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A little less than 2 months ago I gave up meat entirely. In 1997 I stopped eating red meat. In 1998 I stopped eating chicken. Earlier this year I gave up turkey. In May of this year, fish phased it's way out of my diet. In June eggs were the last meat product to go. Now I'm considering garlic and onions since devotees have explained to me that it's considered a stimulant and goes against the regulation of no intoxication. I'm having a difficult time understanding that. One sweet devotee told me that it throws off the hormones and it's too strong for the senses in taste and smell. I have been a strong advocate for garlic in the past and I've used it excessively in cooking. I've also believed that it has many benefits to the health and works as a natural antioxidant. 

I humbly request for some clarity on this subject.

I thank you in advance for your precious time.


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  • Onions and Garlic are tamasic in nature just like tea, coffee and other intoxicats. If one consumes onion and garlic ; the sexual drive in a person is enhanced thereby one will not be able to focus on bhajan effectively


    • The link that you provided has nothing to do with the subject. Are you sure that is the link you intended?

  • As a side point it is interesting to note that according to the Hadith the Prophet Mohamed abstained from eating onion and garlic. When asked why? He responded "I must face and speak to the messenger of God (Jibril) - I do not want to have foul breath, the result of eating onion and garlic."

  • "From the Puranic Encylopedia by Vettam Mani (under CANDRA VI.), (Kamba Ramayana, Yuddha Kanda and Bhagavata, Astama Skandha. Kamba Ramayana is a Tamil text by poet Kambar):"

    This text, "Kumba Ramayana" is not accepted by Vaisnavas. We only accept the Mula Ramayana of Valmiki and no others. While the Puranic Encyclopedia contains a lot of good information it also contains quotes from bogus texts like the foregoing and others like Devi Bhagavatam as well as others. So you need to be able to identify which texts are genuine and which are not.

  • Beans should be soaked in water over night and the water thrown out in morning, then they should be brought to a boil and that water also thrown out. This removes the offending sugars. Then with fresh water the beans should be cooked with the addition of hing which greatly reduces flatulence as well as ginger which is a carminative.


  • garlic can not be used as medicine. There are other plants that have the medicinal qualities that garlic has and should be taken instead. According to ayurveda EVERYTHING has a medicinal quality if you know what it is. That includes the flesh of various birds, animals and fish. So just because something is medicinal doesn't mean we should take it. Search for a sattvik substitute.

  • If you read 3rd chapter of the Gita Krsna says that His devotees only eat yajna-sista -- food which has been offered in sacrifice. That means sattvik food that has been offered to Krsna and in turn becomes prasadam.

    It is not a question of brahmana or sudras. A vaisnava no matter from which community they come from will only take Krsna prasadam -- pure food that has been offered to Krsna. Therefore that leaves out onion, garlic, mushrooms, etc what to speak of meat, fish and eggs.

  • hare krishna

    infact, my relatives  here in india do not also eat much beans because they say its difficult to digest and causes vayu or odour. But i think its relative,since some people can digest it.

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      Hare Krsna,


      What I know is that it is advisable to not eat beans or chick peas in the night for obvious reasons. Otherwise I have seen beans being cooked for Maharajs in ISKCON and they are freely offered to the deities and eaten in India.


      Your servant,


  • No Prabhu, beans are same all over. Even Indian beans cause gas : )

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