Question to everyone.

If you get a chance to travel back in time, back to dwapara yuga (in the royal house of the kauravas and pandavas) which character would you like to be and why? This is a fun question. I hope you will love to answer this one. :)

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  • Hare Krishna


    such a fun discussion! I actually don't want to be anyone in the royal family! I would love to be a vraj vasi though but reading gayatri mata ji's reply crushed my dreams! well, this started out as a fun discussion but come to think of it, it's actually an eye-opener for me! i want to be someone in vrindavan but my bhakti is snail-like! I'll have to do more bhakti

    (anyways, what would you want to be Anirudh prabhu ji?)

    Hare Krishna

    • To be honest pranavi ji, i have no favourite character in Mahabharata. Even if i go back to dwapara yuga,  i would rather be an ordinary observer, so that i would get to observe everything that happened during those times. But yes, i have a soft spot for Karna. Even though he was royal blood, he was abandoned by his mother. He was refused by Draupadi during swamvar and even insulted by Bhima when Karna challenged Arjuna to a duel. Even though Karna took the side of Kauravas, he was a good fellow. When Indra tricked him to give up his armour, Karna willingly gave it away knowing well it would cost him his life in the battlefield. The way he died is also very tragic :(

  • In order to get Pure-Bhakti you have to follow one devotee.

  • Hmm, Did you invent a time machine?

    or do you just want us to imagine ?

    I guess you are wanting to be the same Anirudha character ( grandson of Krishna) :-)

    After reading this verse  I am finding it difficult to imagine also .

    Text 61: The gopīs of Vṛndāvana have given up the association of their husbands, sons and other family members, who are very difficult to give up, and they have forsaken the path of chastity to take shelter of the lotus feet of Mukunda, Kṛṣṇa, which one should search for by Vedic knowledge. Oh, let me be fortunate enough to be one of the bushes, creepers or herbs in Vṛndāvana, because the gopīs trample them and bless them with the dust of their lotus feet. ( SB.10.47.61) 

    Uddhava ji who is contanst companion of Lord saying that he wants to become bushes and creepers in Vrindavan. What are we. We are not even having that much qualification to imagine also now.

    Btw There are Yadavas, Vrishni's, Bhojas, Drupads....and many other vamshas partcipating backing kauravas and Pandavas FYI. There is too much choice. 

    But I tried to give a thought in that direction as you said for fun sake just imagining only na... In Imaginations and day dreams we can become Prince and Princess and anything .. even we can fly about in sky.  No one can stop our imaginations. there is no tax on it. But suddenly all of a sudden I remembered that Udhavas's wish and then all my dreams shattered. Huh!!! Such great people are there who wants to become sand particles, creepers, bushes in Vrindavan.  now its too tough to decide on this.

    Lets leave it to Lord Whatever Lord wants us to be He will decide.,. 

    past is past lets learn the lessons from the past and shape our future by being in the present.

    I really wasted 30 min thinking about this travel back in time. But anyhow good funny experiment .

    ŚB 10.47.61
    • Sometimes its good for the mind to take breaks from serious discussions. :)

      I didn't understand what exactly you meant by - me having similar traits like Krishna's grandson Aniruddha. Did he too travel back in time in his imagination?

      • Not similar triats, just similar name.

  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna 

    It is better to discuss the devotional qualities of Devotees of Krsna in Dwapara yuga like Kunti, Arjuna, Bhima, Draupadi, Parikshit, Sudama, Rukmini, Bhishma etc. 

    This way we can focus on most aspirational qualities of great devotees and learn from them. 

    Hare Krsna

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