Radharani cursed ?

It is said that Radharani was cursed by a cowherd friend of Krishna that she will have to descend to the material world when Krishna descends. However when Krishna descends then Radharani descends anyways then what is the point of the curse ? How can Krishna perform His pastimes without Radharani so she anyways had to descend. I request you to guide me with my query.

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    This excerpt is from the Brahma-Vaivarta Purana. I'm not entirely sure about the translation, but for the actual curse:

    101 After hearing Her words, his lips trembling in anger, Sridama cursed Her: Go to the womb of a human woman! 

    102 You are angry like a human woman, therefore become a human woman on the earth! Mother, I have cursed You. Of this there is no doubt. 

    103 You will be eclipsed by a part of Your own shadow. The fools on the earth will say you are the wife of a petty king. 

    104 That petty king will be a partial incarnation of Lord Hari. He will be a great yogi born in a human womb because of Radha's curse on him. 

    105 In Gokula You will attain Lord Krsna. You will stay with Him in the forest there and enjoy pastimes with Him. You will be separated from Him for a hundred years and then You will attain Him, Your Lord, again and return with Him to Goloka. 

    (source: http://radha.tribe.net/thread/e93efe04-39ec-475d-bf17-8a88e387adb8)

    From the text, it seems like it's only once. But we don't know much about Krsna's pastimes in other universes to say something definitive. Even if they are separated, it would be to increase the love between the two, because when separated the highest feeling of love for the other is achieved. 

    This is off topic, but I couldn't resist: 
    I also found this from the above link, 

    "92. Brahma's lifetime is an eye-blink for Lord Krsna. " which means that Krsna is always simultaneously in the material and spiritual world :D 

    • Hare Krishna .Pranam... I too have not across any thing saying that the curse applies for every universe... and it is very certain that  by experiencing the separation,Radharani was actually closer to Krishna than being in direct physical contact with Him.... Who is there to describe and understand Krishna's pastimes?  Everything he does has a sweet purpose and a great message.....


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    The story of Srimati Tulsi Devi: http://www.iskcondesiretree.net/page/the-story-of-srimati

    I suggest reading chapter 2: http://www.iskcondesiretree.net/page/chapter-two

    This should hopefully clear up any doubts. But to give a quick answer - Sridama was attracted to the cowherd girl Viraja and wanted to marry her, but he did not do so out of fear of Srimati Radharani. 

    I remember reading somewhere about Krsna consoling Sridama who did not want to leave Krsna, and Krsna said something along the lines of this being his mystical leela. And Srimati Radharani also felt bad for cursing Sridama, but Krsna said not to worry since Sridama will come back as quickly as he left (because of the time relationship)... but I'll look around and see where I read that. My apologies for not having a more authentic answer. 

    It's nothing but Krsna's divine pastimes for the benefit of his dear devotees :) There is always a larger picture in everything Krsna does, which is one of the reasons I love him so much ... He's brilliant haha :D

    •  Hare Krishna.Pranam to veryone....i agree with Radhe prabhu....Krishna is such a brainy and we cant help but to simply admire him for that. Well, the book "Radharani" has many pastimes of Radharani and ya, Her marriage with Abhimanyu is also mentioned there vividly.

      About the cursing and anger, it is just a shear plan of Krishna to bestow his special mercy upon us, and His pure devotees like Srimati Radharani and Sridam Gopa fully assist him in accomplishing His mission...Anyway, if this pastime had not occured, then where will there be a chance for us to serve Tulasi devi and thus satisfy Sri Krishna? we can't render our service directly to Krishna...it is always through his devotees and Tulasi devi (formerly Viraja gopi) is one of the great souls. Pure devotees of the Lord are willing to do anything to help the fallen souls. The most recent example, is Srila Prabhuapad, who left his beloved Vrindavan to preach Krishna consciousness all around the world.....Few hundred years ago, on the command of the Lord, Srila Jayadev Goswami and his wife, Srimati Padmavati left Sri Navadwip to serve the Lord in Puri although they were so sad to leave Nawadwip...

      Thus, the pure devotees always act in favor of the Lord and fallen souls without considering about their needs and wants....

