As the title says it all, I like share my toughts without be offensive I hope. 

I hear this phrase over and over when I am amoung devotees. I wonder why.

Out of the scriptures like Purana and certainly Bhagavad Gita, Krishna(and Krishna in many, many other forms and disguises)tells over and over that the knowledge is lost about God due time and succession. And that is why Krishna tells Arjuna again all what He told so so many times. 

I know that in some lectures Prabhupada told that many rules and regulations he did not tell us yet (altough he use lots and lots references in his books) because if he did he said, we can't follow or get distracted. So why is it that devotees keep telling me that purana's are 'not important' and Gita is? 

Fact is, the purana's and all other scriptures are is the Gita in TL;DR version (too long;don't read) people are way too lazy to read them(I use the term lazy, because there is kala aka Krishna or time who eats your bodily condition until you have to leave your body, but in fact you have given all the time to get closer to God, you just like to watch tv, sport, or other non Krishna things that's all!). The purana's are often said to me, only like Bhagavad purana is important. AHEM?! Did you not read all the glorifications in all other purana's of The Lord? Krishna is speaking many many times in other purana's as well. Fact is, people like to (like swans) get only the essence of it and only the pure nectar. That's good in one way yes, but still there is a but. If you not know why you do things or what was the cause of all of it, you are just like a parrot or monkey who copy paste things and not realize the essence. it is called Krishna conciousness not for nothing! The many battles wich are given in the purana's are just a long prequel to the big war at Kuruksetra. Newly devotees or Krishna intrested people only read the Gita like; wait, this big war, was out of nothing?! The many wars before that in the many other kalpas and even yuga's until this war were kinda related. The end of kali yuga will also be a war. Until than always war, no worries.

But why is that? Who is behind it, not nowadays silly Putin(putana...) he is just a smal minion of the play Krishna is dealing with. All the quarrel between demons and demigods we suffer all the time. Only loophole is the Maha Mantra and get in the process of Bhakti yoga and become selfrealised. 

So back on track, 'but we follow Prabhupada you know...' my toughts are; there are so many things to think of in the purana's, principals to follow. The basics and such like 16 rounds yes... but that is not sufficient. The grace of Lord Krishna is not bought by any principle or round or offerings. If Krishna shines mercy upon you, you are saved. Of course you can be clean and make your soul closer to God by all sorts of priocesses, wich is good. You behave and shines in and ouside at the end. But still many, many went to Vaikuntha just because... just because! Even demons who killed by Krishna or sinners who just once chanted with sencirity the names or name of Krishna! So many stories to read about that in purana's. 

Point is; yes Prabhupada set things in motion for us and told us what to do and don't to do. Just know that if you follow a certain path to perfection, the rest you (out of false ego) cast of as nonsence or unimportant or even blasphame it. And Krishna out of His mercy comes again and tells us again what He has told.. but we with our silly little minds say;"ono ther He is TL;DR!!!! and we run away to our spiritual master who said; leave this, that, thoose only do this and that, because otherwise you get too much and you get deluded or distracted. TREU! But still why does Krishna than comes over and over tells the same very long stories to devotees of Him? I say Krishna is a very VERY patient teacher. We kids play around and not study anything He just said, only take like swans the most likeble things WE like to hear and can follow, the rest wich is too difficult,..nah... just cast it of. So sad.

Yes I'd like to hang around too, yes I liked to do other things too sometimes, yes I am deluded by the fact that money is important to pay the bills(rent and so on) but is all that time not wasted? YES it is! Like I said, Krishna is Kala, but kala is in fact also illusion, because it is bound on the 3 modes of nature and matter. Whilst the soul is never-ending! The body is, but all your merits and demerits move along to the next body until you finally get it or Krishna shows mercy upon you. So it is nonsence you say study the purana's or other scriptures where Krishna is speaking too much takes of your time.. uhm. YOUR time?! Time is property of Krishna! Because from time comes matter and all matter is property of Krishna! 

Like I am in lectures always stunned that in your experience the one who gives lecture, talks slowly and about many many things while the messege is simple, chant Hare Krishna! More he or she does not tell in fact. That is the essence of every lecture. So why take 1 or 2 hours of your time to tell that? Because Krishna tells you that! Funny is why people like to watch television for a hour to a serie or a movie or news? It is not very important at all. Sometimes there is a hidden lesson in wich can relate to Krishna(well always is becaue everything is Krishna!) But indirectly, so why not directly read the purana's and all stories about Krishna and His devotees what they did and or found out? 200~700 pages books every day a few pages or chapters is as much fun as watching tv or gaming or calling a friend. Ontop you get directly contact with Krishna. Because every letter in holy scriptures is direct call to Krishna!


Hare Krishna!


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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    I was wondering no post from you for few days, all ok? Glad to see you have posted. 

    To answer your question, if you so desire, please read all the Puranas and Vedar, Itihas and tell us also. There are 4 vedas, multiple puranas.(I think 108). Puranas are divided into mode of goodness, mode of passion and mode of ignorance. Some Puranas glorify Durga, some Ganesh, some another demigod. The way the glorification happens, one gets bewildered. Then the basic of who is God will also be in question. There is also the added tension of authenticity. How do you know it has been translated from sanskrit to English properly? 

    Therefore we follow the tried and trodden path shown by our acharyas. It is also and expression of our faith in their words, what is to be done and how much. If you are fond of reading, there is enough literature in our sampradaya to last more than a lifetime. Once you are done with all books of Srila Prabhupada, GIta, Srimad Bhagawatam, Chaitanya Charitamrta, read commentaries of acharyas and goswamis. Nowadays there are a lot of translations in English by HH Bhanu Swami Maharaj. Brhad Bhagawatamrta, Sad Sandarbas, GOpal Campu, Tapanis....the lot. 

    Happy reading. Choice is yours - what would you like to read?


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • Well. Man. 

    While reading Bhagavatam today.. I got a message in there. I do my menial boring Job ( I am a security guard) Yes. The most boring job in the world. MY eternal occupation. HEH. 

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