Radha krishn ka Prem

I am trapped in a very dangerous situation. Pls help me. I don't understand what to do? Let me explain. I am a neophyte devotee engaged in krsna's service since 1 and half years. I never faced such a situation ever before than i am facing it now. I am an innoncent boy and i live in solapur in Maharashtra. Since childhood i am raised properly by my parents. Through out my entire life till now i showed no interest in reading newspapers, watching news on television and many other sources. Actually i had no interest in news, so due to that i had no general knowledge of how the materrialistic people of this world are. I thought that all the people are very nice and loving. Now i don't know how i developed interset in news. Actually i did not even know the meaning of news. But i thought that i should develop some interest in it as some how or the other way it may anytime help me in my devotional service. This is a very foolish thing as i don't know what is news and I am thinking that it will help me in devotion. But anyway i started reading news articles through Google and came across very dirty and nonsensical news of that about Rape cases, Ragging, Brutal murders etc... I got shocked as soon as i read the news of previous week, month and year. I was overwhelmed with grief that how many nonsensical things are happening in our country. I thought how can a man do such a dirty act with a women. I felt very bad for all those young women, teenage girls and even young girls. The demons did not even leave babies who were being rapped and felt so bad so bad so bad for them that i immediately thought of finding all those demons and kill them at once with a thunderbolt.I never imagined that the people are so fallen and so bad. and now my MIND STARTED FUNCTIONING IN IT'S WAY. FIRST OF ALL I STARTED TO THINK THAT HOW CAN KRSNA KEEP QUIET AND SEE SUCH DISASTROUS THINGS HAPPENING WITH HIS OWN SOULS. ME AND MY FAMILY NEVER FACED ANY DANGER OF THIS KIND. So i always thought that I got a very nice family, very nice parents, a nice environment, nice educational facilities, food,clothing, shelter etc. So i thought that I am unworthy to give a credit to myself because i knew thething that if 'we have commited pious activities in the past then we get many nice things in our next life' so i thought that EVERYTHING I GOT SIMPLY BY RADHA KRSNA'S MERCY NOT BECAUSE OF MY PAST GOOD DEEDS. I THOUGHT THAT I WAS A SINFUL PERSON WHO COMMITED MANY PAAP IN HIS LIFE. BUT BECAUSE RADHA KRSNA LOVES ME INFINITELY AND UNLIMITEDLY THEY SIMPLY GAVE ME BHAKTI AND EVERYTHING OUT OF THEIR CAUSELESS MERCY WITHOUT CONSIDERING ANY OF MY SINS. But after reading those regular news articles of nonsensical demons i completely lost all faith in my Radha krsna as i understood that all women,young girls, even babies suffered because of their past deeds and they did neither get any good facilities nor krsna bhakti. So my mind started to think that how can krsna be so cruel that he is simply leaving his own souls to SUFFER GREATLY. Although i understood that they are suffering because of their very sinful acts in their past i still thought that ALTHOUGH THE CHILD MAY COMMIT SINS BUT IT IS THE DUTY OF MOTHER AND FATHER