazing,mind blowing........there is no word to glorify your article.....
    Thank you so much prji for writing such nice article.........

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