• Hare Krishna mata ji,

      Krishna counciousness is just about pure love and devotion for Krishna. In day to day life many time parents scold or beat their kids to not to do a particular thing but they wont stop. But when a mother takes her child in her lap and tells with love why should not he/she or do that .. the child understands it and follows too.
      Same way Krishna is father and mother of all jivas including plants and animals. He does not like humans to kill other children of Krishna unnecessarily. He accepts even a leaf, flower or a fruit when offered with devotion. So all devotees who really want to get the eternal Love of supreme Lord Krishna only eat Krishna Prasadam. Krishna never accepts non-veg, food containing onion and garlic so there is no question of a devotee to eat them.
      In simple words if you are really willing to win the pure love of Krishna then please stop eating non veg at one go and not slowly slowly ... If possible please prepare something nice for Krishna and offer it to Him and then eat.. It is a practical solution to control our tounge. As Shobhna mataji suggested some really practical things .. adopt them in your life .. chant nicely.. you will see the real magic of chanting very soon.. :) . Please forgive me for any offences done unintentionally done towards you.. Hare Krishna
      • Dear Amit Ji

        Iam really greatful to you for your valuable inputs . I totally agree with whatever you said .I will imply this. Actually one of my friend also said the same thing .....and it reduces to 85% ...only 15 % is remaining i think i will be able to do it .

        Thanks a lot again .


    • Krishna likes patieance mataji, it wil go off automatically. Jai shree radhe
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