TO BRING THE CHILD ON THE RIGHT PATH BY SENDING THE CHILD TO HELL TO SUFFER THEIR. so i thought that how come krsna is allowing his own wives to be raped, wives here i mean are those materialistic women who are nondevotees after all every soul belongs to krsna and every female is krsna's gopi. Then i thought that krsna protects only one who is his devotee. I began to think that Radha krsna are not so merciful. I BEGAN TO FEEL THAT KRSNA LOVES ONLY HIS PLEASURE POTENCY RADHIKARANI TO THE UTMOST LIMIT AS KRSNA'S HEART YEARNS ONLY FOR RADHA. PLS FORGIVE ME FOR WHAT I AM SPEAKING. I AM TRAPPED IN A VERY DANGEROUS SITUATION AND I NEED THE HELP OF ALL OF YOU GREAT VAISHNAVAS. IN HAVE COMMITED VAISHNAV APRADHA AGAINST MY OWN MOTHER RADHARANI. PLS HELP ME. I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG...THEN I THOUGHT THAT IF SOMEBODY WOULD TRY TO DO SUCH A THING WITH RADHA MATA THEN KRSNA WOULD IMMEDIATELY DESTROY EVERYTHING TO KILL THAT DEMON and send that demon eternally to hell and also krsna may make sure that such a person would never be admitted in GOLOK. So krsna loves Radhamata only to the utmost limit as his heart yearns only for Radha mata. The day i surrendered, i accepted Radha mata as my real mother. And accepted that she only gave me birth as i am part and parcel of krsna and we all know that Radha krsna are one and only one. I was wondering that such a big rascal i am that i am thinking of my own mother in that way. My mind again started to think that in Mahabharat Draupadi was harrassed by DUSHASAN and was presented in the Sabha then where was krsna at that time when Draupadi was being harassed by DUSHASAN. SO how did krsna allow DUSHASAN to touch DRAUPADI WHO IS CALLED AS YAGYASENI. WHO IS FIRE HERSELF. SO BECAUSE OF TAKING BIRTH FROM FIRE SHE WAS SO PURE. SO HOW DID DUSHASAN TOUCH DRAUPADI WITH HIS DIRTY MIND AND DIRTY HANDS. So krsna But if such a thing would be with Radha mata then krsna would have never allowed to happen such a thing. I know that such things can never happen as Radhamata is the supreme personality of Godhead herself. But still the point is the same. So my mind influenced me to think in this way. So i think that i have committed a very great offense against my own real mother RADHARANI. BEING THE SON OF MY OWN MOTHER I THOUGHT IN THIS. ACTUALLY I SHOULD BE HAPPY SEEING THE LOVING NATURE OF MY RADHA TO KRSNA AND KRSNA TO RADHA. AFTER ALL THEY ARE MY ONLY PARENTS. THEY ARE MINE TRUE LOVERS. BUT KNOW THE SITUATION HAS BECOME VERY WORSE I THINK MY BELOVED KRSNA HAS NEGLECTED ME FOR SUCH A THINKING TOWARDS HIS LOVER AS HE IS NOT RECIPROCATING WITH ME. HE HAS STOPPED ALL RECIPROCATION WITH ME. LET ME TELL HOW KRSNA RECIPROCATED WITH ME IN THE PAST:When for the first time i engaged myself in devotional service i was very vigorous and worked very hard to serve Radha krsna in all possible ways because i had TREMENDOUS faith in krsna's words spoken in bhagavad gita. So i worked very hard, i pleased him by observing complete fast on ekadashi days and constantly engaging myself in devotional service. So my Radhakrsna became veryPleased and one day after working very hard throughout the day i went to sleep, so as soon as i went to sleep, hicups stared coming. I