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I came to know a little more about the demons that have possessed me they are not hindus they are christians and they don't respect krishna and any other God when I showed him the photo of kaal bhairav he spit on it and tore it apart he believes in Christ and virgin mary and christian God also when my parents made me drink ganga jal they didn't resist they made me drink it normally they make me blaspheme vaishnavas and makes me do sins thinking about Goddesses of our religion I feel ashamed as I have no control over my body and my actions I told them I will go to a saint vaishnava baba ji who lives in vrindavan he laughed and said he can't take me away from you don't think it is my mental illness and not possession because it has killed 10 calves in my house with same illness I have cows. I can't chant krishna naam to drive them away as it is naam apradh because of blasphemy also I can't chant hanuman chalisa as they always keep my body impure no god will help me as I blasphemed vaishnavas only vaishnavas can help me please tell me what should I do this demon is christian 

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  • Hare Krishna ,

                If you cant Chant the maha mantra Outside loudly , Constantly 24/7 chant the mahamantra in the mind

    or just say Krishna ,krishna,Krishna,Krishna Krishna ,... in your Mind

  • along with all the above, do physical exercises, running, yoga, pranayaam (breathing exercices) ..Sri Sri Ravishankar's course is helpful 

  • Hare Krishna, don't worry if you have done wrong, world will not end for you. There might be issues in your birth chart which make you more prone to haunting and mental disturbances. You need to work in two areas parallely , spiritually you need to work on your self to get mercy of Lord so that you can be delivered from this haunting plus you also need to work on your psychology to control your mind. 

    Please meet a good astrologer to get your natal chart checked properly plus also follow any remedies suggested by them.

    For spiritual growth , develop a humble and fallen attitude. Consider yourself to be servant of the servant , go to any ISKCON temple, touch your head down to the floor and say Vaishnav pranam and ask mercy and forgiveness from all Vaishnavas in your mind and heart , you can remember all vaishnavas in your mind whom you had blasphemed. Then give dandavats to Prabhupada and Lordships. Do this regularly. Slowly you will get courage to ask forgiveness from all the vaishnavas personally. But do remember not to repeat this mistake again. Pray to Lord Krishna residing in you heart in form of Parmatma to protect you and to guide you. 

    Chant regularly on beads and also in your mind, pray to Lord Krishna continuously in your mind. Also meditate on Parmatma in your heart to protect and guide you.  

    • Thank you prabhu

    • Oushade Chinthaye Vishnum, Bhojane Cha Janardhanam, Sayane Padmanabham Cha, Vivahe Cha Prajapathim. Yuddhe Chakradharam Devam, Pravase Cha Trivikramam, Narayanam Thanu Thyage, Sreedharam Priya Sangame, Duswapne Smara , Govindam, Sankate Madhu Soodhanam, Kanane Narasimham Cha, Pavake Jala

    • Think him as Vishnu while taking medicine,

    • As Janardhana while eating food,

    • As Padmanabha while in bed,

    • As Prajapathi at time of marriage,

    • As Chakra dhara while engaged in war,

    • As Trivikrama while on travel,

    • As Narayana on death bed,

    • As Sreedhara while meeting with the beloved,

    • As Govinda while tossing with bad dreams,

    • As Madhu sudhana while in trouble,

    • As Narasimha while in the forest,

    • As Jala Sayina while fire is ravaging,

    • As Varaha while struggling in water,

    • As Raghu nandana while lost in a mountain,

    • As Vamana while on the move,

    • And as Madhava while doing everything.

  • 1. Donate a cow to a poor brahmina and take his blessings.

    2. Seek shelter of the vaishnava whom u blasphemed. 

    3.Then stay in nearby temple daily most of the time.

    4. If you can't chant  you can hear continuously Mahamantra chants alternating with Hanuman Chalisa. You are not doing any aparadh.  God is the same for all. Christains muslims or any religion is all man mad. God is the same and is only one. Like sun is only one.  You see the reflection of the same sun in different mirrors. 

    5.Its all in your mind. If you have will power u can overcome anything.  If you feel you did some serious vaishanava aparadh then sincerely say sorry to that person and take his blessings.

    6. lastly, Do  Sudarshana Homam at home if possible taking the help of elders. It removes all these kinds of evil.

    Hare Krishna.

    • Mata ji this evil spirit has made me blaspheme many vaishnav as whom should I surrender to?

  • Hare Krishna!!! Wow!!! The reason the demons don't leave is because you have already convinced yourself that you cannot get rid of the demons. You have to change your mind-set. Humans are much stronger than ghosts and demons. It sounds like you want others to get rid of the demons for you. It doesn't work that way. You have to do these mantras yourself. Yes, you can force yourself to do these mantras. Yes, it will be difficult but you have to do it anyway. Stop making excuses for yourself. You are stronger than the ghosts and demons. Man up and do all the mantras.

    • Ok thanks I will try to

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