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  • I am married for a long time now, I love my husband a lot but he doesn't believe in God, and calls himself an atheist. And makes fun of me because I have started believing in God. We live in a way sins happen all the time. I ask him to not do this but he says some facts which I can't control. We live apart many days. I can't feed prasadam also. I tried to find a lot of mantras that I can change on his behalf or do a path on his behalf so that he gets rid of his sins and realizes God. I want my children to learn but there is a science environment at our place. Help me. 

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  • E-Counselor

     Hare KRsna Mataji,


    Very nice to hear that you are resolute to continue devotion despite opposition from the closest quarters. Family members and friends of a devotee are future devotees. Yes, initially there will be resistance. Eventually, either they come around or let us do our own thing. How soon they will come on this path or even whether they will come on this path at all is dependent on how we behave with them.

    Do not ever look down at their practises in words or behaviour.

    You have to demonstrate with your behaviour how chanting and other angas of devotion are benefitting you. You have to become a much calmer, content and happier person. Family being closest are sure to notice, That is the best way to convert them.

    Do not preach to them. If they show curiosity, give them bite sized information so that they are able to process it. They will come back for more when they realise that you have helped them. Everyone faces some or the other problem. Tell them at that time this chanting has worked for you. Why dont you try it? Maybe for short period, the duration of their problem. Then if they want to leave, dont force them. 

    Make them read Srila Prabhupada's Bhagavad Gita to understand why life is unfair to them or why they are facing so many problems. 

    There are magazines like The Spiritual Scientist which explains in scientific terms the principles of spirituality. You could do search. Hear lectures of HG Radheshyam prabhu. He has written lot of books as well Buy them and keep near where they will pick reading material. 

    As already mentioned, keep feeding prasadam whenever you can. Do not even call it prasadam, call it mood fresheners. 

    Lots can be done mataji. Please stay connected.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD


  • Hare krsna, Please accept my humble obeisances,

    It takes time for making non devotee people -devotee. First, make sure you become good devotee and then it wont be difficult for you to convince him. All big devotees initially have faced relatives, parents and societal pressure and later when they became pure devotees, everyone follows them. The thing is material people in the end are attracted to divine qualities. The question is how can you transform his heart, 1 is by serving him well, then whenever you get chance, offer him prasad. In the home always play kirtans and lectures to purify the atmosphere around you. Ambience plays huge role, for increasing smaran have pictures of radha and krsna at home. 

    If he makes fun, dont argue or discuss spiritual topics just tell him its matter of individual faith. Another thing is whenever hes around secretly perform spiritual activities such as chanting, kirtan, artis, intiially non devotees dont like anyone doing bhakti because of their demoniac nature. You can give him good books like journey home/ BTG magzines to read. If he reads any prabhupads book he will be a devotee soon.


    • He doesn't read them. And he stays away for work. And whenever I say something he says he will leave and then I can live happily ever after. I wanted to know if there's any paath I can do on his behalf, if there is, it can be of great help. Thankyou for replying prabhuji/mataji.

      • E-Counselor

        Do Nrisimha Kavacha. Lord Nrisimhadev removes obstacles in our path to devotion.

        • Thankyou mataji, hare Krishna 

      • You can do vishnu sahastra nam path and ram raksha stotra path for changing situation. Apart from that performing abhishek in vishnu and shiva temple and offer prasad to bramhins in temple. 


        • Thankyou hare Krishna. I will.

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