remembered my grandmother's statement which she always used to say that as soon as hiccups come it should be understood that someone is rembering you. So i began to think that at late night 11 'o clock who can remember me? So suddenly i understood that it's my krsna who is rembering me, after all his my only true lover but i was completely not sure about. So simply i said to krsna in my mind that ' pls my beloved krsna pls allow me to sleep by not remembering me so much and as soon as i said this to my krsna, the hiccups without any delay took a stop and i was surprised.But now my krsna is not RECIPROCATING with me. I think this is happening just because of all what i thought about myRadhrani. I think i have commited gravest sin and the biggest of all offenses. But one think i don't understand that how did krsna allow me to think in that way after all he is the supreme controller then why he did not control my mind, or why did he allow me to read those news articles because of which i felt very bad. IF KRSNA WAS TO ABANDON ME THAN WHY DID HE GIVE ME BHAKTI AFTER ALL HE IS THE KNOWER OF PRESENT, PAST AND FUTURE.IF RADHA KRSNA WAS TO NEGLECT ME THAN WHY DID THEY RECIPROCATED SO MANY TIMES WITH ME IN THE PAST.I AM VRRY DEPRESSED, MOROSE AND DISAPPOINTED. IF KRSNA REALLY LOVES ME THAN HE SHOULD UNDERSTAND THAT I AM A FALLEN SOUL AND BECAUSE I AM FALLEN I THOUGHT IN THAT WAY ABOUT MY OWN MOTHER.I THOUGHT OF WHY SUCH THINGS NOT HAPPENED WITH RADHAMATA?I AM VERY ASHAMED FOR WHAT I THOUGHT.I AM FEELING NEGLECTED.PLS HELP ME GET OUT OF THIS SITUATION A ND ATTAIN PURE DEVOTIONAL LOVE OF RADHAKRSNA. PLS HELP ME.BUT I STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT HOW CAN MY OWN PARENTS NEGLECT ME. HOW CAN PARENTS NEGLECT THEIR CHILD? HOW CAN MY OWN RADHAKRSNA NEGLECT A SON LIKE ME WHO IS COMPLETELY UNINTELLIGENT AND A FOOL, a NARADHAM, LOWEST OF ALL. INSTEAD THEY SHOULD SHOW ME THE RIGHT PATH BECAUSE I AM COMPLETELY DEPENDENT ONLY ON MY RADHA KRSNA. AND WHATEVER I THOUGHT WAS NOT INTENTIONALLY. IT WAS BECAUSE I WAS SHOCKED SEEING SUCH HAPPENINGS IN THE WORLD WHICH I HAD NEVER SAW IN MY LIFE BEFORE.ONE MORE THINK I DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT HOW ACCORDING TO CHANGING CIRCUMSTANCES OR ACCORDING TO ONE'S CHANGING MIND AND CHANGING BEHAVIOUR CAN GODS LOVE CHANGE, BECAUSE NOW I AM FEELING VERY MUCH NEGLECTED.HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE THAT KRSNA LOVED ME IN THE PAST AND NOW IN THE PRESENT HE HATES ME ... HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? BECAUSE KRSNA IS A REAL AND TRUE LOVER...PLS KINDLY HELP ME IT'S MY HUMBLE REQUEST. I AM FEELING VERY DISTRESSED... MY KRSNA CONSCIOUSNESS IS COMPLETELY DISRUPTED.IF I DID NOT GET ANY HELP THAN I WILL COMMIT SUICIDE. BECAUSE I CAN'T TOLERATE MY RADHA KRSNA GOING AWAY FROM ME...I WANT TO LOVE SOMEONE AND WE ALL KNOW THAT WITHOUT LOVE NO ONE CAN LIVE ALIVE...AND I ONLY WANT TO LOVE MY RADHAKRSNA. PLS HELP ME...IS KRSNA TESTING MY DEVOTION????????OR IS THIS MAYA'S TRAP????????????????PLS HELP ME? AM I GOING TO GO TO HELL FOR ETERNITY?PLS KINDLY HELP ME...I BEG IN FRONT OF ALL THE VAISHNAVAS TO KINDLY DELIVER ME...I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG I BEG