      "Stories from the Puranas" by H.G Purnaprajna das is also another great book with many wonderful pastimes from the scriptures....


  • Dear Dhameshvari Mataji

    Hare Krishna

    Dandavat Pranaams !

    Thank you revealing one more wonderful pastime of Radha-Krishna.

    Does this book "Radharani" also tells about why Radha was married to "Abhimanyu".

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      I suggest reading this page (a transcription of Bhakti Charu Maharaja's lecture):


      There are tons of fabulous pastimes told in that lecture. It's very ecstatic to read :)

      This excerpt may be able to answer your question:

      So how do we justify that Radharani was married to Abhimanyu.

      It doesn’t matter who ever is married to, in Vrindavana everyone is Krishna’s devotee. And Krishna’s devotee will never try to enjoy Krishna’s wives. So they knew that although wives are actually Krishna’s, even though they were married to them they never touched them. And that is how one becomes purified within their heart by hearing Krishna’s pastimes. They don’t think how Krishna behaved.  But they think how the residents of Vrindavana behaved. And they did not have any inclination for any kind of sense gratification.  As long as you have desire for sense enjoyment we remain stuck. So in order to go back to Vrindavana can you maintain your sense enjoyment? In order to be elevated to Vrindavana one has to be completely free from all kinds sensual enjoyment.

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    I haven't heard that specific curse. I have heard the one that Sridama gave to Srimati Radharani - that she would, for 100 years, have to be separated from Krsna. 

    (This is the Vrinda story, where Sridama became demon Sankhachuda and Vrinda also descended and married him .. She later became the Tulsi plant)

    • hare krishna. Pranam. yes, Radharani was in fact cursed by Sridham to be separated from Krishna for 100 years. According to the book "Radharani" written by Bhakti Purushottama Swami, there is a sweet pastime that took place in Goloka Vrindavan many many years ago.

      One day, Krishna was enjoying the association of the gopi Viraja. Radharani suddenly appeared on the spot.Both Krishna and Viraja did not expect this. Viraja turned herself into a river ( this is the river Viraja that flows in Svetadwip) and Krishna disappeared. Feeling dissapointed, Radharani returned to her gunja with her associates.Then Krishna and some of his cowherd friends including Sridama went to her cottage.Krishna simply stood outside and as usual our hero played the role of a humble, submissive lover. Vrajeshwari Radharani did not even want to see Krishna. Some of her friends were consoling her to meet Krishna while others were telling her not to.They were angry at Krishna'a misbehaviour towards Radharani.

      Radharani started to chastise Krishna badly.Sridham advised Radharani to forgive Krishna and accept him. Due to anger caused by her unalloyed love for Krishna, Radharani was not convinced. She chastised Sridama, saying that he has no idea about true love. She cursed Sudama to be born among the demons who hardly believes in love and hwo have almost no emotions.

      In return, Sridhama chastised Radharani for being so hard with Krishna and thus cursed her that she will be separated from Krishna for 100 years.

      Well, its true that with or without the curse, Krishna always appear with the circle of his dear devotees. But then again, this is just another sweet pastimes of the Lord.Being separated from Krishna, Radharani tasted the highest level of Prema, Vipralambha (hankering due to separation)....which even Krishna wanted to taste....and for that reason he appeared as Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu  to taste the love of Shri Radika (RADHA BHAVA) towards him. when he saw Lord Jagananath in Puri for the first time, he displayed the signs of reunion with Shri Krishna.....

      According to Bhakti Rasamrta Sindhu of Rupa Goswami,separation from Sri Krishna is the topmost level of Madhurya rasa (love and devotion to Krishna in conjugal mellow).It is even higher and better than uniting with the Lord.

      Hope this clarified a little of your doubt. Like what Radhe prabhu said, Shankachuda then married Tulasi devi by the arrangement of Lord Brahma. Full details of this story can be known by reading the TULASI - SALAGRAM VIVAH pastime or or THE BIRTH OF TULASI DEVI. What we must always remember is, the pastimes of the Lord and his devotees are for the benefits of us and also for us to understand the compassion and love of Sri Krishna towards his devotees. We can also understand that also being the Sarveshwar, Bhagavan Sri Krishna loves to be under the control of his pure devotees,like his beloved Radharani.


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