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  • Hare krsna
  • Gullabal innocents, sheltered, uninformef & unconditional love. Those are some of our natural spiritual tendencies. The basic nature of a santchent beings carrecter.
    I.E. Our basic nature. My wife used to thimk there was no-more,-such a thing as SLAVERY only to find out that there are more Slaves than ever.(
    Yes a spiritual qulity is innocence but it can land is in dangerous truble. My Wife has matured a lot sence then/ meeting me!
    I'm a little put off by your illushioned concept that Krishna being the orragin of all, the orriginl HeadGod, infunit, enexzostable & all knowing. That He should be personally babysitting every living intaty.
    So I'll try dispelling your misunderstandings. Krishna invented us, for Hi's service & pleasher. Over time (We became dissatisfied) we wanted the fruits from the tree of knowledge, we crayed & we pouted & we promised to stay true to the ONE true thread that connects all life. But we don't many, many years & perhaps-lifetimes pass as we attempt to carve-out a place of prominence & importance within Hi's world & creations, without Him in it except, the whole point of this entier experience is to understand that it is Hi's & Hi's alone. Seated within the hearts of everyone nothing & no one can operate outside of Hi's authority, dominion or preview. We left Him, we trayed to forget Him, to eggnor Him & Hi's athoraty, but all ways He is there. And after many, many attempts to "get along" with out Hi's help. However, after minny millions of attempts & He personally arranging our fails He is using to corral us. Manipulate us and lead us back under the shelter of Hi's grace and association. One might say He has engaged Hi's external energies MIYA to baffel & thort our attempts at an indeendent existance. Because He cares that He stays in the big picture that is our life. Why, because in Nature Karma is Law, & do to our lack of understanding of this Law we are all working at a deffasit, hence the importance of (Darma) The acts of honouring Him & Hi's vinnerable creation(s). Re-adjusting the protacalls of our expectations i.e. *regularly giving Thanks for favers renderd. & regularly opolajizing for the neglects & Offences that are *realized * as a part of our everyday lives, (inevitably).i.e. Accept & addmit we are groos stuped, nieve, & full of selfishness. & then beging honoring this fact in truth by learning to develup a the Darma practice for ourselves. This seems to me to be the Bottom Line intintions He has for all of this. He's saying this to us with all of this physical life experience, "I alone am sovern over All CREATIONS,
    I alone truly love you, I alone am available to you infinitely. & He aline can exzert controle/authority over all these creations. "You need me" Mya is the punnisher, the crual task master the de-value-ater of our significance. The saductris, the distraction employed & personality empowered by God with infinite potancies & the intintion to see us fail. She's all mighty and seductive enoughf to make tje Lord Indure feel compleetly satisfyed becoming a Huge Hogg illusion. She can not fail & we will never succseed because I.e. we can't reach home, not in any fassion without 1st. subduing The Love Of Her master GOD. It Can't be done. . pirreid.
    Krishna obveusly loves us and once to keep an eye on us, & for us to keep Hum in our minds & lives as well. So much so that He will reek seeming havic with in our existence in order that we eon't stray to far frim home/Him. Krishna's clever He uses the examples within this material creations to intice & then dissapoint us to the point of surrender by hook or by crook He is keeping Hi's created beings modest humble & greatfull.
    Knowing that we have & controle nothing. But not making us feel like we can do nothing! He lets us know & feel also that we can do somthing we can Serve Him The (Controler) & thus serve ourselves, because emerging intellectually from such nieve illishions as we all suffer, our saintly Natures in conflict w/mater.
    • As far as ordeals are concerned, we are *obviously not these groose ignorant body's & ask anyone pain has is limited more nauseating & humiliating than excruciating. So maybe Krishna or Hi's trusted representatives (mia) is really pissed. Bad people do tarrable things but the soul it's self is indifferent to all of this good & eval. Realizing that good & the bad like the seasions of the weather are also opulence & adversary are like seasional changes.
      As I was in the ISKCON SCHOOL/ASHRAMA I would after some time there I began practicing CHANTING AS I feal of to sleep/'tookrest" as thay called it!-) anyway physicaly exzosted at the end of a long day, or on a spichel EcoddicyDay try chanting yourself to sleep. AsThe Ledgend has-it "if one dies remembering the GodHead He will be deliverd from all dangers, So in the same way I understood that Sleep being like a relative of death, So by having Krishna on my mind, within a Temple as i slipped off to sleep - might have some interesting resultes & it did
      I can only say try it it's so estatically worming vibrations revitalised me instantly. I can't really lend a discreptiin to the experience but it was' just as if Krishna was just not far at all from me looking down. & filling me with comfort and joy.
      I did that a cupple of times only & it feelt so good i began to feel guilty about bothering Him w/my pleasher seeking & stoped. BuT MAN That was someThing ealse again!
      Chanting One'sSelf to Sleep Wow*
      I feelt He saw me personaly. I would Try it if I were you. but
      I don't know how Orthodox/proper tjat is so if you talk in your sleep don't mention my name HaRaybola.
  •    OK first of all.... there is nothing wrong with you, other than a working brain and sincerity. :-)

       Do NOT be afraid for seeking truth with the brain God gave you. 

       Since you were born into devotional life, it is natural for you to re-evaluate your faith.

       Your questions are deep and sincere, and the standard party line talking points will not suffice in this situation.

       My personal opinion is that you are also suffering from a kind of well intended abuse. You live in this world and you need to have the skills to understand the world you live in, not to hide your head in the sand, or otherwise these kind of "culture shocks" will certainly happen.

      Yes the idea of making excuses for the way the world is made by accusing souls of having done bad things in last lives (not yet proven) or for having original falldown (which is not agreed upon by all devotees anyway) is a very weak and easily defeated argument and I do not believe that it is Krishna's actual concise message.

      As far as suicide, that requires a professional to give you therapy. Being suicidal is a very extremely dangerous diseased condition that requires medical attention, rather than only religious beliefs, especially since some of the beliefs are causing some of the anxiety leading to suicidal tendencies. There are licensed therapists that re also devotees who can treat your condition. I advise you to take advantage. 

       I will be happy to be a "study partner" and get to the bottom of your doubts and get rid of your misgivings

       Thnx Paul 

  • The problem I see in your confusion is due to 2 things,
    Maybe you are not sufficiently associating with devotees and discussing with them about krsna consciousness.
    And maybe you are not regularly reading prabhupad books.
    ,,,please forgive me if this sounds harsh or judgemental.
    My intention is to help you understand the errors and how u can hav the correct understanding.,,,

    I see ur innocent nature, and also I had a similar experience once . I too thought everyone in this world are good people and bad people are only in movies; because I never had any bad experience until once I was cheated by a sainty stranger.it was a shocking experience for me because I didn't know such things happen.

    But God is not responsible for this.
    In the beginning of our krsna con life we accept it sentimentally and our idea of God is also vague . But we should philosophicaly understand the science of God from scripture authored by the acharyas. Then we can understand through the eyes of sastric knowledge why things are as they are.

    In the bhagavad gita we see how arjuna was ready to fight. He told krsna take the chariot in between the battlefield so that I can see how badly the wicked duryodana and his supporters want the war to happen.
    But when he was taken there and he saw the opposing party, he became bewildered. Illusion , bodily conception took over him and arjuna declined to fight.
    MAYA (illusion) generally comes through eyes-sense perception(pratyaksa), and KRSNA comes through ears-divine knowledge(sabda).
    Pratyaksa puts us in illusion and sabda takes us out of illusion.
    So what ever we see or observe(pratyaksa) in this world should be subordinated to sabda.Then we can understand everything as it is.

    That is why it is essential to fully study prabhupada books starting from small books then to big ones.

    Additionally whenever possible we should hear the subject matter in these books from a devotee who is senior and ask him doubts . Otherwise we can also put our guesses in it and come to wrong understanding.

    And also it does to some time to understand this krsna consciousness movement properly.we may think we know everything but as we advance in bhakti we realize there is a lot of things I don't know.
    This domain may be for sale!
    • Firstly my focus is not about fight or not fighting, that example is only to convey how "sabda - divine knowledge" saves us from illusion. So my point is "read prabhupada books" and hear from "devotees".
      •    Yes and your point was very well made. :-)

    •    haha I do not think that Arjuna was bewildered, I think he was RIGHT to not fight because war is obviously not an answer for anything at all. 

        I realize that back then war was one of the main occupations for people and so in a oral tradition it makes for an exciting campfire story, but I am absolutely against war and killing in all forms. Sp even gave Cardinal Danelieu the "sauce" citing the commandment "Thou shalt not kill", so I am against killing and I feel Arjuna was right to not want to fight. 

  • Hare Krsna Prabhuji  


    Sorry to hear... But material world is a place of suffering. 

    Do Radha Krishna love me?

    Yes, they do. Lord Krishna is the most closest to us all. He is our real lord who is seated within our heart as Supersoul. He has been with us, accompanied us all the time. The moment we entered the material world He has been there all the time and will continue too. He is the closest and the best well wisher we have.. We might have been in an animal's body once. When then He has accompanied us. 

    Very fortunate souls come to the realization that Lord Krsna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself. There are many who are unaware and suffering. 

    The reason we are suffering is because we have forgotten Him. When we chant Hare Krsna, we can feel that He is giving protection during the time of suffering, when thoughts trouble you.

    Please don't worry. Calm down and chant Hare Krsna. Krishna will take care. Try to offer food to Lord Krishna and then have. If you have deities at home  you can offer our ride to a photo of Lord Krishna.

    Make a routine Prabhuji and follow it daily. It might be difficult to do for the first few days but later on it becomes easier .

    Like chant Hare Krsna Maha Mantra 

    Read little bit of Prabhupad's books daily. 

    Eat only Prasad 

    Listen to lectures. 

    Don't believe too much in serials though related to Krishna. Though it might be tempting, let it go. 

    Then slowly you won't feel all these misery. 

    Don't have any doubts about bhakti. With firm bhakti and devotion move ahead. All the very best . 

    Hare Krsna 

    • Hare krsna mataji and Aapke chrnoon mein sat sat pranam.
      Mataji, I have a problem of jealousy and you will get the description of my problem from my question posted "How to overcome jealousy"
      Pls KINDLY help me.
      And one more thing I wanted to ask that is is becoming JEALOUS means committing vaishnav Apradh??????
      Pls KINDLY help me, I am very much distressed...
This reply was deleted.